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Enter name of lad to be fine Enter reason for fine.

9/2/2015 13:37:31 Chucky

Collette. Nuff Said

9/2/2015 13:39:23

After hearing how many fines he' was going to get refusing to attend fines on that basis(pussy)

9/2/2015 13:39:35 Cona McLeod

Banquet Induction/Initiation

9/2/2015 13:40:29 Will.I.Am

After refusing to come to fines, saying he has better things to do than banquet (kirst?)

9/2/2015 13:42:46 Daniel

Letting bob drown and not saving him

9/2/2015 13:42:56 Cona

Northwood student goes to banquet.

9/2/2015 13:43:20 cona-ria

Spelling connor as "Cona" - thug life?

9/2/2015 13:44:18 Chucky

For getting probed in his anus and enjoying it. Claiming "medical pocedure" for such an act

9/2/2015 13:44:33 Chooks

For seeing Dave's sister

9/2/2015 13:45:18 Daniel

After drowning bob, and not saving him to begin with, then went and lost him to barristers cleaners(dick)

9/2/2015 13:45:57 Dave

Being banned from wizoo

9/2/2015 13:46:18 Filer

For being a heartbreaker and ruining friendships of girls

9/2/2015 13:52:44 Jono

His three month Durban trip

9/2/2015 13:57:38 Filer

Hooking up with 3 girls in same circle, sleeping with two and getting busted by the first whilst with the second

9/2/2015 13:58:37 Will

His girlfriend(kirst) was able to funnel quicker than he was

9/2/2015 13:59:18 Chucky

For keeping his secret romance undercover for weeks! Not even the banquet knew!

9/2/2015 13:59:40 Will

for being in his girl's digs photo.

9/2/2015 14:00:38 Nunn

His power thrusts at gym. What happened to good ol' bi's and tris?

9/2/2015 14:03:36 Will

Blatantly lying about where he is to bail on the buggers to go snuggle kirst

9/2/2015 14:04:39 william

using park run as exit excuse but never attending it

9/2/2015 14:05:09 David

2 tinders dates in 2 weeks

9/2/2015 14:05:45 Filer

Dating 2 best friends

9/2/2015 14:06:14 Filer

Breaking hearts and friendships

9/2/2015 14:06:41 David

shirtless selfies

9/2/2015 14:07:09 Daniel

Houdini House sitting

9/2/2015 14:07:28 Con-a

For being the initiate

9/2/2015 14:08:10 Chucky/Nunn

Adding Cona to the group without a single banquet attendance

9/2/2015 14:08:19 David

stealing an innocent persons uber & indirectly stealing money out of his bank

9/2/2015 14:08:55 Nunn

Sex positions in the gym

9/2/2015 14:11:08 Cona


9/2/2015 14:11:33 David

First fines meeting attendance

9/2/2015 14:12:26 Filer

For having his chick (megan) cotch on the bar lady at boogies

9/2/2015 14:13:50 Daniel

drunkenly crashing his car on a school night

9/2/2015 14:15:26 Luke chalupsky

seldom to zero attendances

9/2/2015 14:15:44 Jip

working at a gay bar

9/2/2015 14:15:58 Jip

seldom to zero attendances

9/2/2015 14:23:52 Chucky

For ass sweats

9/2/2015 15:35:44 Chucky

Dating a fellow lads sister

9/2/2015 15:36:13 Chucky

Replacing Dave in all the family photographs

9/2/2015 15:37:01 Chucky

Claiming he is tired of golf cause he can't win a single game or beat any other fellow lad(ever)

9/2/2015 15:39:01 Chucky

Lad with biggest turn around in jolling, from every weekend to William status

9/2/2015 15:40:02 Chucky

For attempting to clean those gums without being a certified dentist

9/2/2015 15:40:59 Daniel

Hiding out at his sisters nail salon when meant to be coming out with the lads

9/2/2015 15:41:54 Andrew Nunn

Living up to - when the cats away the mouse will play

9/2/2015 15:42:22 Daniel

Also - when the cats away the mouse will play

9/2/2015 15:43:07 Dave

Tinder King

9/2/2015 15:44:02 Dave

Allowing chucky to date your sister

9/2/2015 15:45:57 Conahrea

Welcome to the lads

9/2/2015 15:46:26 Con-A

Making friends with the UN at slug

9/2/2015 15:46:56 Dave

Abducting poor drunk American girls drinking street

9/2/2015 15:47:32 Chucky

Losing 20phones including Luke's

9/2/2015 16:02:31 Con-a

Northwood student finally makes it Stellies wine farm. What does he do? Kicks and smashes a wine glass on purpose in front of total strangers

9/2/2015 16:03:04 Cona

Smashing champagne glasses at Tjing Tjing for no reason but to look cool

9/2/2015 16:04:03 Cona

While the Kevin cleans up the broken glass and is upset, Cona simply throws and breaks a shot glass. For what?

9/2/2015 16:06:37 Dave

1 for every hour he doesn't tell the story of being banned from wizoo

9/2/2015 16:09:03 Andy

Birthday week?!

9/2/2015 16:09:40 William

Not knowing where home is


Enter name of lad to be fine Enter reason for fine.

9/2/2015 16:10:23 William

Being part of an all girls digs, digs photo

9/2/2015 16:14:00 Chucky

His addiction to Nike Roshes and caps

9/2/2015 16:14:29 cona

For that fisherman beanie

9/2/2015 16:14:54 Nunn

Great tan boy. Spray tan?

9/2/2015 16:15:20 Chucky

Lunging Tyler - sharing a doll right after drew

9/2/2015 16:29:24 William

Mass non-attendance

9/2/2015 16:29:48 Chucky

Closing in on William for non-attendance

9/2/2015 16:31:18 Cona

For calling his own mother "hot". "My mom is hot!!!!"

9/2/2015 17:05:43 Cona

For calling every black guy he saw in town a "nigga" to their face..

9/2/2015 18:14:23 Dave

for having to change our usual fines venue due to banned behaviour

9/2/2015 20:02:56 conaria

For claiming he has mad game with the ladies. Who has actually seen this?

9/2/2015 20:04:25 Chucky

When he saw a naked blonde haired body in his bed, thought it was Dizzy and all was okay. How is this okay? Who else sleeps naked with their fellow male family members? Remember, the blonde in question was the mighty Collette.

9/2/2015 20:08:16 Drew

For wooing the black chicks at Red and Yellow

9/2/2015 21:11:35 Luke

Hands down winner of the TFC (Thanks for coming award). Quietest oak on group. Even more so than jerry and Declan who aren't even in CT!

9/2/2015 21:12:33 Jonathan

Hooking up and dating a fellow lads sister. Bro code down the drain!

9/2/2015 21:13:59 William

Changing the group icon unnecessarily- posting a pic of himself pouting is a NO GO!

9/2/2015 21:14:44 William

By far the most PDA of any lad. A Lad should never should massive PDA on social networks

9/2/2015 22:15:36 Daniel

Getting in a fight with boegie

9/2/2015 22:16:09 Daniel

Dinging his car and acting like it wasn't him

9/2/2015 22:16:16 Nel

Thinking it is smart to walk from long street to the waterfront at night.

9/2/2015 22:16:41 Chucky

Taking home half of the birthday girls cake

9/2/2015 22:17:11 Chucky

For being baldest lad at age 24

9/2/2015 22:18:09 Chucky

Having the woooorst tolerance

9/2/2015 22:18:31 Chucky

The lads professional bum

9/2/2015 22:19:03 Chucky

Playing golf almost everyday and still loses

9/2/2015 22:20:05 Chucky

Hooking up with house mates best friend Tara wallace

9/2/2015 22:20:28 Chucky

Main sponsor for Colgate

9/2/2015 22:21:44 Drew

For using 3 hair products

9/2/2015 22:23:55 Daniel

Being in Hout Bay and not pitching up to Hout Bay market cause was "house sitting"

9/2/2015 22:25:21 William

For the knysna full marathon that he didn't do

9/2/2015 23:05:32 Nel

Missing the Three Feathers Banquet because he was busy, then posting an Insta about keeping it "chilled" in front of tv

9/2/2015 23:06:12 Drew

Why be short?

9/3/2015 10:09:18 David Lindeque

For being a doos

9/3/2015 11:29:58 Drew

For using a base moisturizer under your eyes

9/3/2015 11:30:28 Drew

For being the most fucked boet at every jol

9/3/2015 11:31:11 Drew

For looking high when you actually drunk (giving chucks false hopes)

9/3/2015 11:31:40 Drew

For cutting a line in your hair

9/3/2015 11:32:05 Drew

For getting a haircut every week

9/3/2015 11:32:27 Drew

For rinsing in Barcelona

9/3/2015 11:32:47 Drew

For nibbling on treats

9/3/2015 11:57:05 Drew

Acting like he was well behaved on contiki but hearing stories saying other!

9/3/2015 12:24:52 Daniel

Going out 8 straight weeks, then stopping as Sara gets back

9/3/2015 12:26:05 Daniel

Being to scared to grow a beard and failing to pay out the bet

9/3/2015 12:33:14 Nunn

Using work as an excuse not to have a beer or two during the week. We have all felt with hangover!

9/3/2015 12:33:37 Will

For his 42km big talk

9/3/2015 12:39:42 Dave

For not doing his Barristers initiation

9/3/2015 12:40:15 Cona

For not doing his Barristers initiation

9/3/2015 15:54:38 Filer

Cause you're a pussy

9/3/2015 19:46:04 Dave

Showing chucky the fine stats before the night

9/3/2015 19:46:20 Chucky

Knowing the stats before the night

9/3/2015 19:48:04 Chucky


9/3/2015 20:34:54 Cona

For not doing his Barristers initiation

9/3/2015 20:35:37 Chucky

Taking the last piece of cake home from Dobby's party

9/3/2015 23:10:00 Nunn

Those hip thrusts were disturbing

9/3/2015 23:10:22 Filer

He's the 2nd tallest

9/3/2015 23:10:44 Filer

Cause he wants another one

9/3/2015 23:13:27 Nunn

hooking up with a red dressed coloured


Enter name of lad to be fine Enter reason for fine.

9/3/2015 23:14:17 Filer

ordasity to still order sugar in his tea the next morning

9/3/2015 23:15:48 Filer

taking the main culpret on a date on a date with the boys at barristers

9/4/2015 7:24:03 Chucky

Manipulating the results

9/4/2015 9:16:25 Dave

Coffee cup shmodel

9/4/2015 9:44:23 Filer

oddly shaped face and body

9/4/2015 9:49:27 Chucky

Taking the last piece of cake home from Dobby's party

9/4/2015 9:50:40 Andrew nunn

For initiating the first evening where girls were allowed to partake in the prestigious event of Banquet

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