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For the best SHENZHEN I/O experience, we highly recommend printing this manual and assembling a binder that you can refer to as you play. To assemble the binder, simply follow these instructions: • • • • • Get a 0.5-inch 3-ring binder (such as this one) and a set of 5-part tabbed dividers (such as this one). Print this PDF, ensuring that the “Fit to page” option is unchecked. Place the Cover Sheet in the front of the binder. Fold or cut the Reference Card into quarters. Place the three Story Documents (two emails and one visa application form) in the inside front pocket. Cover Page (insert in front) Story Documents (place in inside front pocket) Reference Card (fold into quarters) • Three-hole punch the remaining sheets and place in the binder in the following order: Application Notes Language Reference Parts Datasheets Supplemental Data Application Notes Language Reference Parts Datasheets


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