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Copyrights of Pietro Donato
Trieste - Italy
Ver 2 Revised

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

page 5
- The view from the window - page 9
- My background - page 11
- Work and the horse races - page 16
- Lyn’s background - page 22
- The revelation– page 22
- A case of extreme arrogance – page 32
- Strange people in the coffee shops in Leichhardt page 35
Chapter 8 - The siege starts -page 40
Chapter 9 - The merry go round -page 44
Chapter 10 - What “clicking the phone “ means - page 58
Chapter 11 - Some advice for “gangs stalking “ victims - 62
Chapter 12 - We put the house on the market - 82
Chapter 13 - Life in the land of OZ : bastion of the New World
Order - page 87
Chapter 14 - Two coups d’etat in Australia - page 94
Chapter 15 - The Haneef case : a large failed operation to convince
the population of the necessity of the new anti-terror
legislation - page 97
Chapter 16 - The nature of the society we live in and the tools of
Control - page 99
Chapter 17 - Tools of control : religions - page 102
Chapter 18 - Tools of control : the governments - page 111
Chapter 19 - Who controls the USA ? - page 118
Chapter 20 - Tools of control : “ New World Order “ and secret
societies -page 123
Chapter 21 - The Illuminati and the Masons - page 130
Chapter 22 - Tools of control: the economic system that does
not work - page 133
Chapter 23 - Tools of control : US government suppression of new
energy devices – 139

Chapter 24 - Tools of control: The mass media and Hollywood page 142
Chapter 25 - Tools of control : The faked history of mankind and
Alien connections - page 145
Chapter 26 - The Italy I found - page 148
Chapter 27 - Socially backwards laws - page 151
Chapter 28 - The Abu Omar case - page 156
Chapter 29 - Why the plan of the New World Order will not work Page 162
Epilogue page 165
Index of links and documents page

Preface .
For legal reasons the names of the characters described in this book
have been altered . Some of them are still alive .
The family tree
Natural mother
Husband of Marcia Philip
Natural father
Natural brother
Judge XX
Natural cousin
Natural aunty
Adoptive mother
Adoptive father
Adoptive brother

Old friend
Natasha's husband

This book is about my experiences living with my wife Lyn
who has found out recently that she has been victim for a lifetime
of a crime that very few people talk about - the government
sponsored crime of Gang Stalking .
We are very surprised to be the object of the attention of the secret
police because we have never committed any illegal acts in our
lives , but we have discovered some important information about a
number of important people in Australia. This is a real life account. It
is not fiction . We don't know why this harassment happens . We
speculate that we could be suspected of conspiracy to destabilze the
government by having discovered secrets of state . Possibly we
speculate that Judge XX has been found out and discredited . My
wife is supposed to travel to Australia and help the Judge to recover
his credibility . These are facts about governments' naked harassment
of people who have dared to search for the truth . For obvious reasons
peoples names have been changed . This form of crime is not
spoken about in the mass controlled media or if it is known

by journalists, nobody writes about it. The leaders of so called
democracies in the EU , US , Australia and other countries are often
very quick to pontificate about human rights violation in some
countries in Africa or Asia but , unfortunately , they hide the fact that
those so called western democracies themselves have a minority of
citizens under close surveillance by the secret services . What is well
documented and widely known by the controlled mass media is that
the secret services of the EU , US , Australia and other countries have
participated actively, with full knowledge of their governments , in
the extraordinary rendition of citizens to countries in the Middle East
that allow torture . This is how the so called democracies respond to
the fake war on terror . They export citizens and residents to some
countries that regularly practice torture . But when common citizens
or whistle blowers learn too much about what really goes on in their
countries ,other means are used to punish and persecute them in a
secret , underhanded fashion .
Sometimes those methods are used to subvert the course of justice .
The massive secret services networks of the so called democracies
are used to spy on the daily activities of the normal citizen,
accumulate data , infiltrate groups who are not even remotely
interested in politics , as well as potential government opponents to
protect the dirty secrets of those in power . The secret services
organizations main job is not the war on terror which uses only a
fraction of the enormous money the secret services require .The main
purpose of the secret services agencies is to harass whistle blowers
to death, attempt to bankrupt them by continuous court litigation ,
participate in fishing expeditions for the purpose of finding some
dirt , smear by association , blackmail or to find scapegoats to get
the government protected people out of trouble . In our case , we
have every reason to suspect , the main purpose for the gang stalking
is to pervert the course of justice .
Because my wife and I have unknowingly been the object of
attention of the Australian Secret Intelligence (ASIO ) for a long
time , we have learned that our case is just a constant relentless effort

to try to get control of our lives in some way by entrapment ,
blackmail , false friends , and other ruses . The shocking thing is that
there are people who are under the secret service’s watch from birth
because of who they are and who they are related to . When a lifetime
of working in the shadows trying to derail somebody’s life fails ,
then the open harassment starts . What is so important about our case
is that the Australian Government is keeping the lid on a giant
scandal about a corrupt judge . We discovered in our search that my
wife was born into a family connected to the Illuminati .This fact
alone explains why there was a need to keep my wife ignorant of her
background for a lifetime and have her surrounded by ASIO
operatives in her private life and at work in the education
department . If the details of this huge scandal came out , the
credibility of the entire judicial system and successive federal and
state governments would disappear . The corruption of the entire
system must be by now evident to insiders in the legal fraternity .
We think that a lot of suppression orders have been used to forbid
press reporting of court cases related to our story . When some
occasional case of stalking perpetrated by private people comes to
the attention of the mass media , both journalists and the public
pretend horror and shock that such a crime could happen in a
civilized society . But when the people responsible are the spooks
the mass media does not want to know . This is a crime that leaves no
trace and it is very hard to pin down . The gang stalkers are usually a
pack of government agents in civilian clothing that follow the victim
on foot or by car for a short distance and then , as in a relay race ,
somebody else continues this job and then another one and so on . In
gang stalking 50 or 60 people are used every day and sometimes even
more .The pool of agents seems to change every day . The
coordination of the stalkers is assured by a central command post
from which the operation is directed . The stalkers' cell phones are
identifiable on a map on a computer screen , so that the victim's real
position is revealed with great accuracy . The only certain clue is that
the victim notices too many people who are on the phone or too

many people that have the urgent need to take their mobile phone
from their pocket or hand bag then proceed to click it and put it back
in the pocket or the handbag . Women agents are a bit harder to
detect when they are using the handbag because they might need only
to click the phone with the bag open and the phone not in view .
It is possible to prove to one’s satisfaction that following and
monitoring is happening with a simple statistical observation , but
this would probably not be accepted in a Court of Law .
In my estimate only 4 or 5 % of cell phone users are on the phone at
any time and if taking a quick sample of 30 passersby only one or
two are on the phone , the situation would be normal .The only
possible proof we have would be the testimony of relatives or friends
but they have been terrorized by the government criminals . I have
cousins that have witnessed our gang stalking but they do not speak
to me anymore . Somebody visited them and told them some cock
and bull story and threatened them and their son . We suspect that
the government criminals have spun the story that my wife and I are
probably involved in a conspiracy. This is a common strategy that
uses misinformation , slander at work and in the neighborhood where
a person lives , interference with school results , employment ,
undermining friendships or even buying friends and turning them into
spies , monitoring of telephones , opening private correspondence ,
following people , street theater for the benefit of the person being
gang stalked , psychological operations ,
attempts to entrap with bogus new friends , honey traps and other
criminal behavior. These are some of the options used by
government criminals in so called democratic countries . We have
direct experience of being victims of gang stalking in Australia and in
Italy . The western so called democracies always pontificate about
their proud record of human rights compliance , but those countries
will never admit that some of their citizens are openly interfered with
in their private life by the state goons in violation of article 12 of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights .
From the United Nations website

The extreme cowardice of the secret service scum is legendary
because their victims very often do not even know the reason for their
attention . The state paid criminals perform the gang stalking work
knowing very well that even if the victim discovers
what’s going on he or she cannot go anywhere to complain. Usually
there is no administrative mechanism in place to take care of
complaints regarding the secret service state criminals and this allows
them to behave in a lawless manner . In many so called democracies
especially in Australia and the EU and US , the separation of
executive and judicial powers is only a myth . In practice the legal
and judicial system is rigged and under such circumstances looking
for legal help or finding supporters is an impossible task . As can be
seen below the European Court of Human Rights pretends that a
person should exhaust all legal avenues in his country , before any
case could be taken into consideration .

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