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Title: AV1-02 Classroom Exercise
Author: María León Woppke

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I  work  in  a  supermarket.  

Many  youngsters  plays  volleyball  in  the  beach.  

I  grew  up  in  the  beach.  

A  lot  of  people  is  not  concerned  about  their  safety.  

I  like  save  lives.  

I  learn  a  lot  about  first-­‐aid  when  I  was  a  child.  

The  position  appeals  me  for  several  reason.  

Please  call  me  for  an  interview.  

I  have  always  want  to  be  a  lifeguard.  

I  am  free  for  an  interview  whenever  you  like.  

I  am  a  hard-­‐work  student.  

My  schedule  is  wide  open  at  the  moment  since  I  was  fired  
from  my  last  job.  

I  approved  a  first-­‐aid  course  during  the  summer.  
Wind-­‐surf  is  one  of  my  favorite  sport.  
I  greatly  enjoy  to  interact  with  others.  
I  will  attend  a  competition  of  iron  men.  
Physical  education  was  my  career  at  the  university.  
Most  people  that  go  to  the  beach  are  in  very  good  shape.  
Saving  lives  is  very  satisfied.  
I  have  two  brothers,  Samuel  and  Theresa.  
My  parents  growed  up  abroad  and  move  to  Chile  in  the  1980s.  

When  I  saw  your  advertisement  in  the  local  paper,  I  knew  I  
have  to  response.  
My  experience  make  me  a  strong  candidate  for  the  position.  
I  was  raised  with  the  protestant  work  ethic  and  has  never  be  
late  a  day  in  your  life.  
Like  our  customers,  my  co-­‐workers  appreciates  my  helping  
Bagging  groceries,  I  have  decided,  is  not  something  I  wants  
doing  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  

Doing  artificial  respiration  is  one  of  my  specialties.  

My  people  skills  are  the  product  of  having  worked  in  client  
service  for  a  long  time.  

During   the   Tsunami   warning   in   Viña   del   Mar,   I   help   many  
person  to  get  to  high  ground.  

To  the  surprise  of  many  people,  the  beach  can  be  a  
dangerously  place.  

I   like   being   in   the   outdoor   and   would   like   to   work   there   as  

Athletes  likes  to  show  off  their  body  at  the  beach.  

Wading  in  the  water  is  usually  less  danger  than  to  swim.  

Young  children  need  to  be  accompany  at  all  time  by  their  

It  is  a  good  idea  to  use  a  life-­‐coat  when  on  a  small  boat.  

Fishermen  appreciate  how  danger  is  the  ocean.  

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