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Us Faggots Kill Fascists

We are faggots and we kill fascists, and tonight's the night
we're gonna kill the last of the fucking fascists in this fucking
Each: "My name is _________ and I kill fascists with my faggot
All: Our fascist-killing faggot gang is called: "_________"
Who got fucked last? You're first. Roll 1d6, that's how many
fascists you kill. Then tell us how you kill them and be specific. We
can kill as many as we want.

Have we killed them all yet? Have we smashed in the brains of the
fucking last fascist to ever drip off a dick or sign into fucking
4chan? (y/n)

If yes: Let's get drunk and fuck.
If no: 1d4

We gang up on the last fascist,
his name is "Donald."


Now we've all got switchblades
and roller skates, let's go kill
the rest of 'em.


The killed fascists are rising
from the dead, just like their
rotting corpse of an ideology.


Let's fuck anyway.

Our fascist-killing faggot logo from Hell:

Shit to tweet later:



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