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The First Witness of Theoharis 
(Letter to Fr. Mark Smith) 
The following is an email from Theoharis (who was living in Kirykos’ 
monastery) to Fr. Mark Smith of Canada (who is far away and has no idea of 
what is really going on). The letter itself is quite self‐explanatory… 
-------- Original Message -------Subject:Re: encouragement
Date:Tue, 23 Mar 2010 15:27:02 +0200
From:romios1821@orthodoxrevival.com <romios1821@orthodoxrevival.com>
To:Priest Mark Smith <pmasmith@telus.net>

Dear Fr. Mark, bless,
I am highly insulted by your email because you ignorantly and automatically assume I
am the guilty party and that it is necessary for me to apologize. You live thousands of
miles away and do not know what is going on here. I assume you have received your
information from Fr. Sozomenos, who himself is hundreds of miles away and also
does not know what is going on. The truth is, Met. Kirykos canceled the trip, not me,
as he lied to Fr. Sozomenos, and through him to you and the Maillis family and many
others I'm sure. The reason he canceled is because he is upset with me for
communing frequently and does not trust me to be his interpreter and to help spread
his false propaganda about this issue. Then he changed his mind and was going to go
with Fr. Sozomenos. But now that the Maillis family is rightly pissed off by all the
nonsense that's going on, he wants me to go again to appease them. But he doesn't
even want to call me and tell me this. Instead he is going through Fr. Sozomenos to
get to me, and wants me to call him and apologize and pretend like nothing ever
happened. But because of his falsehood and insincerity and the fact that he is
mocking God and all of us, my conscience, which thank God still seems to be in good
working order as you say, does not allow me to do this. Otherwise I would be
participating in his deception. I know it would be more convenient and less of a
"scandal" to believe that I am guilty of everything, rather than Met. Kirykos being
guilty and a liar, but that is simply not the truth. While this was still contained,
believe it or not, I was willing to cover up for the bishop and take the blame, but now
it has gone way too far and frankly Met. Kirykos doesn't deserve it and the time has
come for people to know the truth. I do not believe being an accomplice in a bishop's
deception would bring rejoicing from the angels or cleanse my heart. Rather I believe
it would bring God's curse upon me.
So now I am experiencing the same thing I experienced in ROCiE. I caught Met.
Anthony in a lie and I was so scandalized by him, that that was partially what
prompted me to depart the synod. Now I have learned that Met. Kirykos is also a
liar. This time I am not scandalized because I am spiritually stronger due to my
experiences in the recent past. So what to do, hop to another synod? It's not so
simple. As we know, it's been prophesied that the bishops of the last days will be
evil, even the "True Orthodox" ones. Their mysteries may still be valid, so that's not a

good enough reason to synod hop. I do not believe in the Matthewite black and white
nonsense anymore, and believe other synods have grace as well, for example the
ROCiE where we were. Perhaps I never should have left. At least Met. Anthony is
willing to travel the world to receive people, while Met. Kirykos doesn't care at all
about missionary work. You know how many missionary opportunities he spoiled?
Now he even spoiled the Bahamas mission. I was hoping at least he wouldn't screw
this one up. You know how many times he complained to me that he didn't even want
to go at all to the Bahamas, let alone Vancouver or anywhere else? He mentioned
many times that you should just go since you're close by. Perhaps his cancellation
was not even because of me. Perhaps he used the recent turmoil simply as an excuse
not to go, because he never really wanted to go. Another thing, at least Met. Anthony
was married, so he has gotten over this passion, while Met. Kirykos on the other
hand has a concubine, namely Valentina from Menidi. She has been a "novice"
and Met. Kirykos' "spiritual daughter" for decades without marrying or
becoming a nun. She lives in a "hermitage" in Menidi which was supposed to be
a convent, but instead it has turned into her own personal home (same with the
"monastery" in Koropi, it was supposed to be a men's monastery, but instead it is the
personal home of "Sister" Vikentia, who tyrannically runs the place; also Valentina
and Vikentia bitterly hate each other, because they are in a struggle for the bishop's
favor and who can be a greater influence upon him, which would in turn give them a
greater sense of power and importance). Just as Vikentia has kicked out all the
monastics or would be monastics from Koropi, Valentina has done the same in
Menidi. A woman from Menidi recently became a nun. It is only logical that she
would go live in the convent. But no, Valentina saw to it that she lives in her
home, so Valentine could have the place all to herself. Well to herself and Met.
Kirykos. He uncanonically sleeps there ALONE WITH HER multiple times a
week. God only knows what they do. But the people in Menidi are sick of them.
Now as far as whether the allegation is true that Met. Kirykos wanted to get rid of Fr.
Pedro because the people of Menidi wanted to kick Met. Kirykos out and have him be
the parish priest, I do not know for certain, but I am sure that is probably one of the
reasons. Some people from Menidi have actually expressed this desire to me.
Neither Met. Anthony or Met. Kirykos are perfect, but I believe both of their synods
have grace, and probably many others. Like I said, I don't believe in the black and
white nonsense anymore. The GOC has made many mistakes just as other synods
have. God does not operate like a light-switch, turning off the grace immediately
after some mistake has been made. I don't see these bishops doing all they can to
unite. They allow their passions to get the best of them. They are unworthy to be
bishops. Millions people are suffering as a result of their passions and they don't
seem to care about it. I don't know what else to say. Just so you know I am still with
the synod for now. I don't really know what to do. I am considering moving back to
America, since Greece is much worse than I thought in many ways. Not that America
is great either. Perhaps I will try somewhere else after. Please pray for me. As far as
you are concerned, now that I no longer reside in the monastery and will not be able
to help much with interpreting, it will be even harder for you to communicate with
Met. Kirykos. Please do not take Fr. Sozomenos', the Barbagiannis family's and sorry
to say even Dean's lies for granted. I am not telling you what to do but perhaps it
would be better for you belong to a bishop who speaks English and you can at least
communicate with directly rather than relying on the interpretation, sometimes
conflicting, of various others. It would make things much easier for you. The sorry

truth is that, from what I can see, one family and a handful of demonized women
control the GOC. Lastly, I do not know if you are in touch with Stavros. Please
don't believe the lies about him that he is mentally insane or making false allegations.
There are also many others who share his view, i.e. many people in Menidi.
Regarding the theological allegations, there are also many others, including our best
theologian, Mr. Christos Noukas. He is the one that actually enlightened the
Matthewite bishops about the icon issue over 10 years ago. They were lost. Did you
know Fr. Amphilocios actually currently believes in the Papist geocentric model of
the solar system? How silly is that? Something is really wrong here...
In Christ,


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