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Data Scientist • Machine Learning Engineer
Quantitative Researcher / Developer / Analyst |

qcho1010 |

qcho1010 | |

(+1) 636-579-3120

Nothing is Impossible, We Just Haven’t Found the Way Yet.



• Spark • Hadoop / MapReduce • R (Shiny) • Java

• Supervised / Unsupervised Machine Learning • Computational Optimization

• Python (scikit-learn) • C++ • C • SQL

• Financial Forecasting • Natural Language Processing • Artificial Intelligence
• Ensemble / Predictive / Statistical Modeling • Evolutionary Computation

EDUCATION (2011 – 2017 Spring)
M.S. in Computer Science

• Data Mining / Munging / Visualization / Interpretation • Deep Learning

Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

• Evolutionary Computation & A.I. (Main research)

PROJECT & RESEARCH (more than 100+ proj. , available in my website)

B.S. in Computer Science

Automated System

Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

• Machine Learning & Data Mining (Main research)

• Next Word Auto-Completion Web App • Automatic Product Sentiment Analysis

B.S. in Mathematics

• Automatic Reviews in Medicine • Song Recommender • Search Engine Simulator

Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

• Statistics & Linear Algebra (Main research)

• Letter Recognition • Identifying as Responsive Email and Spam Filtering

Nano Degree in Machine Learning Engrg.


Finance & Business

• Data Science & Financial Forecasting (Main research)

SPECIALIZATION (available in detail in my web)
Data Science (10 mo.)

Johns Hopkins University

Statistics with R (5 mo.)

Duke University

Data Science & Engrg. w/ Spark (5 mo.)

UC Berkeley

Applied Data Science w/ Python (5 mo.) Univ. of Michigan
Data Analysis & Interpretation (5 mo.) Wesleyan University
Big Data (6 mo.)

• Detecting Vandalism on Wikipedia

UC San Diego

Machine Learning (7 mo.)

Univ. of Washington

Data Science at Scale (4 mo.)

Univ. of Washington

• Stock Market Price Prediction • Money Ball and NBA Champion Prediction
• Loan Repayment Rate Prediction • Forecasting Interest Rate by the Fed. Reserve
• Selling Rate of Items on EBay Prediction • Insurance Rate Prediction
• Popularity of a Song Prediction • Box Office Revenue Prediction
Medical & Health
• MRI Image Recognition for Finding Brain Tumor • Heart Disease Prevention By
Different Medical Interventions • Detecting Flu Epidemic via Search Engine Query
Data • Exercise Manner Prediction From the Results • Analysis of Disease Control and
Public Benefit
• Supreme Court Decision vs. ML Model • National Presidential Election Forecasting

COURSE WORK (available in detail in my web)

• Analysis of Steady Voter to Achieve Higher Voting Rate

Tackling the Challenges of Big Data (6 wk.)

• Potential Parole Violators Prediction • Airline Delay and Climate Change Prediction


The Analytics Edge (9 wk.)


Adv. Stats. With R for the Life Sciences (10 wk.)
Android Apps Dev. (8 wk.)


Univ. of Il. Urbana-Champaign

Evolutionary Computation

Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

Data Mining

Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

Artificial Intelligence

Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

Adv. Algo. & Data Struct.

Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

• Analysis of Impact of Weather Events on Public Health and Economic Damage
• Potential Crime Area and Blight Status Prediction in Detroit

I’ve performed following commitments as working on each project,
• Translating the business problems into quantitative terms and present the results in
clear and effective manner through visualization.
• Acting as a strategic partner to all business divisions by using a combination of

PRESENTATION (public speech at UMSL)

quantitative analysis and statistical methods to develop strategic insights to optimize

NLP for Next Word Auto-Completion (2016)

• Engineering level understanding of machine learning algorithms, statistical, and

Mixture Models and EM (2016)
Developing Powerful Models (2016)
Journey to Kaggle Competition (2016)
Best Practice for Android Development (2015)

products and help them make effective decisions.
predictive modeling concepts to interpret probabilistic models of complex, highdimensional data and bring the conclusive solution.
• Developing models using the newest and advance data mining, machine learning,
optimization algorithms that enhance availability, performance, maintainability and



Research Assistance w/ Dr. Sharlee Climer (2016 - present)

• Embed the output of these models in the business, with a direct focus on improving

• Finding Patterns from Alzheimer Disease

retention and acquisition.

Research Assistance w/ Dr. Wenjie He (2016 - present)

• Planning and designing the programme and proactively monitoring its overall

• Automated Theorem Proving Platform

progress, resolving issues and initiating corrective action as appropriate.

Computer Science Tutoring (2016 - present)

• Adapt the latest technologies in modeling and data mining to design scientific tests

Hackathon Competitions as Team Leader (2016 - present)

to maximize dollars spent on new initiatives and marketing channels.

Kaggle Competitions (2014 - present)
Coding Competitions (2016 - present)
Ambassador Cleaners Inc. District Manager (2009 - 2014)
#2 North America E-Sports Team Leader (2009 - 2014)

• A code review is a chance to share knowledge, not judge others' code.
• Work well in an agile as an effective team member in collaborative team


environment with good interpersonal skills.

1 Place in Hackedu held at UMSL (Summer 2016)

Golden Key International Honour Society

• Naturally curious, Research minded, Experiments independently, Self-starter.

Dean’s List

• Obsessed with new ideas, Addicted to reading papers/blog recently published.


• Quality over quantity, Detail oriented, Results oriented.

• Interested in games, Obsessed with seeking better ways.







• Deadline driven, Fast-paced in rapidly growing business.
• Adoptive multitasker with great organizational skill for managing multiple projects.

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