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Starting Gear

Settlement Name



Basic Resources




White Lion Resources

Broken Lantern Scrap

Elder Cat Teeth Bone

Love Juice Organ, Consumable

Fresh Acanthus Herb

During settlement phase, you may archive this to Intimacy (event).
Nominated survivors must be able to consume.

Archive this to fully heal 1 hit location, including injury levels and
armor points.

Monster Bone Bone

Iron Scrap

Monster Hide Hide

Leather Hide

Monster Organ Organ, Consumable
 If you consume this, archive this card. Roll 1d10. On a
result of 6+ you contract a parasite. Archive all consumable
gear in your gear grid now.
Skull Bone

When you gain this, a survivor of your choice gains +1 insanity.
??? Bone, Hide, Organ, Consumable


Legendary Horns Bone, Scrap
Perfect Crucible Iron

When you craft with Perfect Crucible, an ancient bacteria is released
into the air. Suffer -1d10 population and archive this card.
Phoenix Crest Organ
Second Heart Bone, Organ

You have no idea what monster bit this is. Can be
used as bone, organ, or hide!

Arc Bow

Founding Stone

Counterweighted Axe

Bird Bread

Finger of God

Bloom Sphere

Rainbow Katana

Crest Crown

Scrap Dagger

Feather Mantle

Bone Axe

Scrap Sword

Feather Shield

Bone Blade

Skullcap Hammer

Hollowpoint Arrow

Bone Dagger

Whistling Mace

Hollowpoint Sword

Bone Darts


Hours Ring

Curious Hand Hide

When you gain this, a random survivor gains +1 insanity.

Phoenix Gauntlet

Bone Sickle
Skull Helm

Leather Worker
Hunter Whip
Leather Boots


Large Flat Tooth Bone, Consumable

Phoenix Helm
Phoenix Plackart

Leather Bracers
Leather Cuirass

Rawhide Boots

Leather Mask

Rawhide Drum

Leather Skirt


Rawhide Gloves

Rounded Leather Shield

Brain Mint

Rawhide Whip

Elder Earrings

Stone Circle
Beast Knuckle
Blood Paint
Blue Charm

Organ Grinder

Barber Surgeon

Bug Trap

Rawhide Headband

Beast Steak Organ, Consumable
Bladder Organ, Consumable

Phoenix Greaves


Rawhide Vest

Screaming Antelope Resources
Strange Resources

Phoenix Faulds

Bone Pickaxe

Rawhide Pants

Scrap Scrap


Blood Sheath

Bone Smith

Weapon Crafter


First Aid Kit
Musk Bomb
Scavenger Kit
Speed Powder

Bone Earrings

Dried Acanthus

Boss Mehndi

Eye of the Cat Organ, Consumable

Muscly Gums Organ, Consumable

Fecal Salve

Green Charm

Golden Whiskers Organ

Pelt Hide

Lucky Charm

Lance of Longinus

Antelope Mask

Monster Grease

Red Charm

Death Mask

Monster Tooth Necklace

Screaming Bracers

God Mask

Screaming Coat

Man Mask

Screaming Horns

Phoenix Mask

Screaming Leg Warmers

White Lion Mask

Great Cat Bones Bone
Lion Claw Bone
Lion Tail Hide

When you gain this, a survivor of your choice gains +1 insanity.

When you gain this, a survivor of your choice gains +1 insanity.

Screaming Brain Organ, Consumable
Consume: Archive this and gain survival up to the current limit.
Shank Bone Bone
Spiral Bone Bone

Lion Testes Organ, Consumable


Shimmering Mane Hide

Archive this to gain 2 basic hide resources.

Sinew Organ
White Fur Hide

Phoenix Resources
Bird Beak Bone
Black Skull Bone, Iron, Skull

Crab Spider Herb

Consume: Archive this and gain +3 survival.

Cyclops Fly

Consume: See card for directions.

Hissing Cockroach

If you are insane, you must consume this.
Consume: Archive this to lose all survival
and gain 2d10 insanity.

Lonely Ant

Consume: Archive this to swap your insanity
and survival values.

Nightmare Tick

Consume: See card for directions.

Sword Beetle

Consume: See card for directions.

Cat Eye Circlet

Screaming Skirt

Cat Fang Knife
Cat Gut Bow
Claw Head Arrow

Mask Maker

Rare Gear

Adventure Sword

Frenzy Drink

Sonic Tomahawk

Butcher Cleaver (L)

King Spear

Beacon Shield

Butcher Cleaver (R)

Lion Beast Katar

Dragon Slayer

Forsaken Mask

Lion Headdress

Lantern Cuirass

Lantern Halberd

Lion Skin Cloak

Lantern Dagger


Phoenix Whisker Hide

Whisker Harp

Lantern Gauntlets

Regal Faulds

Pustules Organ

White Lion Boots

Lantern Glaive

Regal Gauntlets

White Lion Chest

Lantern Greaves

Regal Greaves

White Lion Gauntlet

Lantern Helm

Regal Helm

Shimmering Halo Organ

White Lion Helm

Lantern Mail

Regal Plackart

Small Feathers Hide

White Lion Skirt

Lantern Sword

Steel Sword

Small Hand Parasites Organ

White Lion Gauntlet

Perfect Slayer

Thunder Maul

Ring Whip

Twilight Sword

Hollow Wing Bones Bone
Muculent Droppings Organ
Phoenix Eyes Organ, Scrap
Phoenix Finger Bone

When you gain this, a survivor of your choice gains +3 insanity.

Rainbow Droppings Organ, Consumable

Consume: Archive this and roll 1d10. On 7+, gain +1 permanent
speed. Otherwise, your heart explodes, killing you instantly.

Tall Feathers Hide
Wishbone Hide

Scrap Shield

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