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1974 UK Record Releases by Date This is a list of all UK 45 singles and EP’s found on the 45 cat website and any new release sheets as of the 25/10/16. Generally records that don't have a full release are not included. Some spoken word only records are not listed, plus “story” ones. Records that would have had a specific week when they were first released, but which dates have not been found, but are known to have been issued on an actual month are included at the end of each weekly listing for the month in question. Numbers in red indicate ownership on 45 cat for those with 5 or more. In some cases, such as chart hits, the number of “wants” is added on. Caution should be noted with ownership figure, as the record might have only been available as a promo record that wasn’t issued to the public. These however will be popular with collectors of records. If it is known to be never issued to the public, what is called on the 45 Cat site as a “stock” record. Then that will not be included. In some cases records by well known acts were never issued as “stock” and some of these have been included, but such records are shown as “promo only”. They are included to show that the record couldn’t have made the charts in 1974. At least as a UK issue! Records that made the charts of the time are only stated where no specific week has been found or if a chart record fails to score 5 ownership indications - indicated by the term hit. Any number that follows is an ownership indication not a chart position. In order that a release date might be pinned down further, if known a “pop” paper review date might be shown. This might indicate that record was issued the week previous or the week following the date. Only A sides are listed. AA sides are also listed. Records were generally released on a Friday during the period. Any record listed only by the year 1974 on the 45 cat site are not included in this list. As such records could have been issued in 1975 or later. Up to the first half of 1974, records released could have the year 1973 on them. Release date information is obtained from two sources. Firstly marked promo records and secondly from printed sources, such as new release sheets. Both of theses were subject to variation and change. Artists are listed first then the title shown in italics. EP tracks are not all listed. If the title of the EP does not include an actual song that is on it, then the first track will be listed, or the most important one. 04 January 1974 Mud Tiger Feet 98 Sylvia Y Viva Espana 64 Bay City Rollers Remember 57 Alice Cooper Teenage Lament '74 32 Cilla Black Baby We Can't Go Wrong 22 Freddy Breck So In Love With You 18 Marvin Gaye Come Get To This 17 Al Green Livin' For You 16 Frank Carson Ip Dip Chibberdy Dip 10 Judith Durham And The Hottest Band In Town I Wanna Dance To Your Music 10 Mel And Tim Backfield In Motion 9 Guy Darrell Hard Road 6 The London Concert Orch. The Colditz March 5 Anne Murray A Love Song 5 Steve Allen Join Together


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