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tt: 22:00

1 nb
(”not butter”)
lil daddy got cakes like a bakery
two mounds donut hole in the *****
iʼm about to give him my secret flavoring
chestnuts and a sweet n sour ******
my sauce tastes so hot and fresh like emerilʼs
bam! hit em in the back with my *********
i want that powdered sugar on my lips when
iʼm digging in those **** and he regurgitates
my pixie stick
lil papa got a ****** like a brautwurst
hot, fat, red, ******, and with sour kraut
i want to take my fork, knife and do my worst
********** big ***** is what iʼm all about
my toast is so crusty it makes ritchie cry
he tries to eat it but his throat **** dry

2 ff
(”frosted flakes”)
yes / oh my itʼs, itʼs uh <unintelligible> yes *coughs*
oh yes, <unintelligible> *laughs* yes
hey tony
i like the way you do
hey tony
if i could i would be you
the one and only tiger
the one and only taste
you know how to take a breakfast and make it great
frosted flakes are more than good, theyʼre great
kelloggʼs frosted flakes are the frosted sweet part
of this complete breakfast
oh my, *coughs*

3 qo
(”quaker oats”)
donʼt let go until i say so
donʼt let go until i say so
and even then keep holding on
this day is long but these fingernails of mine are
longer / stronger than diamonds and twice the shatter
my insistence on your staying on is a function of my
psyche / little mikey down the block gave me quite
the scare, matted *** in his hair and with eyes as big
as saucers
iʼll take my losses, but this isnʼt going to be one

donʼt let go until i say go
away and pray to ***** *** krishnamurti
that your / baseball cap stitching hasnʼt ripped and
isnʼt dirty enough / for your motherʼs mother to look
at you from the corner of her eyes / and surmise
what really happened that fateful day
i wonʼt tell anyone, that wouldnʼt be fun, weʼve only
just begun, / and if your eyes are watering because
youʼre looking at the ***, then thatʼs okay, keep
staring and let me know how those retinae are fairing
keep holding on, only 16 more minutes, and then
weʼre finished, and you can go back to standing
with your back against the ****, hands cradled in
your lap like a burlap sack full of 10 *** meal worms,
with germs pouring out your **** onto the ground,
making a trickling sound like a leaky soda jerk

oh ****, I have to get back to work, my bosses boss
has a birthday and I have to burn the filet mignon,
you understand donʼt you? / these kinds of things
happen when youʼre employed at such a **** level
and are required to attend social events, putting up
tents for barbecues and running fundraisers for
cancer patients
while Iʼm gone why donʼt you count the fibers in the
carpet, or walk the parapet and look into the ***
again, have fun again, or just lay there and cry

4 hfcs
(”high fructose corn syrup”)
my bonnie lies over the ocean
my bonnie lies over the sea
my bonnie lies over the ocean
so bring back my bonnie

5 dl
(”disney land”)
thereʼs never been a better time to make the dream
come true
i forged a ticket in hong kong just to eat the disney
pie / and when I ran from the park officers i spread
my wings and started to fly / i started to fly
i cut a line in tokyo / just to ride the ferris wheel
and when I winced at consternation i knew that I had
started to feel / iʼd started to feel
i tripped a child in california / just to see LOUIS THE
BEAR / and when I looked back at his knees
i knew that I had started to care / iʼd started to care
i punched a goofy in shanghai / just because he
wouldnʼt sign / my picture book of disney characters
thatʼs full so now iʼm ready to die / iʼm ready to die

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