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IYF Digital

B. Degenhart | N. Lapintie | N. Vahtera | N.J. Noordzij | S.L. Zhang

Social Media Plan for
Children Are The Future
100% Personal







About IYF Digital


1 - Better website, better communication – better chance to succeed
1.1 - Website
“Our team”
1.2 - Newsletter
What is a newsletter?
Why every organizations should have a newsletter
A good newsletter – How is it constructed?


2 - Google and other Search Engine Optimization
Google Adwords plan:
Estimated costs:


3 - Sponsor Acquisition


4 - Promotion video


5 - Facebook Campaign
5.1 - Promotion
5.2 - Six month Facebook plan:
Stage one:
Recruiting stage:
Stabilisation stage:
Timeline of Facebook Campaign:


6 - Twitter Campaign
Timeline of Twitter Campaign:


7 - Connecting and marketing with Instagram and Snapchat
7.1 - Instagram plan
7.2 - Snapchat plan

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Timeline of Instagram and Snapchat Campaign:


8 - Conclusion
Concluded Timeline of Social Media Campaign:


9 - References


10 - Appendix - Scripts for Prototype Promotional Videos
Video 1 - What is CAF
Video 2 - The CAF Programs


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This social media plan was made for Children are the Future, a small NGO in Brussels. What
struck us about this NGO is the honesty and how personal this NGO is. We think the main
strength of CAF is that every penny goes to the beneficiaries, the hopeful stories filled with
positivity and personal information. That is why our campaign is centred around the slogan
‘’100% personal’’. We think this will speak to not only people that love NGO’s, but also to
people who have their doubts about where the money goes.
This plan focuses on the website, google, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat and a video
which can be shared on all platforms. We hope that his plan will inspire CAF to not only have a
more professional social media presence, but most of all to attract more donators and
contributors to this beautiful NGO.


Raise awareness for the organization’s vision and mission

2. Raise awareness for CAF’s 3 main programs
3. Attract donators and sponsors
4. Attract volunteers


Increase the number of followers and friends on social media platforms

2. Increase the number of email subscribers
3. Increase the number of donators and sponsors
4. Increase the number of volunteers

About IYF Digital
This social media plan is made by IYF Digital, a team of students of the HU - University of
Applied Sciences Utrecht. At IYF Digital we strive to be honest, open and to give as many
advice as we can.

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1 - Better website, better communication – better chance to succeed
1.1 - Website
There are some typing, spelling and grammar errors on your website – these need to be
corrected. Even a small typo lowers the quality in the eyes of possible donators.

Has to be easier. Right now CAF website has a ‘Donate via PayPal’ link but the link doesn’t
work. Fix PayPal and you’re good to go.

“Our team”
Tell about yourselves, your background stories and experiences. How you got into Children
Are The Future.
It is nice to know about who deals with the donated money, and it makes you more reliable,
when everything is transparent. We suggest that you make a profile of the founders. Don’t
forget to add pictures.

The photos in the articles don’t show up in the actual article page. Add the picture to the article
on Wordpress as well.

If there aren’t any pictures, don’t have a pictures tap. It would be nice to add pictures (that can
be used for Instagram as well) to this section.

Website doesn’t give a trustworthy feeling. There is nothing about who is behind the
foundation, and overall the website is messy. Simplify the website. Now you have lot of
sections that are useless, try to combine some of the sections. Like ”Our mission” and ”Our
approach”. They should be also refreshed more often.

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1.2 - Newsletter
What is a newsletter?
Newsletter is an old-fashioned way of communication, and people thought it was also a dead
way of communication. But newsletter has made its comeback, having its renaissance – and it
is more popular than ever. All of this is because the people are fed up with all the useless
information they are blasted from the internet. They want information about the stuff that they
are really interested in, and they want to decide what information they receive. And to do that,
newsletter is a perfect tool.
A newsletter is send via email and it tells news and information about its sender. It is regularly
distributed and mainly about the topic that subscribers are interested in.

Why every organizations should have a newsletter
A newsletter is a perfect way to keep in contact with different stakeholders. With a newsletter
you can inform them about your campaigns, share stories of the children they are donating to,
and other news about Children Are The Future. It is really about keeping the interest of the
donators, it helps to make them and other subscribers part of the community. A newsletter can
be a small gift to donators – if you make it interesting.

A good newsletter – How is it constructed?
There is no one clear advice how a brilliant newsletter is made, but below we gathered some
points and advices you should take into notice before making your own newsletter.
At first you have to ask yourself: Why am I making this newsletter? What is the point of this?
What I want to tell and what I want to profit by distributing a newsletter?
After you have answered the questions, you can start.
Set some goals on what you want to gain with a newsletter. Also stay on track and follow how
your newsletter is working. There is different software that provide data tracking.
A newsletter has to have interesting content. In your case: make them personal. Tell stories of
the children you help, and also about yourselves – your own experiences. You may also
contact the donators and tell their stories. Part of the making it personal is also that you sign
the letter with your name, not the foundation, your own name.

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Pay extra attention to headlines. They have to be good and informative. If not, your newsletter
is just going to be forgotten in the subscriber's email box.
Remember to sell your products and campaigns, but don’t make them the number one thing of
the newsletter. A good guideline is that 90% of the content is for subscriber and 10% is about
your products.
Nice visualisation and photos make a newsletter appealing. Use a professional (volunteer) for
This means that a newsletter has to be clear and easy for the subscriber. Add straight links like
”Contact us”, ”Donate”, ”Find out more” and so on. People don’t have much time to spend, if
there is something they are interested in, make it easy for them to find.
We recommend that the newsletter should be distributed every second Wednesday evening.
The main point is that newsletter drops in their subscriber's email box regularly. You can test
this and see what time and how often works best for you. If too often people may see it as junk
mail. If not posted frequently enough, people may forget about it and lose interest.
Three key points and a summary.
The basic structure of the newsletter contains three key points. From those three one could be
a main point.
Summaries: these points at beginning of the letter with short sentences. Keep your newsletter
short, 2000 marks maximum. If you have a longer story you can add a link to that story for
those who are interested.
In Wordpress there is different types of newsletter templates, but here is one basic example
from us.

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HEADLINE: ”Children Are the Future has a new website with Paypal to donate - Check out also
our new info video!”
- Children Are the Future released a new infographic video and improved websites
- Donating by Paypal, background stories and lot more
- ”Even though we are growing, our philosophy remains the same: 100% personal”
*Main text
Best regards,
*Own name

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2 - Google and other Search Engine Optimization
To bring as many donations as possible, and to make everyone familiar with the work of
Children are the Future, it is vital that the company can be easily found on Google. Right now, if
you simply Google on: Children are the Future, the company isn’t even on the first page.

Source: Google
There is a very simple solution for this matter. In order to get to the top of the hit page you
have to optimize your search engine strategy. Children are the Future should make a small
investment to improve their SEO status. There’re two options to start and maintain an online
strategy, do it yourself or use another company, specialized in the matter. Naturally it is
cheaper to do all the work but if you hire another company you can make sure that everything
is updated and brand new. An important consideration. In our opinion, being findable on
Google is a key aspect for a company with a strong yet often used name.
Of Course, this is strongly depending on the status of the website. The whole point of investing
in Google Adwords is to generate traffic to your website. After all, that is where you pay for. To
maintain customer loyalty, brand awareness and simply get donations, all the platform should
be constantly updated and sending the same basic message.

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