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Speaking of White Ponies and Big and Rich's video...."Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"
2:41...sounds like they are saying....“Old Burnt Dong”...Lol. Maybe it's because of their Southern
There was a short clip in their with the little guy in red riding a small white pony, but it's no longer

Bologny Pony –
Judd Nelson – The Breakfast Club
I was trying to find a clip where he says something about “Riding the Bologny Pony”
I didn't know that Judd Nelson was a Sagittarius too? I just looked it up.
I really don't think I'm all that crazy now. I mean a little crazy, but not that far gone like I thought. How
would I even know that?

Something is guiding me. Now I have a sharp pain in my head after I told the lady my sis wasn't here. I
lied. 4:41 pm
Depeche Mode- “Your Own Personal Jesus”
I just got the chills when the lady put her hands on his shoulders...2:01 all up my right arm. My head is
hurting too, but my head started hurting a few minutes ago. I also feel like my heads on fire. Like I'm
Now my heart is hurting again at 4:53.
2:45- the blonde guy has some nice lips.
The lead singer has his arms spread out like Jesus on the Cross at 2:25

The blonde guy is riding a children's white toy pony at 2:30.
Two of the band members are rocking in a rocking chair. R.C.- Christ Risen?
Lead Singer Does 5 fingers then 10 fingers when reaching towards the camera. Which is 6 for Fangs or
could be Fandom.
Guitarist plays 1 high pitch note with 1 finger throughout the song...simple, but it adds something
special to the song. “Maybe like someone crying for help.”
At 3:21 (the video) the lead singer whose a me I think his birthday is the 9th?
Yeah, it is I looked it up to make sure.
The blonde guy...he's a leo, like my dad.
Honestly though....I thought he was saying “Reach Out and Touch Me.” not “Reach Out and Touch
Lead Singer raises his hands and arms up towards the sky. Symbolizing his awareness of a higher
At the end he clasps his hands or puts them together “like when you pray.”

U could also be 2 J's , 2 L's right?
Like this
actually that's a W,,,so it could be that too.

Now my heart is aching again at 4:44 pm. =(

But this is what I was trying to do

My heart is aching again at 5:01 pm.
And I got the chills on my right leg. Like from my calf up to my knee.
3:22 the lead singer reaches toward the camera with his right hand and grabs the air...kinda like he's
reaching for faith. Or telling viewers to reach for faith. Trust in God.
He also wears a ring on his right ring finger, which if you are a woman would be your second finger. If
your male it would be your 4th finger.
But if you're European.....this could also mean that your married or engaged. They switch their rings
unlike Americans who wear their wedding or engagement rings strictly on their left hand ring finger.
But American men can do this too if they are cheating on their spouse, so watch out ladies. Some guys
are married and lie about it. Don't worry, they'll get theirs. Seriously guys were not stupid!
For women it's the 3rd ring finger when you start counting with the index finger. And for men it's the
4th finger when counting with your thumb as #1.
Does that make sense?
3:39 someone throws a hat. That makes the 4th hat on the hat holder.
Also the video is not in black in white, but rather sepia.
At the end the lead singer also reaches toward the camera or shows only 8 fingers or the camera only
picks up or shows 8 fingers, which is 8 for Ian Somerhalder's birthday is December 8th 1978. My foot
just twitched when I typed the last sentence. My heart hurts again 5:15pm 2 seconds before it turned
Okay, I need to go. I have some errands I have to do. 5:17 pm. End.

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