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Author: Daniel Terlizzi

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Maesiath's Super Awesome Plan >:D
Galactic Republic

Sith Empire


Coruscant (Void)

Dromund Kaas

Hutta (Supplicants)

Tython (Void)


(Acolytes +)

Ord Mantell (Void)

Nar Shaddaa
(Acolytes +)

Belsavis (Acolytes +)

(Acolytes +)

Corellia (Acolytes +)

(Acolytes +)

Quesh (Acolytes +)

Taris (Acolytes +)
Voss (Acolytes +)
Hoth (Acolytes +)
Ilum (Acolytes +)

There will be different planets based on level and the amount of people
The council will have a meeting in the "Intel room" or w/e the room is with the planet map. We
will need a War Master figure Who gathers Intel IC on whats happening in the galaxy and etc.
The figure will then develop missions to further enhance Ri Dishi's influence and power. So an
example will be to get a ancient jedi artifact from hoth. The figure will bring this up with the
council and the council will have a vote to say about how they wish to approach the situation.
Whoever has the most popular voice in the council will get to lead the expedition to the planet
with the figure as their second hand to say
But its not just a hit and run deal, We will have it so IC we stay there maybe for a day or two
(time skips would be a good idea) and there would be plenty of character development
Keep in mind, this is a bare-boned system that needs to be worked on and tweaked.
Below is a table with example missions:

:Artifact Retrieval: :Political Interests: :Securing Target of :High Value


Artifact Retrieval: Ri Dishi has learned about a powerful (sith/jedi) Relic on (Destined Planet).
The council must decide on what course of action must be taken. It would be wise to send a
group no bigger than 4, anymore than that would draw too much attention...
Political Interests: It pays to have friends in high places, especially when those friends agree
with Ri Dishi's teachings. A key political figure on (Destined Planet) requires aid to secure
their resources so that they can help fund and support Ri Dishi. Thought they need help,
sending too many members would raise suspicion... The council would have to evaluate the
risks and decide on the course of action.
Securing Target of interest: Word spreads fast in the underworld. New Intel has been given to
Ri Dishi about a (Key Location or Person) on (Destined Planet) that could help expand their
influence. It is up to the council on how they should handle the situation and if it is worth the
risk sending members.
High Value Missions: Data has been secured showing a rare opportunity to strike at a
(Flashpoint's Faction) Stronghold. Should Ri Dishi exploit this data, It would allow a massive
gain in resources and influence. Intel suggests a small efficient group of four can make its
way through the stronghold without drawing too much attention. It is up to the council on how
they should approach this scenario and if the members are up to the challenge.
Operations: The Empire and the Republic have been trying to take a key location on
(Destined planet). If Ri Dishi were able to capture this location before them, It would allow
them to secure the resources to further enhance their influence. But this is no easy task, only
the best of Ri Dishi would be able to infiltrate and destroy the enemies in these strongholds.
But it is up to the council if the costs are worth the risks because if they fail, Ri Dishi itself may

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