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The Age of Dragons
PrettyFrog (2015)
Tags: StoryMaster, FanFiction.Net

Duncan goes out looking for recruits. He gets a few more than
he bargained for. Now it's up to a dwarven princess to
somehow turn a carta thug, a dalish story-teller, a noble
archer, an elven warrior, and a circle mage into an army.

The Age of Dragons


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On: 6/10/2015
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Table of Contents
1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2
3. Chapter 3
4. Chapter 4
5. Chapter 5
6. Chapter 6
7. Chapter 7
8. Chapter 8
9. Chapter 9
10. Chapter 10
11. Chapter 11
12. Chapter 12
13. Chapter 13
14. Chapter 14

15. Chapter 15
16. Chapter 16
17. Chapter 17
18. Chapter 18
19. Chapter 19
20. Chapter 20
21. Chapter 21
22. Chapter 22
23. Chapter 23
24. Chapter 24
25. Chapter 25
26. Chapter 26
27. Chapter 27
28. Chapter 28
29. Chapter 29
30. Chapter 30
31. Chapter 31

32. Chapter 32
33. Chapter 33
34. Chapter 34
35. Chapter 35
36. Chapter 36
37. Chapter 37
38. Chapter 38
39. Chapter 39
40. Chapter 40
41. Chapter 41
42. Chapter 42
43. Chapter 43
44. Chapter 44
45. Chapter 45
46. Chapter 46
47. Chapter 47
48. Chapter 48

49. Chapter 49
50. Chapter 50
51. Chapter 51
52. Chapter 52
53. Chapter 53
54. Chapter 54
55. Chapter 55
56. Chapter 56
57. Chapter 57
58. Chapter 58

1. Chapter 1
Saitada sighed at her reflection. The antique armor was
certainly impressive, but she couldn't help but feel overdone in
steel made more for show than for battle. At least she'd
managed to convince Lord Harrowmont that it wouldn't do for
her to attend a feast celebrating her military command while
wearing a surface silk gown. Grumbling, she threw the helmet
onto the bed as the door behind her opened.
Gorim entered, pretending not to notice as the helmet
clattered to the floor. "Greetings, my lady. You are dressed
and ready. Excellent. I couldn't find the armor's matching
dagger, but I scrounged up a rather fancy long sword. Do you
wish to wear your shield to the noble's feast?"
She nodded, twisting her crimson hair into a tight bun atop her
head and fixing it with an elf-made pin. "Yes. Let them see me
as a warrior."
Gorim shut the door firmly and responded, "as opposed to the
Paragon of Beauty?" He gave her a low, appreciative whistle.
A laugh escaped. "Close the door," she murmured in a sultry
tone. "I'll show you a Paragon of Beauty."
Gorim snorted. "Don't you remember how this game goes? I

get undressed, then one of your brothers or cousins appears
and thrashes me. I'll take my chances somewhere outside the
palace if you don't mind." He gave her an appreciative glance.
"Well... thoughts for later, I suppose." He winked at her
playfully, and his voice changed from flirtatious to
businesslike, "moving on to the business at hand... The king
expects you to make an appearance at the feast, but there's
no rush. The noble family heads will spend hours boring your
father with petitions and petty grievances."
Saitada nodded. "What shall we do in the meantime?"
"As part of the celebrations, permits have been auctioned off
to members of the Merchant Caste who wished to sell wares
in the Diamond Quarter. Lord Harrowmont has also opened
up the Provings for young warriors to test their mettle before
the upcoming battle." He gave her a wry look. "Rumor has it
that Harrowmont hopes you'll be swept off your feet if a wellplaced young nobleman wins the Provings in your honor."
"I could use a little sweeping off my feet," she said
thoughtfully, adjusting the sword and shield strapped to her
"I've got a well-built, magical broom just for you." Gorim
grinned. "But that's for later. What shall we do now?"
She shrugged. "The Proving sounds appealing. Let's go have
a look."
"With you as always, my lady. The day is ours until the feast."

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