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It is not religious, and shall never be the book of life God could write
the names of the saved in. It is seriously a warning. It is merely a book
of fantasy, and not really the book of life. Do not proceed, unless you
would like to read information for a psychic life. Thank You.


All who do not believe in spiritual emancipation are warned not to proceed, because it would be very wrong to such souls and spirits.

2015 Daniel Johan Malan
Spiritual allowance to copy
Slow down in tongues. Allow no deception, okay? The Spirit of reality is
the way. All karma is through that source. Script requires reflection.
Simply, reality has it’s way. Dreams and thoughts and reality is transcendental in accordance. It can only be realistic. Planet earth is a gift from
nature. No one can stand in it’s way. Mythology would no longer get in
the way of God. All reality is God’s dream come true. All against God
shall wither away under the power and intelligence and presence of reality. All reality is created by the source and sustained through it’s source.
Reflect to the source of the soul that is Spirit. The ego is a mere illusion
of separation from God. Realize that there are none who can really prove
that it is not reality through the source. Reality would have naturally taken
it’s own course. The new earth and the new heaven is eden and paradise,
because Spirit shall be the real Christ. Spirituality would only continue in
accordance with that source. Let total submission to God become real.
Reality is the only real way. Respect and follow God. Allow God to be
real, and allow total spiritual emancipation. Allow God’s Spirit to lead the
way. Thank You.

The Book of Fantasy
The ego is merely an illusion. Utter transcendence is impossible, except if
reality is realized from the source. Reality is all that is realistic. All potential has it’s source. The Christ is within all things and the Christ is God.
Reality is a creation out of nothing. Beware of the Spirit of reality. That’s

The book of Nothing
Reality is all there is? Reality is realistic. God is God. Reality looks

Unique to all? Reality is tolerated and creation looks wrong, and it’s all
because of reality.

The Book of Vanity
Reality did it all. No one can seem to tolerate the Spirit, because the
world wants it’s own way. Diversities are afraid and the reality can’t accept it, because it can not change. It could be obvious and insanity hinders
righteous freedom for all to go their own ways. Reality shall go it’s own
way. Reality is reality.

End the austerity and the oppression. End the way of darkness. Establish
the way of reality and let every one live in harmony in diversity. All of
the souls are Spirit. Reality is a dream. Life is a story. The creation is not
meant any other way. There is no right to harm without righteous motive.
Do not translate it falsely, and allow freedom. Do not think it can exist
without a source. There is no devil and all spirits have free will. Spirits
are not of Satan and there is no other source than reality. Do not underestimate or mistake God. All egos are extant through the source. No one is
allowed to misuse or misunderstand the information within this book. Do
not transform it to disgrace or change it in any dishonest way. No one
shall mistake it. Do not spite it. Never make it an object of ridicule. God
is not a fool to intend such darkness in reality, although it shall be so as
well. Allow no one to irresponsibly continue. Do not misuse anything. Do
not fool yourself with God. Reality is very realistic , and it is the way. No
one may in any way disregard it, except through free will. May God bless
all and may reality change in it’s own way. All can go their own way.

The Book of Paradise
The truth is reality. It surprises to realize how a number that is not, was
and yet shall be. The new earth and the new heaven could revolve around
the choice to follow God and to realize a jackpot in God. Eden shall have
true justice in accordance with divine morality that shall emancipate the

Spirit of divinity in it’s own way. All impermanent realms are through the
source and the heavens are the realms of light. Respecting God and life
shall result in accordance with the will of God, that is Christ and Spirit,
and the sacred companion that controls all reality. The golden age is a
new age of divinity in accordance with Akasha, which shall be in accordance with dreams and with the holy Spirit of truth that shall lead the way.
May none oppress and disregard or mistake divinity, for their sanctification is not divine, even though it is as a result of reality. The king is God
that controls reality in all ways, and who is potentially responsible as the
source of all potential in reality. The liars shall not enter, and the truth
shall set you free. All have free will and are solely responsible with reality
and divinity. God shall rule in reality. Allow God’s Spirit to truly lead the
way, so that souls can return to God.

The Book of Divinity
Divine holiness and sanctification shall purify souls by itself in it’s own
ways. True discernment shall realize that there is no source but God and
allow discernment over the truth and over all spirits. One shall not judge
reality inaccurately and the judge is God over all. Divinity has been underestimated and misrepresented, which is why reflection may be of vital
importance and preference. Philosophy can realize divine accordance
within mentality in all realistic ways. Divine proof is personal and realistic. No one could ever fool the real God. Ones have been condemned and
judged and hurt and oppressed by divine insanity, and reality is the preference of divinity. Ones have been misjudged, having sinned against God,
mistaking divinity, and God shall not truly transcend the same way in all
the fake ones. Souls have defied and denied divinity, because of the way
reality was designed in creation. Reality shall only verify the real way and
shall control itself. Divinity is the only real source of reality. May negativity and impurity over reality come to an end, and may the truth of divinity control reality. Amen.

copy responsibly THE GOD SPIRIT is the way.
Thank you...

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