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"No, sir. It's in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and I would expect that your world already
knows about it by now since it is almost certainly going to be on the map which exposed us.
You DID know about it, right?"
-----Professor Flitwick looked at Dumbledore. The man had survived, but he seemed to have lost
a lot of his memories and his speech was somewhat slurred. Flitwick had handed over the
former headmaster's Pensieve hoping that it would fill in some of the blanks.
Flitwick watched as Moody brought Dumbledore up to speed. "That's about it, Albus. You
went down, and the Death Eater stole the Elder Wand and killed Severus when he came to
investigate. He cast the Dark Mark with the Elder Wand, and the supercharged spell brought
the snake to life. It attacked the people on the Astronomy Tower, killing Sinistra and many
Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff NEWT students. Two famous Muggle scientists, Professors Moore
and Hawking have taken over for Sinistra. Hawking was actually very sick at the time we
got to him, but Madam Pomfrey was able to cure him to the point where he can now walk
with a cane."
Dumbledore nodded. "That's good news. However, I am a bit disturbed by the fact you
believe the Death Eaters are after the Deathly Hallows so that they can bring back
Voldemort. That would explain their attack upon me, of course. I take it Nicholas has given
the Resurrection Stone to Atlantis?"
Moody nodded. "He has done so, Albus. I highly doubt the Death Eaters would be stupid
enough to actually try to get into Atlantis. Particularly since an international manhunt is
underway for the Zygonovs."
"That takes care of the second Hallow. However, there is something urgent I need to tell
you. Would you agree that we need to keep the third Hallow out of the Death Eaters' hands
as well? Especially if they don't realize the Resurrection Stone is out of play?"
Flitwick nodded. "I agree. You know where it is?"
"I believe I do. And trust me, Filius, you're not going to believe it."
Moody grunted. "Considering what's happened over the past nine months, I'll buy anything.
All right, Albus. Where is it?"
Dumbledore told them, and there was a long pause. Finally, Moody burst out swearing.
"Is there anything that kid is NOT involved with?"
To be continued...
[Incidentally, Moody's comment is spot on, and it exposes what is effectively an ASB-sized
plot hole in the original Rowling canon. How would an 11-year-old kid wind up with one of
the three Deathly Hallows without invoking ASB's? Come to think of it, how did Dumbledore
wind up with the world's most powerful wand? How did all of these magical artifacts wind up
in Britain at the same time? Why doesn't the ICW (wherever it is) intervene when
Voldemort takes over the Ministry of Magic? There are so many ASB's in the Rowling