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1102 S Abel Street, Apt No. 354, Milpitas, CA 95035 | | (213) 447-4670
1. Master of Science, Computer Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
2. Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, SRM University, India

2012 - 2014
2006 - 2010

Relevant Coursework
Analysis of Algorithms (Prof. Aaron Cote), Introduction to Computer Networks (Prof. Ali Zahid), Internetworking and Distributed
Systems Lab (Prof. Young Cho), Security Systems (Prof. Clifford Neuman), Operating System (Prof. Bill Cheng), Web Technology (Prof.
Ellis Horowitz), Information Retrieval and Web Search Engine (Prof. Ellis Horowitz), Artificial Intelligence (Prof. K.
Narayanaswamy), Databases (UG) , OOD (UG)

CONCEPTS: Google Search engines, Android Development, Operating systems, Socket Programming, Front end design, Data
mining, Databases, AI, Data protection, Networking, Cloud Computing, Security and Cryptography
C, C++, JAVA, J2EE, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, Java script, Apache, MySql, JSON
XML, AJAX, Unix, JAXB, Hibernate 3.2, Hadoop, Hive, Flume, Chukwa,Php, Web Services
Struts2.0, Perl

1. Software Development Engineer, Yahoo, Inc. , Sunnyvale, CA

Full Time

Jan 2014 - Present

2. Php Developer Intern, Advent Resources Inc., San Pedro, CA


Feb 2014 - May 2014

● Backend engineer for Yahoo Mail team. Well versed with Mail Architecture.
● Contributed to the full development life cycle, including planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.
● Written technical specifications based on conceptual design, business/technical requirements and implementation into
production environment.
● Supported, maintained, and documented software functionality. Identified and evaluated new technologies for
implementation while considering user needs. Analyzed code to find causes of errors and revised programs as needed.
● Written jobs to streamline the code push through various channels automatically as part of Continuous Delivery (CD) project.
Eradicating human error and interference to 0% using metrics checks, integration and unit test in automated fashion.
● Participated in software design meetings, analyzed user needs, determined technical requirements and developed intuitive beautiful
architectural design to enhance user experience.
● Been part of two major feature launches. Solely handled middle-tier development for one of them from design to launch.
● Worked on Jenkins, GIT, Gerrit, Jersey RESTful Web Services.

Developer for web based application for automobile companies.
Front end in Php with Javascript and JSON, back end using Zend Php framework.
Database : MySql and PostGre SQL

3. Intern Graduate Student, eBay Inc. / PayPal, San Jose, CA


June 2013 – Aug 2013

Java Developer and Data Analysis.
Shell scripts and offline jobs to extract data from OLAP Cube. 100 thousand transactions per day.Standalone CAL reports parser.
Processing using Apache HADOOP, Hive, chukwa and flume frameworks using MAP REDUCE for REAL TIME analysis.
Visualization of results using TABLEAU. MySql databases hosted on Unix box on eBay Inc’s cloud platform, OpenStratus.
CAL reports, which reside in web interface are now AUTOMATICALLY fetched and presented on the chart.
Analyzed the bottleneck and remodeled the whole design to automate the process.
Reports which were ONCE per WEEK are now done AUTOMATICALLY every hour. Increased productivity. Reduced cost

4. Software Engineer, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, India


Aug 2010 – July 2012

● Java Developer. Tool to handle sales, distribution & tracking of inventories. 500 distributors, over 10 million retailers
● Web interface in Java, J2EE and Hibernate framework. Database Connected through SQL DB. Web pages in Struts and JSP
with scripting in JavaScript to enrich the user experience.
● Centralized system to connect to 16 other systems using WEB SERVICES.
● Leadership Experience: Module lead, code development and deployment. Assigning task, mentoring. Waterfall model approach.
● Star-of-the-Month award for self- tailored algorithm that enhanced the run time by 70%. Recursion based algorithm.
● Reduced 30% COST.

Securing Cloud from DDOS Attacks Using Intrusion Detection System in Virtual Machine
2010 Second International Conference on Communication Software and Networks, Singapore
Published: IEEE Computer Society Digital Library |2010 ICCSN, IEEE Computer Society, Pg 260
"Bayesian Classifier and Snort based network intrusion detection system in cloud computing”
PATENTS: "Preventing Malicious codes from performing malicious actions in a computer system"
Patent No. 8201246
Security in Cloud Computing using IDS on Map Reduce Framework and Virtualization












Brain Computer Interface
Extended Research
Studied how specific parts of the ACTUAL HUMAN brain respond to daily activities like music, reading, watching TV, shopping etc. Algorithm
defined and brains of test subjects were connected with nodes to identify their behaviors. Imagine a future where one can CONTROL machines
with brain.
Smart Swipe
JAVA / Android
Based on the reverse of PUSH mechanism, this application provides functionality to the user to cast his web browsing experience from mobile
devices to desktop and PCs by just SWIPE of finger. NO hardware. Numerous use cases examples in SALES and media companies.
Mail Recallr
March 2015
Hack for YAHOO consumers. Developed a service that gives a real time update of mail delivery and reading and extends the functionality
to recall (delete) mail in recipients mailbox if not read yet by them. A unique feature not in any mail worldwide.
Software Defined Networking (SDN) integrated Gridstat
November 2013
Building a Software Defined Network (SDN) and using the OpenFlow protocol over GridStat for real time monitoring, offering efficient
network control and providing QoS with security. Controller and switch based model.
File transfer on TCP “FASTER” than FTP
October 2013
Modified the Linux kernel source code to remove the exponential back-off algorithm in TCP congestion control Achieved results of up to 80
Mbps on DETER nodes with 20% loss for a 1GB file. Better than actual FTP.
Fast and Reliable File Transfer Protocol Using UDP
September 2013
Used UDP sockets to implement a fast version of FTP having the same reliability as FTP but with a higher throughput than the traditional FTP
which runs over TCP. Achieved a throughput of 75Mbps under 1% loss and 25Mbps under 20% loss, 10ms RTT.
Web crawling, data search and extraction using Apache Nutch
April 2013
Based on the concepts of leading web search engines, this project does an extensive search on a large dataset using Indexing, searches for specific
keywords called tokens and extraction using Apache Nutch. Page Rank concept for linking and skipping pages.
Parsing of documents using Apache Tika
April 2013
Based on the concepts of leading search engines, this project works on a huge corpus of data, to extract information from them for a set of
keywords and returns links to the documents with maximum count.
Weenix Operating System
C / Operating System
April 2013
Implementation of Threads & Processes creation/ termination, FIFO queue based Scheduler, Thread synchronization, Mutex, VFS System
Calls, V-nodes (virtual equivalent of I-nodes), System File Table and File Descriptor Table

10. Go Game Implementation
March 2013
Implemented the actual Go Game using the concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Used minimax with alpha -beta pruning to determine the next move
that will maximize chance of winning.
11. Cloud based Warehouse Application
Cloud / JAVA / DB
March 2013
A simple cloud based application implemented the warehouse model. It was made on the cloud platform using Platform-as-service (PAAS).
Desktop and mobile.
12. Dead-Reckoning Guidance
Feb 2013
Innovated android application for DISABLED people. It helps two persons who are blind find each other in a room WITHOUT using GPS.
Integrated Bluetooth to measure the RSSI signal strength and sound waves along with magnetic poles location to direct the blind person. First
runner up project at USC SS12:Code-For-cause 2013
13. Media Search
Nov 2012
An application to search movie/TV Series/Games. The application extracts the top 5 results along with their ratings from IMDB. User can view
additional details like year, director, reviews etc. Integration with social sites like Facebook to provide recommendations and sharing experience
with friends.
14. Genealogy App
May 2014
Real time app that notifies user of the location around for any historical or notable events. Share locations with friends, publically
or socially. Users and friends come together to define the exact geographical location.
15. Smart Receptionist
WIN 8 / JS / HTML 5
March 2014
Application for Windows 8 store based on valuable technical guidance from Microsoft Experts based on concept of “IFTTT“ –If-This-Then
That. Concept of Windows NEW “Live tiles” implemented for the GUI. A smart learner, that does a REACTION based on user's ACTION.
For more projects and to study in detail for these projects, please visit

1. Aman has improved the mail product and builds a good rapport among the team. He collaborated well
with other developers and learned a lot about our system architecture and monitors. Mail and
engineering team have improved as a result of his contributions. I’m proud to have him on the team.
Patrick Mason
Senior Engineering Manager, Yahoo Mail

2. It was great to see Aman speed up quickly and beginning contributing towards our Continuous
Delivery (CD) goals. Even with limited working knowledge of the system as he was a new hire, he
was able to take the task to completion in just couple of weeks. His relationships across teams
remain strong even today.
Aditya Kajla
Software Development Engineer, Yahoo

3. One thing that stood out to me about Aman was his persistence and dedication in dealing with issues
in odd hours. He diligently worked and never gave up. He is a good hire and I believe contributes to
Mail team significantly.
Fahad Alam
Service Reliability Engineer, Yahoo

4. Aman burned many midnight oil with mail issues. He shows excellent work attitude in handling tough
Tracy Hsu
Senior Engineering Manager, Yahoo

5. I saw dedication, communication with team, logical thinking and quick learning as the strengths of
Aman. He used to monitor systems entire night without any time barriers.
Anup Nadig Malathesha
Software Development Engineer, Yahoo

6. Aman was on top during difficult outage situation. He came up to speed quickly handling tasks
and finding/using the right tools.
Edouard Duvillier
Software Development Engineer, Yahoo

7. Aman seems to be self-initiated and self-motivated in handling and taking up tasks. I often
observed him stepping into the problem without anyone assigning to him.
Vishwaroopa Rangamgari
Software Development Engineer, Yahoo

8. Aman handled his interactions and responsibility very well in his very first project at Yahoo.
He communicated well across different teams and was quick learner.
Pritam Moodbidri
Software Development Engineer, Yahoo

9. Aman is an outstanding and capable student with strong knowledge of computer science and talented
in his ability to program.
Ellis Horowitz
Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, USC

10. Aman , is a classic example of dedicated effort for what he takes. Very sincere in his approach and
quite shrewd. He was always looked at in the room , for questions during those Training days. Very
participative and shows lots of passion to Deliver.
LakhsmiNarasimhan Madhavan
Lead Consultant at Wipro Infotech

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