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receiving chips from other players - Peter Pan

PLAYERS RECEIVING CHIPS: what do you need:
- Make sure you have at least 4-5 million chips!
you will need to finish a game started by others to receive free spins.
so it is very important you do not go below 3-4M
- A little bit of patience
Your team mates will fill a game untill the scatter bank is nearly full and the invite you to the
game. So you need to be watching your phone to accept the invitation to the game
- Each round this is played you will receive between 5M and 20M in chips!
Some times you hit big, some times small.. but all the testing we did is between 5 and 20
- You will need access to the "Peter Pan" game!
- please make sure you have this game unlocked!

PLAYERS SENDING CHIPS: what do you need:
- Make sure you have at least 25 million chips spare to spin for scatter.
Some rounds will cost 1M - some will cost 25M, on average it more or less breaks even after
2-3 rounds in what you have spent is more or less what your team mate receives.
- A little bit of patience
It takes a while to fill all the scatters.. if you are building a pot, and you see other team
mates with high chip count online, please ask them to join.. it makes it go faster, and we
gladly join in to all help.

Peter Pan is a social scatter game, which means that ALL PEOPLE playing will receive FREE
SPINS as soon as enough scatters have been collected.
There are 120 Free Spins divided over the players on the game at the moment the scatter
bank is full.

If a player with a lot of chips start the game and plays untill the scatter bank is nearly full.
And then invites his/her teammate buddy just before the game ends and both are the when
the bank is full.. then the 120 free spins go 60 spins to each player.
But, if the player that started the game even leaves the game after bringing his/her team
mate in the game, and lets his/her finish the game.
.. then the buddy will get all 120 free spins.
And finally when the buddy hits the spins, at this point invites back the original player.. then
you can do another cycles on collecting scatter and do this trick again.. and again.. and again
as long as you want

It is a bit hard trying to explain how this trick works in the limited chat space we have.
Also I would highly prefer we do not talk about this in chat windows in games with people
watching that are not in our team
Since there are a few things you need to know to make this trick work the best way for you, I
decided to take the time to make a good tutorial with a lot of pictures explaining how it
works so you can always go back here and look up something you might wonder about.
If there is anything missing, please feel free to add or ask in this thread

You will be tested on patience..

but when receiving chips for free patience in a virtue

Stay in the lobby untill you are invited to the game by the player donating chips!
When that happens you slow play untill the bank it up to 47 or higher, at this point the
donating players leaves the game, and you finish it to get 120 free spins!
For all the screenshots, please see the entire part below as it is explained in details.. but
remember these points:
1. When you are invited JOIN the game - it is important you wait and watch your screen!!
2. When you join the game - slow play only untill the donating player leaves!
3. When you hit the free spins, re-invite the donating player -> if he/she wants to give more
they will
4. And this is VERY important -> if your chips run down to only 300.000 and you have NOT
made it to free spins, immediately re-invite the donating player (or any other member).

Let them hit the last scatter point.
This is important!
You will then both get 60 spins, but at least the spins we built up together are not lost !!!
From here, please read the full description for the donating player so you know how to trick
PS, when you go for a second run, please make sure you are not on auto-spin but slow spin
as receiver!
This is a common mistake and will cost chips

Find the "Peter Pan game in the list of slots (do not open it!)

Instead hold the button for the Peter Pan game untill a pop-up appears
Then selects "Start a private game

Find the "SPIN" button

And hold it down untill it moves into "AUTOSPIN"

Now you can check the screen whilst you are spinning..

This is the meter showing you how many scatter points have been made.
If you hit the free spins sigh, you will actually see how many you have of 50 that are needed

You will gain points by hitting scatter.

5x scatter = 5 points (this rarely happens so we ignore it mostly)
4x scatter = 3 points (this frequently happens, so why we are carefull at the end of the game)
3x scatter = 1 point (this is the most common scatter)
What we need to do is build is build the 50 points so that the table gets 120 Free Spins.
And prefferably we spin up to somewhere between 40 and 45, then invite the player that is
going to receive the spins. The player joining will slow spin.
So, lets say we are at 40 something points.. at this point u invite the player you want to
receive chips.
Hit the button to select a friend to join the table

And the in the pop-up window select the player, and send the invite

You are able to do this for all friends in the game, it does not HAVE to be a team member.
I would highly appreciate it though if you don't tell everyone you know this trick.
And if you have friends in the game you like.. considder talking to one of the leaders of our
club on having them join!
So at this point the person who will receive the free spins needs to SLOW play.

This means they only play when the lady pops up, hit one spin, and wait for the lady again.

The player donating chips is still playing normally.
When you both get up to 47/50 spins.. that's it.. change time

The donating player now quickly leaves the table..
The receiving player now spins untill 50/50 points have been made.
When the free spins hit (sorry not screen shot of that, just missed it)
the board will go back to 0/50 points... and the receiving players is now spinning on 120 free

At this point the receiving player can re-invite donating player(s) if you want to go a new
cycle. As the 120 spins will last a while, and it's a lot faster then to donate.. it all depends on
how much the donating player wants to carry over to the receiving player..
So the receiving player needs to invite the donating player using the method mentioned
Anyhow... it is not an exact science.. receiving player will win between 5 and 20 million
chips.. but of course we always hope the 120 free spins will win BIG..

And better yet.. fingers crossed that he/she will win HUUUGE


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