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GBU Mountain News

GBU Mountain News

November 23, 2013 XXXIV

independent - unbiased – professional
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

Fire Safety Class at Frazier Park School
On Friday (Nov 15) more many children at Frazier Park School had a lot of fun at a fire safety class with Brian Hinsley.
Brian is a Firefighter and Paramedic with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, currently working out of Firehouse
107 in Santa Clarita. He is also a resident of Pine Mountain Club and has for years volunteered his time and talent to teach
students at Frazier Park School about fire safety. Teacher Michelle Penner asked him back and the kids had a great time
listening to his instructions and seeing a firefighter in action.
Brian told the children how to prevent and what to do in case of a fire. “Have a family escape plan and meet at a neighbor’s
house on the same side of the street; always stay low in a smoke filled room, never hide when you hear firefighters at your
house and always wear a seatbelt when in a car” - these were some of Brian's most important messages.
To the excitement of the children Firefighter Brian put on his entire firefighting gear and explained all bell and whistles.
After a rescue demonstration inside the classroom students had a great time wearing the helmet and fire boots themselves.

Learn not to Burn!


GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV







Fire Safety Class at Frazier Park School
GBU Mountain News - Clarification
“Stop Bullying” Community Roundtable a Success
News from the El Tejon Unified School District
o Frazier Mountain High School
o Sports
o Falcon Volleyball In CIF Central Section
Finals and State Championship by
Sharon Lemburg
o Frazier Park School
o Frazier’s Finest for Nov 14 & Nov by
Michelle Penner
o Harvest Festival & Halloween Parade
o 6th Grade El Tejon School Badger Volleyball
“Bullying is a real Threat” – The Fruitvale School
Bus Incident
All Things Local
o News from the Lebec County Water District
o Your Help is Needed: Preserve California’s First
Mountain Highway by Harrison I. Scott
o Estate Planning Seminar brought to you by
Stephen Walsh of Bakersfield by Miki Knutson
o Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC)
receives a 10-Year Conditional Use Permit
o People
Law Enforcement Corner
o Kern County Sheriff’s Office
o Incidents Nov 12 – 18
o Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
o California Highway Patrol
Animals Matter
Our Library
Incidents & Accidents in our Region
Business Affairs
o Forum to help small businesses with contracts
offered by government agencies on Dec 6th
o Lola4Pets and Pine Mountain Craft Retail Stores
moved to Lake of the Woods
o Looks like Bad Business – Blind Man kicked of
a US Airways Plane
Kern County
o New President & CEO for the embattled Kern
Medical Center
o Board of Supervisors Meetings



San Joaquin Valley achieves Historic Clean-Air
Mark for Smog by San Joaquin Valley Air
Pollution Control District
Frazier Park Weather Forecast
Upcoming Events
Safety & Disaster Preparedness
o Is your child attending a college in other parts of
the U.S.?
o Earthquake Preparedness
o Why Drop, Cover, and Hold On?
Business Directory



Due to some tales that float throughout the
community, allow me to clarify:
The GBU Mountain News is an independent
electronic newsmedia published by Gunnar J
Kuepper. This electronic paper is in no way
associated or affiliated with any other local paper,
neither the MountainEnterprise nor the
Bakersfield Californian.
I do not, and have not worked for the
MountainEnterprise. I have in the past provided
the editor of that paper with photos on a
complimentary (meaning unpaid) basis.
As a photographer, I continue to offer / provide
newsworthy or story-telling photos to Media
outlets “off the hill” for compensation, including
the Bakersfield Californian and the LA Times.
However, there is no relationship whatsoever with
the MountainEnterprise, its publishers, or editors.
Gunnar J Kuepper


GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

What is an Electronic Newspaper?
An electronic Newspaper is a self-contained, reusable,
and refreshable version of a traditional newspaper that
acquires and holds information electronically. (The
electronic newspaper should not be confused with
newspapers that offer an online version at a Web site.)

What is the difference between a Newsletter
and a Newspaper?
A newspaper publishes stories and information for and
about a city/region/state/country and covers a variety of
topics, events, and developments.
A Newsletter is published by a specific organization
(school, club, business) and informs mainly about the
organization's activities.

News from our El
Tejon Unified School
The August 22, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The September 12, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The September 26, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The October 9, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The October 23, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at

Roundtable a Success
The “Stop Bullying” Community Roundtable on Tuesday
(Nov 13) brought together a significant group of school
and community leadership. The event was a collaborative
effort of the El Tejon Unified School District with all
three schools, the Frazier Park Library, the Kern County
Sheriff’s Office, and the GBU Mountain News. Marie
Smith, Manager of the Frazier Park Library, welcomed
the participants. Gunnar J Kuepper moderated the forum
with very informative presentations by Sara Haflich,
Principal of the Frazier Mountain High School (FMHS),
Rosalie Jimenez, Principal of the El Tejon School, Keri
St Jeor, Principal of the Frazier Park School, Sue Brown,
Councilor at FMHS, Cody Johnson, FMHS Student
Mediation Team, and Sergeant Mark Brown with the
Kern County Sheriff's Office; more about the topic and
the interesting presentations and discussions in the next
issue of the GBU Mountain News.

Photos from thev 2013 FMHS Homecoming can be seen on Facebook at

Frazier Mountain High
Falcon Volleyball In CIF Central Section Finals and
State Championship
By Sharon Lemburg
This last week, the Falcons beat California City, 3-0 in
the Quarter Finals and they traveled to Laton High
School to win 3-0 in the semi-finals. The Falcons are
slated to play Minarets High School on Tuesday,
November 19 for the CIF Division V Championship. The
top two teams from the Central Section, Frazier
Mountain and Minarets, will then go on into the CIF


GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

State Championships. This volleyball team has made
Falcon history. Over the past 19 years, the Falcons have
never gone past the quarter finals in any CIF competition.
This is the first year that we have competed in the
Central Section, where teams are grouped by the size of
their school. We have had great teams in the past, but we
have had to compete against much larger schools. This
has been a great change for the school, which allows us
to compete on our level.
Last Thursday, November 14, the Falcons traveled to
Laton High School, and beat the Mustangs in 3-0. The
scores were 25-15, 25-20, 25-17. The Falcons were ready
for the competition and dominated the match. Maxie
Rosales led the team with 11 kills for a 42% kill ratio.
Rachel Rivette had 8 kills for 42%, and Alex Kern had 6
kills for 43%. Heather Henderson, Elliana Shillig and
Alexa Fausto each had 3 kills. Most assists came from
Heather Henderson with 17. Great passes came from
Alex Pivetti with 43, Heather Henderson with 21, Rachel
Rivette with 17, and Jillian Carlson with 11. Serving was
lead by Heather Henderson with 8 aces and 20 points,
Jillian Carlson had 3 aces and 9 points. The team was
focused, with the goal of winning and making into the
Central Section finals and the State Championship.

UPDATE: According to a most recent Facebook entry:
“On Tuesday night (Nov 19) our girls came in 2nd place
in the CIF Division Finals in volleyball. This is the first
time a team from Frazier Mountain High School has ever
gone this far. They now get to do another first for the
school and go to the State championship!”

Frazier Park School
Frazier’s Finest for Nov 14
Info and photo provided by Michelle Penner

Back Row, L to R: Valeria Calderon, Piper Price, Caleb Ryan Front Row, L to R: Sydni Watson, Kristin Knollman, Brianna
Lopez, Randall Simpson

Frazier’s Finest for Nov 21
Info and photo provided by Michelle Penner

photo by Thelma Stevenson - Volleyball team: Coach Lemburg, Alex Kern,
Elliana Shillig, Heather Henderson, Michelle Mullen, Alexa Fausto, Maxie
Rosales, Rachel Rivette, Alex Pivetti.
Front: Sami Bever, Jillian Carlson, Genesis Arteaga, Laura Jennings

The Central Section Championship will be on Tuesday,
November 19, at Minarets High School. If the Falcons
win that game they will be playing at home on November
26, in the first round of the State Championship, if we
lose then we will be playing away. Keep posted and
come support your Falcons to victory.

Back Row, L to R: Delaney London, Kambria Newman, Stanley
Enscoe Chayanne Cardosa
Front Row, L to R: Jazmine Guzmine, David Eugenio


GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

Harvest Festival & Halloween Parade
On Friday, October 25 more than 300 parents and
students attended the school’s harvest festival and
enjoyed many activities, from face painting, to a petting
zoo, to a haunted maze in one of the classrooms. With
the sale of refreshments and burgers (for the most part
grilled by Principal Keri St. Jeor) the PTSO made about
$200 profit. One of the highlights for students was the
opportunity to silly-string the Principal.


On Thursday, October 31, a Halloween Parade took place
on the grounds of the Frazier Park School. Each of the
classes paraded through the schoolyard and students and
teachers alike showed their colorful and creative


GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

6th Grade El Tejon School Badger
Volleyball Team
Text by Charles Stewart & Photo by Michelle Penner

in which they went 2-1 winning the consolation title, and
the 5th grade team went to Rio Bravo-Greeley School in
Bakersfield to compete in a 5th grade tournament. The
tournaments are held on Saturdays and are one day
events where the teams play approximately 4-6 games to
25 points or so.
For a large number of the girls, this is the first time they
have played volleyball, so to have such a large turnout
for the two grade levels is a great start towards getting
our El Tejon sports program back on it's feet at the
elementary school level and restocking the junior high
program with players with experience for down the road.
More importantly, it gives these student-athletes of El
Tejon school a positive activity in order to represent their
school and community and to engage in sports and learn
teamwork. Thanks to Michelle Penner, Sara Haflich,
Christopher Han, and Chuck Mullen for their help at
various times throughout the year.

“Bullying is a real Threat” – The
Fruitvale School Bus Incident

Back row Left to Right as follow: Rosa Meza, Lacey Sexton,
Willow Johnson, Araylah Mulliniks, Yamilett Alvarez
Front Row L-R Vanessa Escalante, Rachel Lebaron, Olga Meza,
Alex Penner, Betsy Olvera.

These 10 girls are just some of the 27 total girls that were
in the 5th-6th El Tejon School team volleyball program
this year. Not pictured or at a different tournament on
the same day were: Stori Haflich, Emily Hon, Barbara
Johnston, Mazzie Leos, Sadie Thomason, Kelsy Zuniga,
Marcillina Kinjang, Jasmine Hernandez, Kalynn Kailey,
Kayla Stewart, Gwen Smith, McKenzie Pohlert, Katlyn
Moser, Sarah Hon, Andrea Calderon, Angela Stegeman,
and Emma Abell.
We had 2 teams throughout the year at El Tejon School
for the elementary level and they played in a total of 5
tournaments. Two of the tournaments were held up here
at Frazier Mountain High, one at Lincoln Jr. High in
Taft, one at Liberty High in Bakersfield, and then one on
the last weekend of the season, where the 6th grade team
hosted the league tournament at Frazier Mountain High

The Fruitvale School District is located in northwest
Bakersfield. The district was founded in 1895, and,
according to its Website, enrollment has grown
exponentially in the last 15 years to currently 3,200
students. The District encompasses four Elementary
Schools and one Junior High School.
On October 22, a 13-yearold student was bullied /
assaulted on a District’s
School Bus. According to
her parents the attack,
allegedly committed by at
least three boys, lasted for
17 minutes. The girl’s
parents saw recently parts
of a video that captured
the attack via a School Bus camera. According to them,
four boys surrounded their daughter and began pulling on
the hood of her sweatshirt choking her. They also put
their hands around her throat and choked her. The 13year-old girl was groped on her breasts and had her head
forced into the crotch of another boy. The boys are also
accused of verbally assaulting the girl with a long list of
sexual references.
Obviously neither the bus driver nor any of the other
students intervened. According an attorney that now
represents the attacked girl “the assault was only the


GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

beginning, as students learned of the incident some took
to social media to ridicule the girl.”
On Wednesday (Nov 20) morning GBU Mountain News
submitted a number of questions about the incident and
its aftermath to the Fruitvale School District. Within two
hours Dr. Mary Westendorf, the Superintendent
responded with a message that was also sent to Fruitvale
parents and other Media in Kern County. Superintendent
Westendorf stated:
“As of today, we are still awaiting a report from law
enforcement; however recent stories in e safety of our
students. Early in the morning after the incident, school
administration met with parents and law enforcement.
Immediate and permanent action was taken against the
offending students.” Two of the three boys were expelled
from the district and one was suspended. “Action was
also taken with the bus driver.
The driver of the bus was a
substitute and is no longer being
used on district routes. We have
hired a new driver.” However, it
is not clear whether the bus
driver was aware of the assault
situation. The Superintendent
indicated the driver did not
follow policies and procedures,
but it is not known what the
relevant policies and procedures
were, and whether the substitute
driver was thoroughly trained in the use of those policies
and procedures.
“Once law enforcement was involved, the district was
advised not to comment until the investigation was
complete.” Other statements were very generic, such as
“The prevention and correction of such misconduct,
when it occurs, are a high priority. Instruction directed at
education and prevention is a regular part of each
school’s curriculum. Staff members receive training in
identifying, stopping and reporting such incidents“ (reads
like being copied from a template book); or a little bit
vague, such as “the regular monthly driver in-services
will be supplemented with additional management
strategies and techniques” (what does that entail?).
The Kern County Sheriff's Office has investigated the
attack and has turned the case over to the District
Attorney's office for a decision on whether to file
criminal charges.

All Things Local
News from the Lebec County Water
During the Oct 12 meeting Treasurer Millie Karr
announced her resignation from the Board. Board
President Julie McWhorter attended the meeting via
telephone. She will finish her current term of office
ending December 5. On December 6 the three remaining
board members (Bill Hopper, Tony Venegas, Thomas
Kermode) will form a new Board and continue leading
the district.
At Thursday’s (Nov 21) special meeting the Board
acknowledged two letters of intent from residents to fill
the vacancy created by Julie McWhorter’s departure. The
board also approved the purchase of a new truck for the
district for under $20,000.

Your Help is Needed:
California’s First Mountain Highway
by Harrison I. Scott, President., Ridge Route Preservation Organization

The Ridge Route Preservation Organization (RRPO) is a
Corporation. Our objective is to restore and preserve
California’s first mountain highway, the highway that
prevented California from splitting into two separate
states by building a road over the majestic San Gabriel
and Tehachapi mountains in 1915. We were successful in
1997 to get the road listed onto the National Register.
The 1915 Ridge Route and the Redwood highway in
northern California are the only two highways in the state
to have National Register distinction. As a result of
severe damage from the 100 year rain storm of 2005 the
road remains closed to the public. Currently one oil
company that has a “right-of-way” near the road is
spending ten million dollars to shore-up a hillside that
threatens to disrupt their petroleum line.


GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

Courtesy of the Harrison I. Scott photo collection

The RRPO is asking Angeles National Forest to support
our organizations effort to designate the road as a
“National Forest Scenic By-way.” This local designation
is a requirement before the RRPO can process the
paperwork for a “National Scenic By-way” designation
which may in the future provide federal assistance that
would benefit our preserving this important piece of
California’s history.
The RRPO received letters of support for this designation
from Congressman “Buck” McKeon of Santa Clarita and
Congressman Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield. By
accessing the NEWS icon on our web site:
you can forward your letter of support too for this
designation simply by entering your name and home
address then clicking the (submit) button. The more
letters the ranger receives will aid him in helping us with
this important designation. Additionally, the forest
service is currently exploring a funding source in an
attempt to bring the road up to an acceptable level of
safety. If the funding and the designation become a
reality the road could possibly open as soon as late 2014.

Estate Planning Seminar brought to you
by Stephen Walsh of Bakersfield!
By Miki Knutson, Adult Advocate at MCFRC
The Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
(MCFRC) would like to announce that it will be hosting
an Estate Planning Seminar featuring speaker, Stephen
Walsh on Monday, December 2, 2013 from 1pm to 4pm
at the Frazier Park Library, Frazier Park, CA. Mr. Walsh
is a Certified Financial Planner and will be discussing
guidelines for preparation of a Simple Will, Estate
Planning, Living Trusts and what is included, Veteran

and Widow Benefits, Reverse Mortgages, and Savings
and Investments.
Organizing your assets now protects you and your
family, both while you are alive and after you are gone.
Learn how to prepare a Simple Will or complete an entire
Living Trust Package that includes a Power of Attorney,
Will, and Healthcare Directive. Learn how to keep your
family from the lengthy Probate process and Estate
There is limited seating availability so please RSVP by
Friday, November 29, 2013 at 661-245-4303. For
reservations and questions you can contact Miki
Knutson, the Adult Advocate at the Mountain
Communities Family Resource Center (MCFRC), a
position sponsored by the South West Healthcare
District. The MCFRC is located at 3015 Mount Pinos
Way, Suite 201, and I am available Monday through
Wednesday 8:30am – 3:15pm.

Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC)
receives a 10-Year Conditional Use Permit
On Thursday (Nov 14) the Ventura County Planning
Commission granted a 10-year conditional use permit to
the Lockwood Valley Animal Center (LARC) located on
Curtis Trail about two miles west of Lockwood Valley
Road. The 20 acre wolf dog sanctuary is maintained by
its founders Lorin Lindner and Matthew Simmons and is
supported by private donations and grants. After an allday hearing the four Commissioners decided
unanimously to grant the permit and subsequently
cleared the animal rescue center of two outstanding
violations. The approval came with the condition that one
year from now LARC and the County of Ventura will
review the conditions, including the building and
inspection of a perimeter fence. Fences are to be
approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the
California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the
County of Ventura. LARC is also required to work with
the Ventura Sheriff's Department to implement a reverse
911 system that alerts neighbors in case of an emergency
at or coming from the facility.

Lebec Resident and retired aerospace photographer
Charles Noble published recently an article "Wildlife
photography on RV trip to Grand Teton, Yellowstone".


GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV



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