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Dear Parent/Guardian,
The Saturday Soccer League that children aged 5-17 in across Lusaka have been enjoying for the past 15 years, has
a new name for the 2014 season: the Leopard’s Hill Football League. As an independent organizing committee in
partnership with the American International School of Lusaka, we have ensured that the programme continues to
promote the important values of sportsmanship, equality, and love for the game. We have attached some
information regarding the programme this year, and would be happy to answer any additional questions you might
My name is Aditya Devalia, and as Technical Director of the Leopard’s Hill Football League, I would first and
foremost like to welcome back any returning families and welcome to the programme all our first time
participants! I am very excited to be taking over the organization of this year’s league. I am a football enthusiast
and have been actively involved in the sport all my life. I have played professionally for clubs in Zambia and in
Canada as a goalkeeper and am a Canadian Certified Community Coach for Children, Youth and Adults. I also hold
Canadian Provincial and National Coaching Certifications for Goalkeeping. During my time in Canada, I coached for
the North Toronto Soccer League (a club that boasts more than 3,500 members), where I designed and supervised,
regular season training, intensive training camps, as well as training programmes for coaches. Simultaneously, I
was also the Director of their Outreach programme for inner-city and underprivileged youth. I was also part of the
recruiting team for the Zinedine Zidane “Danone Cup League” for youth to play in France which was hosted by the
North Toronto Soccer Club. Finally, a personal highlight of my time at the club was organizing the largest Mini Cup
tournament in Canada, for participants aged 5-18. This tournament involved the participation of 72 clubs from all
across the country.
We look forward to the fantastic season ahead and would strongly remind everyone that this programme can only
run for the community with the support of the community. We are in need of Coaches and Sponsors to ensure a
successful season. Please see the detailed information attached if you, or someone you know, is interested.
We are aiming to fill up 7 teams in each age group, for our seven a side league. To register your child today, please
return the Registration Form, as well as the Participation Agreement and payment to any of the following
locations: Magic Advertising and Promotions Ltd. (16 Chipovu Rd, Rhodes Park off Addis Ababa Drive) or the Top
Shop on Cairo Rd (next to Jubliee Chemist, opposite Farmers House).
We look forward to seeing you on the field!

Aditya Devalia
Technical Director
Leopard’s Hill Football League

The Leopard’s Hill Football League (LHFL) has been run for fifteen years as the “Saturday Soccer League”
(SSL). All games take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the American School of Lusaka on
Leopard’s Hill Road. This is an independently sponsored league that is organized in partnership with AISL,
with participants from all over Lusaka.
Registered players will be organized into teams by LHFL staff and coaches based on age and ability. The goal
of our community league program is to provide all participants with a rewarding, enjoyable football
experience, regardless of their age and skill level. This is a recreational league, where we emphasize fair play,
positive attitude, sportsmanship, team spirit, personal development and leadership skills, communication and
equality. Teams are mixed with both boys and girls, and divided into the following age categories: 5-7 year
olds, 8-10 year olds, 11-13 year olds, 14-15 year olds and 16-17 year olds. The LHFL is committed to
supporting our Outreach Programme, which accounts for up to twenty-five percent of our total participants in
each age group.

This year, the programme will be run by an organizing committee separate from the American School of
Lusaka. While the fun spirit and core programmes values will be carried forward, a few changes have taken
place. Clear policies and guidelines have been established and will be available in the form of a handbook for
all players, parents, coaches, and referees that outline our commitment to equality, fair play and sportsmanship.
Some of the programme changes include: All ages of participants will receive professional instruction for two
sessions of practice before league matches begin. All volunteer coaches will also attend a professional
training/idea sharing session which will be run by the organizer, Mr. Aditya Devalia, who is an internationally
certified coach at the start of the season to refresh their skills. There will be EMS present at all practices and
games. At no extra cost to participants, there will be an Awards Picnic following the last afternoon of league
matches. There will be a PA system to announce scores and play music. Also, periodically throughout the
season, local media will be covering the league’s progress and any highlights. Every participant will receive a
certificate and overall winning teams will receive a trophy.

With such a short season, every effort will be made to continue games on their scheduled date. However, since
the season begins during the rainy season, provisional alternate dates have been established should rain-outs
occur. Players will be contacted by email to confirm their alternate game time/date.

The cost of registration is K 300 per participant for the duration of the league (to be paid in cash). This covers
two practice sessions and ten league games. All participants (players and coaches) receive team jerseys,
water/beverages (distributed in bulk - participants are expected to bring their own bottles to fill), and are
invited to attend the league-end awards picnic. All participants are expected to wear their team uniform (t-shirt
provided by LHFL) to all practices and games. Shin guards and cleated shoes are also expected to be worn for
players’ safety. Strictly no jewellery may be worn.

Saturday March 8 – Kit pick up day for participants/Coaches Day/Referee Training Day*
Saturday March 22 – Practice Day
Sunday March 30 – Practice Day
Sunday April 6 – 1st League Game
Saturday April 12 – 2nd League Game
Saturday April 19 – NO LEAGUE for Easter break
Saturday April 26 – 3rd League Game
Saturday May 3rd – 4th League Game
Sunday May 4th – Rain Alternate Date
Saturday May 10 – 5th League Game
Sunday May 11th – Rain Alternate Date
Sunday May 18 – 6th League Game
Saturday May 24th – 7th League Game
Sunday May 25th – Rain Alternate Date
Saturday May 31st – 8th League Game
Sunday June 1st – Rain Alternate Date
Saturday June 7th – 9th League Game
Sunday June 8th – 10th League Game/Awards Picnic
League games are 30 minutes. Times will be assigned after the registration deadline and be made available on
“Kit pick up day”.
*On March 8th, participants can come to the Secondary Gym at the American International School of Lusaka
(enter through the Secondary Gate with proper identification) anytime between 10:00 and 17:00 to collect their
registration packets. Packets will include team assignment, uniform, participant handbook and game schedule.
Coaches and Referees will receive details by email regarding the time of their training/sharing session on
Coaches’/Referees’ Day.

Registration Form 2014
Child’s Full Name (First and last):______________________________________________________
Please tick: Boy ( ) Girl ( )
Date of Birth: _____________________________ Present Age: ________________
Please attach photocopy of Birth Certificate/ NRC/ Passport for proof of AGE with the registration form and a
passport size photo.
School: _________________________________________
Home tel: _____________________________
Mother’s Cell No._________________________

Father’s Cell No. _________________________

Email address: _____________________________________________________________________
Street Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Car Registration number: (1)______________________________(2)__________________________
In the event of an emergency, and a parent is not available, please list an alternate contact person and their
telephone number:
Emergency Contact person: ___________________________Cell phone number: _____________________
Name of clinic: ___________________________
List any medical conditions, allergies or important medications of which we should be aware:
Player information:
Please circle the appropriate:
Does your child play on the school team in the ISAZ league: Yes
What position do you play? Goalkeeper




Mid field


How many years have you been playing? ________
How do you rate yourself as a player?



Above Average

Please list any additional information you feel is relevant:


In consideration of the Leopard’s Hill Football League (“LHFL”) accepting the applicant (“Player”) to
participate in its programs, the Player (and the parent/guardian on behalf of the parent/guardian and the
1. Herein acknowledges the risks of injury inherent to the Player’s participation in the sport of football;
2. Releases LHFL, its directors, officers, representatives, coaches, agents and facility owners/operators
from any and all claims or causes of action, for injury, loss or other related expense, howsoever
caused, which the Player or parent/guardian may suffer or incur as a result of the Player’s participation
in LHFL activities;
3. Agrees to indemnify the League for any loss, expense or damages incurred by the League as a result
of the Player’s participation in the League’s activities;
4. Agrees that at all times during practice and games, the Player shall wear appropriate shin guards and
cleated football shoes, as well as uniform provided by the LHFL; the Player will not wear any
jewellery including pierced earrings;
5. In the absence of the parent, authorizes LHFL and herein consents on behalf of the Player permitting
LHFL to obtain for the Player such medical treatment, which LHFL in its judgment feels is necessary,
and further authorizes and consents on behalf of the Player permitting any qualified person or hospital
to provide such medical treatment as may be deemed advisable and necessary in the circumstances;
6. Acknowledges that LHFL will assign or re-assign Players to teams at its own discretion and that
Players are assigned within their age group; and agrees to provide a Birth Certificate, passport or
NRC. Written sworn testament of Participant’s age from parent may be used if none of the abovementioned documents are available;
7. Agrees and consents to the collection, storage and use by LHFL and its agents of personal information
of the Player, and parents/guardian for Players under 18, including but not limited to residential
address, home and mobile telephone numbers and email address(es), for the purpose of facilitating
communications between the Player and their family on one hand, and LHFL its staff, representatives,
coaches and teammates;
8. Consents to the publication in club communications media of images of the Player at League events;
9. Agrees that no pets are allowed on the premises of the American International School of Lusaka;
10. Understands that LHFL promotes a healthy and positive sporting environment. As such,
understanding that no tobacco or alcohol is to be consumed in any form during the league;
11. Agrees to abide by the published policies, rules and regulations (“Policies”) of the League including
the Code of Conduct:

For all Players:
• I / we will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, parent or
player, such as booing, taunting or using profane language or gestures.
• I / we will respect the authority of referees; will never criticize, contradict or interfere with referees
or coaches at the field; and will speak with coaches privately regarding any concerns.
• I / we will demonstrate and encourage good sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by
expressing positive support for all players, coaches and officials.
• I / we also agree that if we or our guests fail to abide by the Regulations, we may be subject to
disciplinary action which could include a ban on supporters from attending games, or expulsion of the

For Parents/Guardians:
• I / we will remember that youth football programs are for the players, not for parents and other
• I / we will teach children to play by the rules, and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility.
• I / we acknowledge that, in children’s leagues, team coaches and club officials are not responsible
for the supervision of any child; I/we will supervise any child young enough to normally require adult
Name of Participant:________________________________________
Signature of Participant:______________________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian:_______________________________________

Volunteer Coach Application Form
The Leopard’s Hill Football League (LHFL) relies on the generosity of parents and community members to
volunteer their time as coaches. The commitment will involve attending games and practices, as well as one
Saturday of professional training/idea sharing session at the start of the session. If you are unable to attend any
of the scheduled game or practice dates, please indicate in the space provided below so that we can ensure at
least one coach is present for each session. For more details, please contact the league Technical Director,
Aditya Devalia (
Name of Applicant (First and Last):_____________________________________________________
Home tel: ____________________________ Cell:_________________________________________
Participating Child’s Full Name (if applicable):_____________________________________________
Although the Leopard’s Hill Football League will make every effort to pair a volunteer parent coach with their
child’s team, at times, there could be additional coaches needed for teams on which your child is not playing.
Please answer the following:
I would be willing to coach a team other than my child’s should there be a need: Yes ( ) No ( )
I would prefer to coach athletes in the following age group:
Any ( )
5-7 years ( )
8-10 years ( )
11-13 years ( )

14-15 years ( )

16-17 years ( )

Please list any/all previous coaching experience (football or other):

I have conflicts with the following league dates and would not be able to attend:
_____________________________________________________________________ ___________________

Sponsorship Information Form
The Leopard’s Hill Football League (LHFL) relies on the generosity of businesses from within our community
to help support this league. We are looking for several sponsors to help alleviate the financial burden of this
program and continue to make it accessible to all young players within our community.
The value of sponsoring the LHFL for community businesses lies in visibility. With over 400 participants, it is
a sure way to make a difference within our community and increase awareness for potential customers. For
more details, please contact the league Technical Director, Aditya Devalia (
Sponsorship Categories and visibility:
Team Sponsor – this category requires one sponsor per participating team. The sponsored team will be
named after the supporting business. The name will appear on the front of the shirt of all players and coaches
for this team. Sponsors receive a framed photo of their team. The sponsorship helps to pay for the cost of
uniforms for the sponsored team. Sponsorship value: K 900 per team.
Field Sponsor – this category requires a total of 5 sponsors – one for each of the playing fields. The
sponsored field will be named after the supporting business and will appear as such in the match schedule, and
be referred to as such for the duration of the league. Sponsors have the opportunity to place advertisements
around the outside of the field (set up to be assisted by AISL facility staff). This sponsorship helps to pay for
the cost of field lining and equipment purchases/repairs.
Sponsorship value K 2000 per field for the season.
Referee Sponsor – this category requires one sponsor (possibility of multiple sponsors to share visibility). All
LHFL referee uniforms will bear the name of the supporting business. This sponsorship helps to pay the
referees’ salary. Sponsorship value: K7,500.
Outreach Transportation Sponsor – this item can be assumed by one or multiple sponsors. The LHFL is
committed to allocating one quarter of participation to children of lesser means. In order to enable their
participation, they must be bussed in to and from the field every week. Sponsorship value: K 18,000.
Water/Sporting Beverages Sponsor – one or multiple sponsors. Providing water/beverages every week for
participants - preferably in large format dispensers for participants to fill their own bottles. Sponsorship value:
Trophies – one or multiple sponsors. One floating trophy for winner of each age group (5 total) and medals
for each participant of the winning team (up to 70 total) and an additional 10 medals for referees. Sponsorship
value: TBD.
Certificates – one or multiple sponsors. One certificate to be issued to each participant, volunteer, staff, and
referees at the end of the league. Sponsorship value: TBD.
Professional Photography – one or multiple sponsors. Photographer to be onsite periodically throughout the
season to take team photographs and capture important game memories. Sponsorship value: TBD.
Media Sponsor – One or multiple sponsors. For periodic coverage of the season. Sponsorship value: TBD.
Balls Sponsor – One or multiple sponsors. For both practice sessions, one ball will be required per player. A
total of 120 size 4 and 5 balls will be required for the first two training sessions. Donated balls will be
distributed to community outreach programs. Sponsorship value: TBD.

Picnic Food Sponsor – one or multiple sponsors. At the end of the season, an awards picnic will be held for
all participants (including, players, parents, volunteers and referees). We are looking for a variety of meats,
vegetables, fruit and wholesome foods to be sponsored for this event. Sponsorship value: TBD.

Name of Company:_____________________________________________________________________
Name of Contact Person:_____________________________________Title:____________________
Tel #: _________________________________Cell:_______________________________________
Category interested in sponsoring:
__Outreach Transport
__Professional Photography
__Picnic Food

Details (if any) regarding your request:
Participating Child’s Full Name (if applicable):___________________________________________

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