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Royce Rivard
Press Release May 6, 2016
RE: Donald Trump and the 2016 U.S. Election



By now I’m sure you can tell that Donald Trump is doing well in the polls. But
he is not president material.
Simply put, Donald Trump is an a**hole. When someone wants to repeat
Berlin here in North America, there’s a problem. Yes, I’m talking about “the
wall.” When someone says that deporting all Muslims is “a good idea,”
because he thinks they’re all terrorists, there’s a problem. The belief that
Muslims are all terrorists is simply not true. It’s unfounded and incorrect.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Republican inside and out.
But if Trump wins the nomination, I’m afraid that I simply cannot stand
behind him and his bigoted, hateful beliefs.
See, Donald Trump wants to use mass deportations to kick all Muslims out of
America. He wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out. He essentially wants
to kick immigrants and refugees out and not let anyone else in.
If he did that thoroughly and got rid of all immigrants, most of you wouldn’t
be in America anymore. There’d only be Native Americans. Trump would,
technically speaking, have to deport himself.
He doesn't think before he speaks. He spews out offensive remarks left right
and centre, not thinking about the repercussions. He is a racist, ignorant,
hate-filled son-of-a-bleep. His beliefs are not those of the American people in

I’m releasing this document to you, the American people, in hopes that I will
open your eyes and you will choose ANYONE BUT TRUMP. It’s not too late to
say NO to Donald Trump. You CAN do the right thing.
If you’re a Republican, I urge you to back Ted Cruz and his running mate, Carly
Fiorina. They are the best chance at stopping Trump from winning the
If you’re a Democrat, back Hillary Clinton. If you’re a Bernie supporter and he
doesn't end up winning, don’t run to Trump. Don’t cross parties. If Bernie
Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, then vote for Hillary.
We need to stop Trump. Here’s what to do if it ends up being Hillary Clinton
versus Donald Trump.
Nobody is staying at home. Everyone who is eligible needs to vote if we are
going to stop Trump from getting access to the White House. Democrats,
vote for Hillary. Republicans, do NOT vote for Trump. Instead, I recommend
that you cross party lines and vote for Hillary Clinton.
Of course, I’m hoping for Cruz versus Clinton, so that no party lines need to
be crossed. But we must stop Trump at all costs. We can’t let him wreck
No matter the party, we must stand up for the fundamental rights and beliefs
of the United States. Let’s stop Trump together. Republicans and Democrats
alike. Tell Trump that American’s don’t tolerate racism and hatred.
If Trump wins the nomination, I won’t support him. Who’s with me?

Royce Rivard

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