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“The Secret is
-Joey Villareal

Everywhere you look there’s some sort of new
“gimmick” or “special training routine” to help you reach your
fitness goals. I’m going to tell you right now that there is no
BIG secret to getting in shape. It doesn’t matter if you doing
body building, circuit training, CrossFit, HIIT, P90x, Insanity,
or any other type of training. The real secret is in the Intensity.
I believe this is the main thing missing from peoples training
programs. A lot of gym people go to the gym 3-5 days a week
for upwards of an hour at a time, and see almost no progress.
This is why high intensity training has become so popular lately.
It facilitates the person to add intensity into their workout
Why add intensity to your daily training routine? Here
are just some benefits of high intensity training:
• Intensity: It’s a concentrated shot of exercise and it burns the
system — in a good way.
• Get maximum results in minimum time. Unless fitness is your
job, nobody has hours a day to spend in the gym. Circuit training
is the perfect workout for the time-crunched fitness fiend.
• Challenge your whole body. By incorporating individual
"stations" as part of a whole-body circuit, you're guaranteed to
hit every major--and minor--muscle group.
• Mix cardio and strength training. You love cardio but know
you should do weights too (or vice versa), and forcing yourself
to do an entire workout you don't enjoy can be tedious (and
much easier to skip). Circuit training offers the best of both
worlds by allowing you to combine intervals of high-intensity
cardio with heavy weight lifting for a comprehensive--and
seriously kick-butt--workout.
• Send your metabolism soaring. Thanks to the many benefits of
high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and heavy weight lifting,
circuit training kicks your fat-burning furnace into high gear.
You'll torch more calories in 20 minutes than you would in an
entire hour on the elliptical reading a magazine. Plus, the
afterburn effect will have you torching calories for up to 48
hours after your workout ends.

Now that you’ve see the benefits of High Intensity Training, I
bet you’re wondering, “How can I add this to my workout
routine’. Well, lucky for you we have a class that will do just
that for you. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30-7:30
a.m. In Area One we have our SuperFit class. We incorporate
all of the benefits previously mentioned, plus heavy weight
training like deadlifts, clean and jerk, snatch, and of course
squats. Not only will you get all of the benefits of above, but you
will also get the benefits of:
• Motivation: The key to training is the intensity, but hidden in
that fact is that you’re inherently pushing yourself to do the most
you can through each exercise in the workout. Everyone wants
results, but not everyone puts in the effort. In a regular gym, it’s
easy to cheat reps here and there or sneak a longer break than
necessary, but because of how the workout is tailored, there’s
no option other than to max yourself out.
• Dynamic workouts: This isn’t a basic circuit of weightlifting;
it’s a program that mixes many different exercises that push all
parts of your body to their limits.
• Personal coaching: Your coach will become an inspiration,
counselor, buddy, nutrition advisor and your biggest
• Increased joint mobility: This is a result of the varied
functional movements involved in our workout – you’re not just
doing simple bicep curls, but moving your limbs in all different
directions. Also, by learning the proper ways to lift heavy things
off the floor and hold them overhead, your risk of injury in your
everyday life significantly decreases.

Come join us in Area One and let’s begin to push
the limits, together. Sing up at the member board
or come ask us at the PT desk. We are here to help.
See you soon!

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