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Great chatting with you
From: Jessie Huang <>
Hey, just wanted to follow up on our call. As I mentioned, the company is called
Longteng Electronics. They’re not exactly one of the biggest players, but they’ve
been running a stable business for a while now, and that’s always a good sign.
Up until now they’ve mostly done manufacturing subcontracts, so traditionally
their design engineering team has been relatively small. But they’re looking to
grow the department because they want to create new products in-house, for
both domestic and international markets.
The position is located in Shenzhen, China, which is just across the border
from Hong Kong. The pay is competitive for the area, which I think you’ll find
more than adequate for living there. I forgot to ask if you had family... but whatever your situation is, you’ll find Shenzhen is a modern, fairly international city.
There’s even a McDonald’s right downtown! If there’s anything I might be able
to do help you feel more comfortable about the idea of relocating, let me know.
I have helped many engineers like yourself find opportunities in China and I am
pretty familiar with the ins and outs.
Looking forward to hearing from you once you’ve had a chance to chew it over!
Jessie H. Huang
Huang & Associates
“Connecting talent across the Pacific since 2021!”