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Ph: 08 8388 4834 | E-mail: | Web:

Mare owner’s name __________________________________________________________________________________________
Mare lessees’ name (if applicable) _______________________________________________________________________________
Postal address ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Residential address __________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone (H) __ ________________ Phone (M) _____________________ Other ___________________
E-mail _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
This is a legally binding contract agreement made on ___ / ___ / ______ between Anthea and Danielle Starr (Stallion’s owners) and
____________________________________________________ (Mare’s owner/lessee).
Stallion Information:
Scolinda Macka Dreams
14.2hh Palomino Welsh D
WPCS registration S-2444
Mare Information:
Mare’s registered/official name __________________________________________________________________________________
Registered (please include registry name/s and horse ID/s) ___________________________________________________________
Breed _________________________________________________ Colour ______________________________________________
Age ____________ Height ______hh Brands near side ________ Brands off side ________
Microchip No. __________________________________________________________________
Please check a box to show whether the mare is:
☐ Maiden (never bred)
☐ Dry
☐ Wet (foal at foot)
Is there any important information we should know about your mare? ____________________________________________________
Please tick appropriate answer:
Does your mare kick?

Does your mare bite?

Is your mare okay around other mares/foals? ☐

Is your mare easy to lead?

Does your mare tie-up safely?

Is your mare easy to catch?

Is your tetanus up to date?

☐ Last tetanus shot ___ /___ /_____
Is your strangles up to date?

☐ Last strangles shot ___ /___ /_____
Is your worming up to date?

☐ Last worming ___ /___ /_____

Breeding Contract 2011 - Scolinda Macka Dreams

Please attach a copy of the mare’s registration papers with this contract. Do not forward originals.
Please note that all mares must be halter broken, good to handle, up to date with tetanus and strangles vaccinations, been wormed within
6 weeks of arrival at Oakwood Park, and must have all shoes removed and hooves trimmed neatly.
Worming and vaccination will occur at owner’s/lessee’s cost if status is not current or is unknown. Farriery fees will be charged to the
owner/lessee if shoes are not removed and/or hooves are not trimmed appropriately.
Please note that mares that are hard to manage, are dangerous or are deemed unfit for breeding purposes may be rejected by the stallion
owners at any time without veterinary advice.

The stud fee agreed is $850, with a deductable and non-refundable booking and handling fee of $250. The Booking and Handling fee of
$250 is required at the signing and dating of this contract. The overall fee of $850 does not include agistment, feeding, farriery or
veterinary costs.
Booking and Handling fee received ___ / ___ /______
The remaining stud fee of $600, plus any additional charges (such as farriery, worming, vet etc.), is due to be paid in full when the mare
leaves Oakwood Park.
In addition to the $600 and other charges, the mare owner/lessee agrees to pay the following:
1. Agistment
☐ $60pw for dry mares, paddocked alone
☐ $70pw for mares with foal at foot, paddocked alone
☐ $50pw for dry mares in a shared paddock
☐ $55pw for mares with a foal at foot in a shared paddock
Please note agistment fees are for the horse being kept at Oakwood Park only, and do not include any feeding other than pasture.
2. Feeding and rugging
If hay and/or hard feeds are to be fed to the mare, hay and/or hard feeds must be supplied by the owner/lessee of the mare.
For every occasion the mare is to be fed, the owner/lessee will be charged $3.50 if given more then 24 hours notice or $5 without 24
hours notice.
The same charges apply for rugging, should it be required. In most instances, to facilitate easy breeding, it is expected the mare will
be unrugged. If required, rugs are to be supplied by the owner/lessee and must be easily accessible.
Please note that feeding/rugging in the morning, and again at night will be charged as two (2) occasions.
3. Vet fees and charges
The stallion’s owners agree to use due care and caution with the mare/and foal while she/they are at Oakwood Park.
However, if needed a qualified veterinarian will be called to look after the mare and/or foal at the mare owner/lessee’s cost. If this
situation arises, the mare owner/lessee will be notified via phone ASAP.
The mare owner/lessee also gives the stallion owner/s authority to administer drugs under veterinary directions while the mare/and
foal are at the stud.
The fees for the LFG return remain the same, but exclude the $600 stud fee. Booking and handling, agistment, feeding and veterinary
charges will be charged again.

Terms and conditions
1. All fees must be paid before the mare leaves the stud premises.
2. The mare must be halter broken and easy to catch and lead before coming to the stud.
2.1 - The stallions owners may reject mares that are not halter broken, easy to lead or are considered a health and safety hazard.
3. In an emergency I understand that the vet may be called, even if I cannot be contacted, and that I will be liable for all vet fees and
4. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the Live Foal Guarantee
5. I understand that should the stallion become unfit for breeding purposes, the booking and handling fee will not be refunded, and I will
be contacted immediately for the collection of the mare.
6. I also understand that all mares are to have all tetanus, strangles and worming up to date before arriving at the stud. If mares are not
up to date, or are unknown, or are still shod then they will be vaccinated/have the shoes removed at the mare owner/lessee’s cost.
7. A copy of the mare’s registration papers, where applicable, is to be provided with this contract. I will not hand over the original papers.
8. Mares should be in good paddock condition upon arrival at the Oakwood Park, will not be injured in a way that will effect breeding and
be carrying no diseases or illnesses.
9. I also understand that the stallion’s owners are not responsible for any injury, sickness, theft or death to the mare and/or foal; they
will, however, take all reasonable precautions to prevent such as these.
10. Breeding certificates will only be issued when all fees have been paid for, including veterinary, farriery, agistment and feeding, and
when the mare has been positively tested in foal.
11. I acknowledge the dangers associated with all horse related activities, and I understand that I am solely responsible for organising
insurance for the mare and/or foal at foot. The mare owner/lessee assumes all the unavoidable risks coinciding with these activities,
including but not limited to freak accident, theft, injury, illness and/or death of the mare and/or foal at foot or any person whatsoever,
and will not hold the stallion owners, property owners or any associates of these people responsible.
Live Foal Guarantee
Live Foal Guarantee (LFG) is a free return* if the mare doesn’t conceive, miscarries, if the foal is still born, dies within the first 48 hours of
birth, or is humanely destroyed after assessment by a qualified vet for reasons of illness, birth defects or disorders within 5 days of birth.
*Free return meaning the $600 stud fee does not need to be paid for the return. Booking and agistment fees will still be charged on the
For the LFG to be valid, a qualified veterinarian must have assessed and documented the condition of the foal. The vet must also write a
statement as to why the foal died and/or why the foal’s life is/was to be terminated. This documentation must be presented to the stallion
The mare owner/lessee must contact the stallion owner about the current situation within 48 hours of birth and provide veterinary
report/statement, even if the foal’s life has not yet been terminated.
If the foal then dies or is humanely destroyed within 5 days of birth, a vet report must be given to the stallion owner, and a rebreed will
If the foal dies after 5 days of birth, it is considered as a loss to the mare and foal’s owner/lessee and the stallion owners bear no
If the mare is deemed unfit to breed or infertile, then a substitute mare may come in her place.
Please note that LFG only covers birth defects and illnesses, and does not cover injuries sustained after birth e.g. freak accident or fence
injury, which may result in death.
I _________________________(Full name), the mare’s owner/lessee, agree to the terms and conditions stated in this contract.
Signed ________________ Date ___ / ___ / _____
We, Anthea and Danielle Starr, Scolinda Macka Dreams’ owners, agree to the terms and conditions stated in this contract.
Signed _________________ Date ___ / ___ / _____

Signed _________________ Date ___ / ___ / _____

Breeding Contract 2011 - Scolinda Macka Dreams


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