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CERN – Rebuilding a Quantum Tower of Babel
By D.C. Riggott

America's takeover by the New World Order and the implementation of a United Nations-based
one-world government will likely be announced by Pope Francis to Congress and the American
people on or about September 24, just a couple weeks from now. This will represent a major
milestone of a Luciferian occultist agenda, stretching back to a time in ancient history when
Nimrod led the Babylonians into battle, against heaven and against God himself, as they went to
work building the Tower of Babel. Fast forward to 2015, when man's technological knowledge
has advanced to unimaginable levels and once again, man's unbridled pride has challenged the
Creator of the universe to a showdown, declaring war with God by blatantly crossing over an
ethical "line in the sand" drawn by the Almighty.
The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) boasts the Large Hadron Collider: a
creation beyond description, a structural mystery with secrets as deep as the Great Pyramid of
Giza. It is a quantum leap into the microcosm, a place where the laws of physics have no
jurisdiction and where predictability is a giant roulette wheel. CERN is on a quest for the
unknowable, a breach of the dimensional divide, a journey into the forbidden land where creation
and destruction are mere nanoseconds apart. CERN, a collaboration of the greatest minds on the
planet, is on a quest for "the God Particle" which is, supposedly, the master key to the universe.
Imagine, if you can, a machine that is the largest ever built by man in all of history, costing nine
billion dollars, and buried 575 feet below ground. It has 96,000 super-magnets made with more
steel than is in the Eiffel Tower, with coils consisting of enough strands of cable to circle the earth
six times at the Equator, and that are 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of
the earth. These magnets fire protons that travel around the Large Hadron Collider's 17-mile track
at the speed of light, making 11,245 circuits every second. Temperatures are maintained at -270
degrees Celsius, which is colder than deep outer space; the collisions create temperatures of more
than 100,000 times hotter than the center of the sun.
Like an Old Testament prophet in the wilderness calling out God's warnings, we have Stephen
Hawking. He is a man who denies God's existence, yet, in his sheer brilliance, can see that potential
evil lurks behind the dimensional divide and that by breaching the invisible wall, we are entering
a land of forbidden knowledge. If, in fact, a portal is opened, inhabitants of a paranormal dimension
could possibly cross over into ours. This fact is not mere conjecture by Hawking; it has been stated
by the big boys at the top who run CERN that they hope to open a doorway to another dimension
and that, possibly, something will even come out that door.
As if opening dimensional doorways and potentially destroying the universe were not enough,
beyond that is the creation of antimatter, which is the opposite of matter and which, in itself, is the
most powerful substance in the world. It is also the most unstable and uncontrollable substance in
the world: one gram is equivalent to four atom bombs. CERN is producing this dark matter as fast
as they can, yet they do not know if they will be able to control or contain this substance. But the

danger does not end there. These particle collisions, at the massive power levels of which CERN
is capable, have the potential to create a catastrophic vacuum decay, which would cause time and
space to collapse with no warning. Hawking, in his preface to the recent book Starmus, shares his
concerns as to the potential dangers to the universe from the Higgs potential. Many of the world's
top scientists, including Neil de Grasse Tyson, have also voiced their concerns.
I find it interesting that many of these scientists and quantum physicists, who do not believe in
God, have discovered what the Bible already revealed thousands of years ago: there are other
dimensions and a spirit world apart from our earthly reality. Scientists have recently concluded
that we live in a ten-dimensional universe and that only four of these dimensions are knowable to
us: height, width, depth, and time/space. Now here's a mind blower for you: in the thirteenth
century, a Hebrew sage by the name of Nachmonides, after extensive study in the book of Genesis,
came to the conclusion that the universe consists of ten dimensions, of which only four are
knowable to man. In my limited studies of quantum physics and in attempting to wrap my head
around these other dimensions, I have made very little progress in my comprehension of other
realms. In fact, I have heard it said that the only people that can understand these other dimensions
are mathematicians and young children
The obvious question becomes the what and why behind this madness. From my research, I have
concluded that the motivation and true purpose behind CERN are based in the occult. CERN is a
major cog in the big wheel of the global elite's agenda, which was a secret behind-the-scenes
program for decades. In the last few years, however, these plans and goals have been verified, not
only from leaked documents, but also by some of the major players who have, in their arrogance,
told the public outright about their plans for America. The concept of order out of chaos is how
they achieve their desired end results. By controlling the planet's weather patterns with their secret
and advanced Tesla technologies (such as HAARP) and through the use of chemicals sprayed into
the atmosphere; by implementing their eugenics agenda via vaccines, GMOs, and mass
sterilization programs to deal with the so-called overpopulation crisis of the world; and through
the use of transhumanism, artificial intelligence, and DNA manipulation—the global elite believes
they will bring order out of chaos, recreate man in their own image, and eventually, rule the planet.
"And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man" (Luke 17:26).
So as in those ancient days when humanity's DNA had been corrupted as a result of the fallen
angels reproducing offspring with women of the earth and producing the giants of those days, the
Nephilim, so it is today as man once again crosses God's moral "line in the sand" through their
attempts to improve God's created beings. Of top priority have been the manipulating of DNA in
the quest for designer children, the merging of artificial intelligence with the human brain (which
has progressed to a level where many of the elite believe they will be able to extend their lives
indefinitely by downloading their brains to a super-quantum computer), and the competitive race
to build a super soldier by DNA-tampering among the advanced nations. Strangely enough, this
could result in the creation of a race of non-humans, which, in the days of Noah, God proclaimed
unredeemable and destroyed them all with the flood.
CERN's quest symbolically represents the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel as a means to access
the spirit world and knowledge of the gods, just as in the days of Babylon. It was Nimrod's plan to

gain prohibited knowledge and technical advances through a tower constructed at a site known to
be a portal where demonic entities would come and go. The height of the tower was not the key to
success, but rather the location on which it was built, which would act as a conduit through which
otherworldly demonic data could flow to them. However, as we know, God was not impressed
with this agenda and intervened big time!
My perception that CERN is based in the occult is gleaned from connecting the dots. A few of the
more obvious clues that come to mind include CERN's mascot: the large metal sculpture of Shiva,
the Hindu god of destruction and recreation, which is strategically featured at the entrance to
CERNs headquarters. The next "dot" to connect is CERN's logo with a bold and obvious graphic
"666" in its design. The choice of location for CERN happens to be in France at the exact spot
where the ancient town of Saint-Genus-Poilly stood: the same place where, during Roman times,
a temple, believed to be the gateway to the underworld, existed in honor of Apollo.
Now let's connect another dot which is found in the Bible. Revelation 9:1-2, 11: "…to him was
given the key to the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit… They have as king over
them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but
in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." If a person can get his head around this data,
considering the facts we know, CERN becomes much more than just an honorable scientific
endeavor. Rather, it is a potentially world-altering experiment that could, as warned by many
scientists, result in catastrophic damage or destruction of the planet.
CERN has been on this quest since the 1950s, and the collisions will reach their climax in late
September. The Large Hadron Collider, after several months of ramping up, will collide particles
at full maximum power, which has never before been attempted. Meanwhile, the world watches
with consternation for the unknown result, which, in the words of many of the world's top
scientists, could destroy the planet.
This is one more thing that can be added to the list of ominous events scheduled, predicted, and
prophesied for September. Will God intervene as he did in those ancient days 3,000 years before
Christ when he toppled the Tower of Babel? Or will the prophetic words of Scripture be fulfilled
as God leaves man to his own devices in these last days? Could entities from the dark realm be
released to wreak havoc upon the planet, as Scripture tells us will happen? Is it possible that CERN
holds the key that will breach the veil that will allow these dark forces into our dimension?
In September 2015, we have a major convergence of events: some scheduled, and many predicted
and prophesied, concerning America. Pope Francis will announce the implementation of a oneworld government under the United Nations and the initiation of the worldwide Agenda 2030
(which has been described as "Agenda 21 on steroids"). Will the pope prick our conscience and
shame us for our "carbon sins" and attempt to guilt us for selfishly breathing the planet's air? Or
will he up the ante and play on our fears by playing the mass-extinction climate-chaos card?
Or will he deploy the ultimate-deception, false-flag scheme on us: the "alien invasion threat"?
This, if implemented, will be, by design, extremely convincing with all the UFO bells-andwhistles, including holograms and, who knows, maybe even a real-life ET thrown into the mix.
This hoax has been in the big bag of tricks for decades and has been researched and rehearsed ever

since "The War of the Worlds" had such a profound effect on the public. This is the real deal; I
could not make this stuff up, even if I really tried to. I believe this agenda will actually come at a
later time and will be one the great deceptions of which the Bible has warned us, used by Satan to
drive the world and all religions to worship at the feet of the Antichrist. However, there are some
in the know who believe that the "alien card" will be played in September.
We will have the answer very soon when Pope Francis addresses Congress and the American
people on September 24. This world-altering announcement is pretty much a done deal and will
not surprise anyone who has followed the non-mainstream media. As I said at the beginning of
this article, this appears to be the final step in the takeover and control of America and the world
by the global elite (or New World Order). This New World Order, through strategic placement of
government leaders of their choice and the deployment of the Hegelian Dialectic (problemreaction-solution), has succeeded in controlling the public and manipulating America into a corner
by incrementally taking away our rights and subverting our freedom.
The bottom line is that we have been duped and that evil has a stranglehold on the nation. So now
what? Do we just give up and become slaves? There is a mass awakening taking place in America,
and the sleeping public is waking up at an exponential rate as the criminal agendas become so
blatant and in-our-faces. The obvious mind control and manipulation by the powers-that-be via the
mainstream media can no longer be denied by anyone who is capable of seeing and thinking.
Regardless of what happens in September or next year or anytime, we know the final score and
who wins in the end. After all is said and done, the true Light of righteousness will expose the
darkness. Evil will be revealed, and it will be destroyed.

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