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Tony Leslie

Nigel Melbert

Sue Hammett

Peter Gosnay

Members Attending: Tony & Hilary, Paul & Jeanette, Nigel & Dee, Jeff & AnnE, Mark & Sue, Terry & Joy, Val, John & Caroline,
Bruce & Margaret, Pete & Sue, Gilly & Peter.
Apologies : Graham & Anita. Terry & Sheila, Peter & Gill, Chris & Mary.

Runner Up

Car Competition
Treasure Hunt
Crazy Golf
Time Trial
Navigation Run

Mark Hammett
Dee & Nigel Melbert
Gill Gosnay
Paul Coop & Jeanette Denereaz
Nigel & Dee Melbert

Terry Goodhead
Pete & Sue Bowers
Joy Goodhead
Jeff & AnnE Lister
(Jeff & AnnE Lister
(Chris & Mary Wynne

Games Trophy
Best Attendance Female
Best Attendance Male
Outstanding Female Member
Outstanding Male Member

Sue Hammett/Dee Melbert
AnnE Lister
Jeff Lister
Sue Hammett
Nigel Melbert
To be presented at the next meeting (Secretary forgot to bring it to the AGM!!)

The Driving Test cup was not presented although we had a suggestion! Nor was the New Members cup presented as we did not
have any new members who stayed long enough!!
Annual General Meeting
Chairman’s Report:
2016 has been a year of change particularly in respect of venues. We started off at the Squirrel outside Battle but were asked to
find alternative accommodation at the end of March apparently due to the success of the catering side and the need for more
restaurant space. Whatever the reason. We moved to Pett Village Hall which provided a solution but did not suit all members. By
the end of the Summer it became clear that another venue was needed. Terry suggested the Coast in Bexhill and after a trial
visit it was decided to make this our base.
Whilst these moves were taking place, the Club continued with its various activities which I have no doubt will be covered by our
Events Secretary a little later. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who organised the various events,
holidays and the Moogs. I would also like to thank all those who took part and hope that you enjoyed yourselves.
New Officers and Committee Members will be elected tonight. I wish them all a really good year ahead. I would like to take this
opportunity of thanking the 2016 team for all their efforts in running the Club and would particularly mention Peter Gosnay for
all his work in reorganising our banking and accounting arrangements. Sadly he is unable to be with us as he is in hospital and I
know that we all wish him well. He has sent me his report which I will read out shortly. I would also like to thank Dee for writing
up the minutes of our meetings. It is really appreciated and I have pleasure in asking Hilary to present her with a token of our
Page 1

Treasurer’s Report:
I am sorry I am unable to be with you tonight as I will be laying in a hospital bed in Eastbourne thinking of you all, I hope, having
a great evening.
Now for the boring bit.
£721.64 was carried over from last year.
Expenditures carried over for the 2015 year were,.
AGM at the Squirrel at a cost of £241.50 shortly after which we were thrown out. £50 on engraving the Cups and £9.00 on
Thus we started the new club year with £421.14
The main sources of income for the club were, membership fees £225 and raffle £181, many thanks to Jeanette for all her hard
work and to those members who donated prizes. Thanks also to Dee and her helpers who provided us with refreshment during
our time at Pett and made a profit of £17.22 in the process.
Other small profits came from various events which I will come to later.
Expenditure for the 2016 year was £245.95 for the replacement fallout shelter and £168 for our stay at Pett Village Hali. Other
cost were £50.00 donation in memory of ur late member Pat, £40 for flowers for Joy, after the attempt on her life by Terry, and
Dee for all her work in producing notes of the meetings.
Plus Stationary cost of £5.68 engraving of £25 and Web site £48.34
Not forgetting the deposits for this evenings meal and entertainment at £105.
While most of the events, such as the trip to France for the Opale Classic Car rally, balanced with cost matching income. The ten
pin bowling evenings and film evenings made small profits of £7.75 and £2.25 respectively.
We end the year with £153.89 in the bank, in spite of six attempts to fraudulently extracts money from the account. Three of
which I managed to block and three, after discussing, the bank refunded the money and their costs.
General Secretary’s Report:
When I was asked to rejoin the Committee at the end of last year in order to get the Club back on track I was very reluctant to
come back but after some persuading by Tony I agreed to undertake the Secretary position subject to a couple of condition,
which were met.
We started off with some members wanting to have membership cards in order to obtain discounts with various suppliers.
These were created, but I have no idea whether any members has produced them when making a purchase.
In March we were asked to leave the Squirrel pub and had to look for a new venue for our meetings.
A couple of venue were consider by the Committee but rejected as not suitable and with no suggestions from the membership
we eventually ended up at Pett Village Hall which met our immediate needs and I was able to negotiate a discount on the hiring
fees. It appeared that we could continue meeting at Pett with plans being made for various events including Christmas.
However, following the Club holiday at the July meeting the members was advised by the Chairman that the membership was
revolting, well 14 were, and we were also told that they were threatening to leave unless a new venue was found, although
again, no venue suggestions were forthcoming from them. In August Terry Goodhead suggested that we should try the Coast at
Bexhill and arrangements were made to meet there from September. Interestingly this made no difference to the average
numbers who attended meetings!
Moving on, the death of long term member, Pat Buckle, in September took a number of us by surprise and a number of
members attended his funeral in Maidstone. He has been greatly missed from our meetings.
Membership numbers have stayed fairly static with two new members in April Bob and Jean Long, although we did not meet
Jean, and Bob appeared to disappear off the radar from May onwards, but we were aware that Jean suffered ill health. There
were a number of people who came along to meetings but none of them returned and we had recent members, Clive and Pam
Poling resign, but we were not made aware of any reason for this and can only assume that we were not quirky enough for
In 2015 there was a lot of discussion regarding the Website and it was agreed that it would be updated including a scrolling
marquee with pictures of members cars and details of their ownership. However requests for pictures and details are still
awaited, although it is noted that one member did have the time to publish a detailed history of his car in MGOC magazine.
There has been a number of enquiries through the Website but these have been to request recommendations to local MG
restorers/repairers but we have yet to see any of the cars in question turn up at our meetings.
This has been quite a difficult year for the Committee to meet the ever changing needs of the membership, however, there has
been a number of good events attended enjoyed by varying numbers of members and I will leave details of these to be covered
by Sue in her report.
Fixtures Secretary Report:


Page 2

Tony, Hilary, Pete and Sue are four of our members to name but a few.
Pam, Clive and Chris, am I making a stance? and of course Mary who does love a dance.
Gilly and Val who live nearby and Jeanette and Paul who live in Rye.
Not forgetting Bob and Jean who are the newest members on the scene.
Anne, Jeff, Dee and Nigel too, are always up for a bit of a do.
Joy and Terry with a car full of bling and Bruce and Margaret who do their thing.
Gill and Peter with Sue and Mark are always ready for a bit of a lark.
Terry, Sheila, Anita and Graham live in the States if I’m not mistaken.
Heather, John and Caroline, have enabled me to complete this rhyme.
The year kicked off with a new year run and those attending had much fun.
The day was cold, the weather not nice, no sun to be seen only wind, rain and ice.
The January MOOG to the Woolpack in Kent, was well attended, 19 went.
Greeted by fires and a warm atmosphere, will we visit again this year?
The AGM produced jollity for all, with limited food at the notorious Squirrel!
The portions were small, no puds, how bad, but we laughed it off as a great time was had.
The trophies were presented with much fun and glee, we also elected a new committee.
For Mark the Egg Cup was the win of the year, and he’s frequently filled it up with his beer.
We met at Hailsham for a bowling event, there were lots of comments on how it all went.
Some strutted their stuff, some tried in vain, but when all’s said and done, it’s only a game.
Wetherspoons followed and a good meal ensued, we will certainly go there again for more food.
The Jazz breakfast event went down like a storm, with many attending one Sunday morn.
Good food and music were plentiful, a great time was had by one and all.
A talk on Insurance at the club meeting was given, with Greg seeking business, he was on a mission.
It was in depth and interesting, no stone unturned, and maybe for Greg, commission earned?
At the end of our meeting, had the landlord been scorned? you must find a new venue Tony was warned.
At our first meeting in Pett Village Hall, points of view were shared by all.
We’ll give it a try the members did cheer, will we remain here again next year?
A MOOG was planned, a new format given, with clues and new places to be driven.
Due to small numbers this was shelved away to be resurrected another day.
The club’s first visit to the Kino in Rye, to see ‘Bone Tomahawk’, not keen on the eye.
It was all going well and was a good view, until some poor guy was split in two.
The MOOG took place on a lovely spring day, quite a few members came out to play.
The Mill Run allowed you to branch out on your own, take photos and visit places unknown.
Eddie the Eagle was sadly a miss, but we did know the ending, could it have been this?
The NT at Alfriston was a good day out, with ‘rat in a drainpipe’ stuck up the spout.
The key ritual and gardens were not in vain, but rain meant a dash to the pub once again.
The club meeting went off without any hassle, a new member joined and he won the raffle.
A table demo was given in haste and Bob nearly ended up flat on his face.
The Welsh trip was a time of much fun, three couples attended along with the sun.
With organised tours, and maps in their cases, they all set off in search of new places.
The food was good with much to eat, with afternoon tea thrown in as a treat.
The Championships at Brands were a blast, we drove down in convoy but never too fast.
A cooked breakfast was needed, and that is a fact, we fuelled ourselves up before hitting the track.
Sunday the 8 was the Regency Run, and those attending had great fun.
Ending in Brighton with loads of others no fear, they certainly won’t go again next year!
Florence Foster Jenkins was May’s film of choice, a very good show, but with a terrible voice.
Those that went were dandy and fine, with one person finishing many script lines!
Crazy Golf was a real hoot, with a brilliant turn out just to boot.
We ploughed round the course, and had much fun, with many getting a hole in one!
Wetherspoons again was the place to eat, with ‘chicken night’ providing a fabulous treat.
A new cup was purchased to many a cheer, with possibly more golf later this year.


Page 3

This month’s club meeting was well underway, several people had much to say.
A newsletter quiz was met with a sigh, the score for that would never be high!
A SOOG took place on 21 May at Hope Cottage in Hooe on a bright sunny day.
High tea was taken then a walk to see, exotic plants and unusual trees.
A ‘Lister’ invite to partake of some booze, was more than a few of us could refuse.
Sausages were mentioned, who wants some grub? and four of us ended up in the pub.
Brands Historic Festival, a destination for the bold, only a few attended, it was far too blooming cold.
The Café had a visit, needless to say, so all were pumped up for a full racing day.
Races ensued, enjoyed very much, and Jeff had a chat with a chap who was Dutch.
No need to queue for this month’s movie, set in Dublin in the 80’s, Sing Street was groovy.
It showed in poor times that we can all cope, a story of love, music and hope.
At the meeting attendance was poor then three potential members walked through the door.
A ‘round robin’ of introductions was done, we then settled down to some business and fun.
A quiz on car parts was given for kicks, the ladies did best, it wasn’t a fix.
The sun did shine, with a nip in the air, the MOOG kicked off to taste more fayre.
Through roads and lanes oh what a treat, ending up in Brown Bread Street.
Herstmonceux on a bright sunny day was enjoyed by many from far and away.
With vintage cars – MG’s and Jag’s, displayed on the lawns in front of old lags.
Shopping was done by some of the girls, others enjoyed dances and twirls.
The new fallout shelter was a sight to behold, an erection to be proud of if truth be told.
The beach BBQ was very slick and smooth, the sun was shining brightly, we were in the groove.
The treasure trail was manic, teams set off in two’s, when everyone returned, we ate and drank our booze.
Our second bowling session, just six members went, three games a piece was enough as we were all but spent.
‘Steak night’ followed, we all enjoyed a bite, we’ll go again another time on Thursday for ‘Curry night’.
A comment was given, the meetings were flawed, 14 members were thoroughly bored.
The format was dull, the venue did lack, we asked for your input and awaited feedback.
A trip to France was made in July, planned earlier this year, my how time does fly.
Visits were planned to towns, villages and coasts, brandy tasting and trips on boats.
Other activities took place whilst away, including celebrations for Bastille day.
This month’s MOOG, arranged by Peter and Gill, with the aid of the ‘Tyre’ programme oh what a thrill.
After many wrong turns and mucking around, the luncheon venue was finally found.
The navigation run had a twist in its tail, a time trial was included, did anyone fail?
Coffee was had then crews departed, only to end up back where they started.
On holiday in Turkey Joy didn’t like the flume, but Terry told her “go girl” it really is a zoom.
Joy plucked up the nerve, she was in the zone, but Terry followed down and broke her collarbone.
An afternoon cinema trip was a go as Glyndebourne had an evening show.
‘Jason Bourne’ exacted revenge with a blast, after finding the truth of his family and past.
This month’s MOOG, set up by Nigel & Dee, had lots of traffic for all to see.
Eastbourne Airborne was in full swing, so diversions were made on a prayer and a wing.
The Cock Inn was great, good food and beer, and everyone left there full of good cheer.
At Pett Hall all members had their say, of where, when and how to meet and play.
The venue lacked atmosphere, a pub was preferable, we needed something lively was agreed by one and all.
Members united, monthly meetings were key and a base was needed, ideally free.
We wanted more evenings with a chat and a beer, be they in venues far or near.
The club meetings may still be put to the test, but let’s hope we get volunteers for the rest.
We met in Ninfield on Saturday and travelled to Hurstpierpoint, about 30 miles away.
The event in progress was Festival 21, eighteen of us went, it was great fun.
The weather was kind for most of the time, but rain came down when the sun ceased to shine.
We packed up our bits and leftover grub, and eight of us headed off to the pub.
The cheese and wine evening was a great bash, ten attended with half on the lash!
The food was grand and tasteful, and ‘last night of the proms’ was watched by all.
‘Coast’ was the venue of this month’s meet, with delicious Tapas, there was plenty to eat.
Informal or not? it needs to be clear, is there a difference is what I hear?
The Hammett’s BBQ was relaxed and jolly, the weather was good so no need for a brolly.
Greeted by Pimm’s, no-one fell on the floor, plus plenty of mains and puddings galore.


Page 4

A brain teaser quiz made tempers get hot, with donations for copies to the charity pot.
A sad piece of news came in September, Pat Buckle had passed, we will always remember.
October’s film was ‘The Girl on the Train’, a note was sent and the plot explained.
Rachel witnesses something with dread and fears that Megan will turn up dead.
It was agreed at the meeting we would party away, after the AGM on a December Thursday,
Deposits were paid and menu’s given, requesting food choices, Sue was on a mission.
The New Inn was the place to eat, located in Westfield on the High Street.
The food was fab, it tasted divine, all washed down with a glass of wine.
We met on the beach for the firework display, let off on Galley Hill just up the way.
The display was colourful, loud and bright, we all enjoyed ourselves on a dark chilly night.
Only five of us bowled as people were poorly, we hoped we’d do well and bask in the glory.
Once the bowling was done we headed away, to Wetherspoons again, for ‘Curry Thursday’.
His life is changed when he can’t use is hands, Dr Strange seeks a cure across all the land.
Faced with dark forces which way should he bend, leave it behind or fight to the end.
We went to the Coast for our November meet, a new menu provided a different treat.
The raffle took place with prizes galore, with so much to choose from who could want more?
With Christmas drawing near, events are somewhat lean, shopping, cards and parties are fully on the scene.
Once again it’s the AGM, with merriment and frolic, I wonder if anyone here is a secret alcoholic!
Let’s party now the business is done, enjoy ourselves and have some fun.
The meal, I’m sure, will be fine, so let raise our glasses and have a good time.
We’ve had good times and done things anew,
Competitions and quizzes to name but a few.
Games, outings, raffles, an occasional bop,
We now know who has come out on top.
Ignoring club rules, tempers got hot,
With fines imposed for the charity pot.
Wishing you all much festive cheer,
If anyone wants, you can buy me a beer.
Election of Committee Members for 2017
None of the Committee members for 2016 put themselves forward for re-election.

Terry Goodhead
Proposed by: Jeff Lister
Seconded by: Sue Hammett

General Secretary:

No volunteer


Joy Goodhead
Proposed by; Sued Hammett
Seconded by: Tony Leslie

Fixtures Secretary:

Bruce Cripps
Proposed by: Jeff Lister
Seconded by: AnnE Lister

Raffle Organiser:

No volunteer

Lay Members x 2:

No volunteers

Webmaster: (non Committee member))

No volunteer


Page 5

Annual Dinner Dance
Following the AGM and some restoration and renovation we
headed into the Ballroom at the Coast for our Annual
Dinner Dance. We where were allocated two table to
seat our 21 members (yes there were chairs as well!). The
meal was an improvement of last year’s
ar’s effort. at a
different venue. There were several other groups in the
room and as the alcohol flowed the volume began to rise.
We waited in anticipation for the Disco to burst into life
and Jeff was particularly heartened to have to transverse
the dance floor, with his glass of wine in hand,, to the

strains of ABBA!. I can only assume that the remainder of the
music was not conducive to our aging tastes as none
non of our
members ventured onto the dance floor. Having consumed
the mince pies and coffee most members
embers then drifted off into
the night ,but
but six of us stayed on the bar in order to put the
world to rights. A good evening enjoyed by all.

I wish you all ........ a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

खुश Motoring िनगे ल

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