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Author: Lindsey Langford

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Are  you  interested  in  developing  Indigenous  land  management  enterprise  or  ranger  team?    
Incommon  staff  have  years  of  ‘hands    on’  experience  promo<ng  and  suppor<ng  the  growth  of    
Indigenous  land  management  in  remote  Australia.    
We  believe  that  the  future  of  effec<ve  land  management  in  the  rangelands  region  will  be  secured  
through  empowering  Indigenous  groups  to:  
•  manage  their  own  lands  for  posi<ve  environmental  outcomes  
•  secure  fee  for  service  contracts  to  deliver  environmental  services  to  a  range  of  private  land  
holders  and  local,  state  and  federal  governments.    
We  can  help  your  organiza<on  to  achieve  its  Indigenous  land  management  goals  through    
•  Community  engagement  and  consulta<on  
•  Scoping  and  feasibility    
•  ‘On  country’  par<cipatory  planning      
•  Produc<on  of  a  high  quality  strategic  and  business  plans    
•  Workforce  development  including  tailored  land  management  skills  and  training  delivery  plans  
•  Stakeholder  engagement    
•  Securing  funding  
•  Project  management  


Your   organiza<on   wants   to   develop   or  
e x p a n d   a n   I n d i g e n o u s   l a n d  
management   service.   That’s   great,  
contact  us.  Tell  us  who  you  are,  where  
you  are  from  and  what  you  want  to  do.  
From   here   we   can   discuss   your   needs,  
the   facilita<on   costs   and   possible  
funding  opportuni<es  


We   will   facilitate   a   workshop   focused   on  
the   building   blocks   of   a   successful   land  
management  program  including    
•  unpacking   your   organiza<on’s   needs,  
drivers  and  goals  (why  and  what)    
•  iden<fying  key  personnel  and  leaders*  
•  opportunity  and  threats  scanning  
Your   organiza<ons   ‘vision’   for   land  
management   service   development   will   be  
ar<culated  during  this  workshop.    


We  will  facilitate  an  exchange  with  a  successful  ‘ranger’  
team.  This  involves:  
•  a   discovery   tour   of   key   work-­‐spaces,   projects   and  
partnerships  including  first  hand  focused  discussion  
and   prac<cal   engagement   of   what   works,   why   and  
•  A   post   exchange   debrief,   ‘Where   to   Now’   session  
that     iden<fies   key   learning,     further   inves<ga<on   of  
opportuni<es/threats   and   implementa<on  


A   two   day   workshop   will   be   facilitated   to   develop   a  
high  level  strategic  plan  for  land  management  services  
including  an  outline  of  
•  key   land   management   services   that   will   be  
delivered  by  your  group  
•  key  partners  
•  key  customers    

*  Inter-­‐cultural  leadership  development  workshops  can  be  facilitated  
in  addi<on  to  the  ranger  team  ‘start  up’    development  service.  Go  
to:    In-­‐common.org.au  /leadership  development  


In   line   with   your   strategic   plan,   and   as   needed,     we   can  
facilitate   mee<ngs   with   the   key   development   partners  
(businesses/funders/training   providers)   and   poten<al  
customers  for  your  land  management  services.  
Your   strategic   plan   will   inform   poten<al   partners   and  
customers  of  your:  
•  Vision  for  land  management    
•  Capacity  for  and    strategy  to  provide  land  management  
services  and  the  
•  opportuni<es  to  create  shared  value  in  partnering  with  
your  organiza<on  
The  outcome  of  this  process  is  to  secure  an  investment  and  
training  commitment  for  a  pilot  land  management  project.  


We  will  assist  your  group  in  the:  
•  development  of  a  work  plan  
•  design   of   a   suitable   training   and   skills   development  
•  all   aspects   of   project   management   including  
monitoring  and  evalua<on  


The  produc<on  of  a  business  plan  is  a  vital  step  
in   assessing   your   core   capacity   and   service  
offering.   The   experience   gained   through   the  
strategic   planning,   stakeholder   mapping     and    
pilot  project  steps  will  inform  the  business  plan.    



A  professionally  produced  prospectus  tells  
the  world  who  you  are  and  what  you  do.  It  is  
vital  for  a\rac<ng  investment  and  securing  
partnerships.  We  will  work  with  you  to  
produce  a  high  quality  prospectus.    


With   the   successful   comple<on   of   the   pilot  
project,   coupled   with   a   strong   business   plan,    
you   are   in   good   posi<on   to   bid   for   land  
management   service   contracts   and   to  
con<nue   to   build   your   ranger   team.   We   can  
con<nue  to  support  you  in  wri<ng  proposals,  
draWing   funding   applica<ons   and   project  
management  on  an  as  needs  basis.    


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