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Village Candle is a leading US manufacturer of handcrafted premium fragranced candles. Based in
Wells, Maine, that has been producing high quality premium candles for 20 years.
All Village Candles are 100% hand poured. The candles are handcrafted under strict quality control
using only the most refined wax, the richest colours and the finest fragrance oils. The packaging is
singularly unique. The Premium Candle Jars feature the exclusive dual wick technology that burns
cleaner and generates less soot than the single wick style. More light, less wax residue and pure,
clean fragrances. You achieve a cleaner more efficient burn with double the ambiance. 100% food
grade paraffin used in all candles. Every wax batch used through production is tested for fragrance
throw, burn quality and UV reaction before released to stock. All chemicals and wax components
used are done so with the approval and certification of the “Material Safety Data Sheet” supplied by
Sasol Wax Americas Inc. All candles supplied and warning labels used are SATRA tested and
approved in line with candle standard BS EN 15426:2007

Candles are available in the following varieties:
701g (small) Dual Wicked Premium Candle Jars (Up to 55 hours burn time)
899g (medium) Dual Wicked Premium Candle Jars (Up to 105 hours burn time)
1219g (large) Dual Wicked Premium Candle Jars (Up to 170 hours burn time)
Wax Melts (Up to 20 hours burn time/ 3-4 hours per wax section)

Why Village Candle
Village Candles are premium handcrafted candles that use refined wax, the richest colours, and
finest fragranced oil. Dual wicked & very competitively priced.
Prices are up to 25% less expensive that other leading candle brands

Delivery to Much Hoole and surrounding areas is free.
For other areas, myHermes delivery rates apply:
0-1kg - £2.78
1-2kg - £3.78
2-5kg - £5.28

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