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I Have the Best Life

Ask yourself the questions that matter the most:

1. How do I sabotage myself? We all sabotage

realm of control.

Most of our childhood and early adulthood are
spent trying to control the uncontrollable.
Maturing is understanding what can be
controlled and then figuring out the best way to
control it.

What are you worrying about right now that you
can’t control?

ourselves. We talk ourselves out of things that would
lead to success and happiness. We procrastinate. We
compare ourselves harshly to others.

Make a list of the ways you’ve sabotaged yourself
in the past. Be on the lookout for these same
patterns in the future.

2. How can I use more of the useful knowledge

and skills I already have? In today’s world, we know
more than we ever have. The average person knows
enough to make a million dollars, have the body of a
Greek god or goddess, and marry a supermodel. Why
don’t you use all the great things you already know?

4. Why am I doing all of this? Most of the things

we do are for others. You might think you’re going to
the gym for yourself, but you might actually be going
to impress others with your amazing physique.

How much are you actually doing for yourself?
How many things do you do only because others
are watching? Would you drive a luxury car if no
one would ever know about it?
Are your goals about satisfying yourself or
impressing others? Are you only trying to live up
to the expectations of others?

Consider all the things you know about diet and
exercise. Do you apply that knowledge?

How much do you know about saving and
investing for the future? What can you do to
brighten your financial outlook?

How much do you know about relationships? Are
you taking full advantage of that information?
Why not?

5. What is most important to me? We spend too

Imagine what your life would look like if you
applied everything you already know. Most
people are convinced they don’t know enough. In
reality, they just don’t perform the actions that
they know to be effective or avoid
counterproductive actions.
Make a list of everything you do that you know
you shouldn’t. Then make a list of everything you
fail to do, but know that you should.

much time on frivolous activities, largely because we
haven’t defined our priorities. What is most important
to you?

If you could only have one career for the rest of
your life, what would it be?

If you could only be with one person for the rest
of your life, what characteristics would that
person possess?

What are the three places you’d most like to visit?

What are the three things you’d most like to

What are you going to make a priority in your

3. What can I control? What can I not control? We
spend far too much time worrying about things that
can’t be controlled. We spend too little time
effectively controlling those things that are within our

Consider the questions you ask yourself on a regular
basis. In one form or another, most people are asking
themselves, “How can I distract myself until…” By
asking yourself more effective questions, you’ll get the
answers you need to put your personal development
into overdrive.

Physical Well-Being
Emotional Well-Being
Financial Well-Being
Business Development

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Let Go of Your Victim Mentality and Gain
New Power Over Your Life

Is a victim mentality keeping you from living to your full
potential? Do you feel that others are always doing
something to you that keeps you down? It’s easy to fall
into the trap of feeling hurt by others, but you can
overcome it.
The victim mentality can affect your work, family, and
other relationships. It can have a negative impact on your
ability to succeed at anything. It can also trap you in a
cycle of unhappiness and pain.


Take responsibility. Instead of blaming your luck,
family, or others for your predicament, take control
and acknowledge your responsibility.


Sadly, there are even more negative consequences. When
you think that you’re always the victim, you avoid taking
responsibility for anything. If you don’t take responsibility,
then you also feel like there’s nothing you can do to
resolve your challenges.

Meditate. Meditation is a powerful tool that can help
you see your world in a new way. It can help you find
peace and calmness. It can also help you turn inward
and see your victim frame of mind.

By practicing meditation, you may discover that
your issues are insignificant. You may notice how
your mind and body react to negativity or stress.
This will allow you to focus your energy on
creating positive coping mechanisms that don’t
involve victimhood.

One of the benefits of meditation is the ability to
change your thought process.

It can help you become an observer as you judge
your own state of mind. It can help you find
closure and stop the victim cycle.

On the other hand, when you do take responsibility for
your situation, then there’s a way you can turn it around,
too. So you gain back the power to have more control
over your circumstances!
Try these strategies to discard your feelings of being
the victim and revel in your newfound freedom:

Recognize the mental drain. The victim mentality
forces you to feel sorry for yourself. It drains your
mind and energy. It makes you ignore the positive
factors in your life.


This mentality prevents you from enjoying life to
the fullest. It traps you in an isolated world of

Avoid searching for a rescuer. If you’re wrapped up
in the victim mentality, you may also be searching for
someone to rescue you. However, this strategy can
lead to more hurt feelings.

It may be tempting to turn to your friends, family,
coworkers, or neighbors for help. Although you
can use your support network, you shouldn’t
expect them to solve all of your issues for you.
Victims often believe they need another person to
get them out of their state of mind. However, you
have the strength and power to change your own
thoughts. It’s important to recognize your inner
courage and use it to change your mentality. You
don’t need another person to take over your life.

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By taking responsibility for your current state of
mind, you move closer to eliminating the victim
mentality. You’ll recognize your power to make
positive changes and stop being a victim.

Try other stress-relieving techniques. Meditation is
one of many options for coping with stress. You may
want to try yoga, swimming, running, walking, or
other types of exercise. You can also manage your
stress by doing hobbies such as reading or drawing.

The ability to manage your stress will help you
create a new mindset that is stronger and
healthier. It will make you a more powerful

As you experiment with different stress-relieving
techniques, you’ll discover new ways to avoid
negativity. You’ll learn how to stop blaming
others or your luck. You’ll also gain the ability to
manage stress in all types of situations.

You don’t have to let the victim mentality control your
life. You can take steps to get past it and change this cycle.
Start using these techniques today and regain your power!

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