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993+ Reasons I Hate Donald Trump
Alternate title: “Yes, This Was Probably Uncalled For”

Legal/financial corruption 1 ​(contains reasons 1-88)
Trump Foundation corruption 10 ​(89-113)
Racism 14 ​(114-168)
Lies (incomplete list) 19 (​ 169-275)
Fascism 29 ​(276-359)
Unconstitutional policies 36 ​(360-379)
Danger to economy 38 ​(380-412)
Bad businessman 42 ​(413-447)
Tweets 45 ​(448-481)
Demeaning / dangerous behavior towards women 47 ​(482-530)
Cabinet picks / staff 51 (​ 531-667)
Mike Pence 62 ​(668-692)
Dumb beliefs / conspiracies he’s peddled 65 ​(693-747)
Incompetence to be president 70 ​(748-893)
Russia 83​ (894-927)
Broken Promises 86 (​ 928-943)
Misc. 88 ​(944-989)
Everything wrong with the wall
He doesn’t care about you
He’s everything evangelicals hate (except a Republican)
Appendix A: 34 reasons why Breitbart sucks 91
Appendix B: 34 reasons why Fox News isn’t too great either 95
Appendix C: Yet-unorganized reasons 97 ​(990-993)


1. Tax return revelations show that he has paid no income tax over the past couple of
decades, and brags about it, and has repeatedly lied about being unable to release tax
returns under audit e​ ven after the IRS and every economist and tax expert have come
out and said that this is not the case. He has not even provided evidence that he is under
audit. In fact, he could release the first two pages of his tax returns, which detail
deductions, income, and charitable giving (among other things), since these aren’t
affected by audit. He has refused to do so for unknown reasons.
2. He has a long history of tax evasion and trouble with the IRS, with nearly a hundred
cases documented.
3. Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts Inc. Outright lied to the US Securities and Exchange
Commision (SEC) in 1999 by excluding a one time charge of 80 million dollars (while
including a one time charge of 17 million), because if they didn’t the total earnings
wouldn’t have met prior expectations. The SEC ordered a cease-and-desist.
4. Solicited donations from Scottish politicians just before he visited Scotland.
5. Court records show ties and even collaboration between Trump and mobs as a developer
in New York City.
6. Donald Trump would circumvent political donation limits by spreading out payments
across 18 different businesses and companies.
7. Was fined $200,000 for not allowing blacks/women in the casino while Trump’s friend
and racist mafia leader was gambling (and lost the appeal).
8. In 1983, Trump stiffed labor workers out of $300,000 in benefit funds by employing
undocumented laborers. The court decided against Trump, and he later settled.
9. Trump’s SoHo hotel illegally kept the 22% service fee that is supposed to go to the staff
as tips. Trump settled and the hotel was ordered to pay $500,000 to the victims.


10. In 1994, Trump attempted to use eminent domain to force an elderly woman out of her
home in order to build casinos. The attempt was laughed out of court.
11. In 1981, Trump bought a building facing Central Park, and attempted to force the current
tenants out by cutting heat and water, and imposing strict building rules.
12. Trump asked the building manager to spy on the tenants, even detailing their habits and
activities. When the tenants and Trump’s organization discussed an offer for the tenants
to buy the property for $15 million to end all the drama, his organization then sued for
$150 million for “coercing a bargain sale of the building”.
13. Trump settled the above case for $500,000 for each attorney, with the agreement that
Trump could monitor repairs for 5 years. When an elderly, terminally ill woman still
complained, they drilled holes in her ceiling and set up a workstation which filled her
apartment with dust. The woman was dying of lung cancer.
14. Trump also overcharged another woman in the above case $40,000 for her rent, which
he had to paid back.
15. Trump selected a man convicted of working with the mafia to commit stock fraud as one
of his senior advisers.
16. Trump took a $40 million dollar loan from the Deutsche Bank, and when they asked him
to pay it back he sued for $3 BILLION dollars.
17. He swindled several buyers out of tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars during
failed Condo projects in Tampa.
18. He hired illegal immigrants and defrauded them of pay.
19. Snuck over illegal immigrants for modeling work and also refused to pay them.
20. Admitted to secretly funding anti-casino ads in the Catskill areas in order to prevent
competition with Atlantic City. This is illegal and he did not disclose it. He paid
$250,000 in fines without a fight.


21. Hundreds of other lawsuits, fraud cases, and law violations (obviously not all were found
22.When Trump, in 1973, was on trial for discriminating against minorities, he used a
number of delaying tactics until he eventually settled the case.
23.First he said that the government asked him to release statements without telling him,
swearing under oath that he “first heard about it in the car radio”. However, court and
phone records show that they filed the request at 10AM and called him immediately
24.He then countersued for $100 million dollars, delaying the process further.
25.He ignored discovery demands - legal requirements to turn over documents - even
challenging their necessity. After 6 months of ignoring deadlines and demands, the
attorney called and was told they had no plans to answer any questions.
26.When granted a subpoena, Trump admitted that they had been destroying
all corporate documents for six months and didn’t have any document
retention program in order to “save space”.
27. When they announced a date to investigate the headquarters, Trump pretended they
didn’t know it was supposed to be that day. He then claimed that they were harassed by
the investigators, even employees who made sworn statements later refused to testify
under oath.
28.After a year and a half, they finally reached a settlement where Trump’s
organization agreed to no discrimination against minorities. The
government sent in undercover minority applicants, and they were ​once
again discriminated against compared to the undercover white applicants.
Trump went to court again in 1978, where they once again reached a
29. Trump’s organization once failed to turn over emails and documents related to a lawsuit
because “they didn’t have any servers with emails”. Sworn statements by tech employees
in the organization later contradicted this, and technology service providers later
produced statements and evidence that they did indeed have email servers at the time.
Investigations showed that they didn’t have any email data before January 2001… the
same month Trump learned about information regarding the lawsuit.
30. Trump once argued under oath that a “Donald Trump Development” is different from a
“Development By Donald Trump” to escape liability by fraud.
31. Trump called for South Korea to launch their own defense system, including nuclear
weapons program. Donald Trump’s business partner, Daewoo Engineering and


Construction, is the leading South Korean industry involved in nuclear energy and would
benefit immensely.
32. Donald Trump, on the GOP Debate Stage, claimed that he never approached Jeb Bush
about casinos (because “if he wanted them he would have gotten them”). However, in
2007, under sworn testimony, Donald Trump says that he ​did approach Bush, and was
33. Donald Trump has released none of his oversea dealings and business partners in his
FEC filing, which he claimed “tells you everything a tax return would tell you” (which is
also a lie).
34. Trump’s first business partners in the UAE were convicted of fraud.
35.Donald Trump consistently refuses to put his businesses in a blind trust, and instead
wants his kids to run the businesses. He also wants his kids - including son-in-law - to
receive top secret security clearance and access to government briefings and information.
36. Ivanka Trump sat in on a meeting with Argentine foreign leaders with Trump, and the
foreign leaders were reportedly pressured to give building permits in Buenos Aires.
37. Trump violated the Cuban embargo in 1999.
38.Trump hid the payments made in Cuba as being related to charity work.
39.Donald Trump, despite his calls for American steel, has used Chinese steel for his
building projects.
40. He also used concrete from the Genovese Crime Family.
41. To hide his use of Chinese steel, he bought it through a company based in the British
Virgin Islands.
42. Trump says he had to make clothing line in China because things like that aren’t made in
America. That’s outright false.
43. Trump destroyed valuable art he promised to save $30,000, and used a fake pseudonym
(John Barron) to falsely claim appraisers called the works worthless.


44. Over the span of a decade, Trump had a fake spokesperson (John Barron) that would
provide glowing reviews of Trump for reporters and papers. When asked under oath, he
admitted that he “may have used the name”.
45. Donald Trump “persuaded” an elderly couple who owned an antique store to let him “try
out” a few valuable pieces, and then refused to return or pay for them.
46. Court records show that Trump bought jewelry in Manhattan, and then colluded with the
store to ship it out of state so he could avoid the New York sales tax.
47. When magazine ​7 Days mentioned in a 1988 article that his apartments’ resale values
weren’t as high as marketing suggested, Donald Trump was outraged. He claimed he did
not want to sue, however, and that it was the “hordes of angry apartment owners” eager
to sue. After ​7 Days published an article complimenting his then-wife, Ivana, he
retracted his threats with no explanation for the supposed “angry horde”.
48. Trump University was a useless course, which cost participants thousands of dollars.
Marketing was told to go after even people who couldn’t afford it. Part of the advertising
claimed that Trump handpicked professors, but under oath he couldn’t name any
professors (all the people confirmed to have taught there were unqualified to speak about
business). He recently settled the case for $25 million out of the $40 million the lawsuit
asked for, and is also paying $1 million in legal penalties for the scam.
49. When Trump was part of the United States Football League (USFL), he wanted to play in
the fall instead of the spring, in order to create an anti-monopoly lawsuit so his teams
could join the NFL and he could make a profit. The resulted in the entire thing falling
50.Trump got a security analyst fired for (correctly) warning that his casinos were in
financial trouble, and then proceeded to lie about and attack the man in newspapers and
51. Trump said he didn’t have insurance in 2009 when people suing for fraud asked. After it
was worthless a few years later, he admitted he actually had.


52. POST-ELECTION ​Top advisor Kellyanne Conway’s husband on shortlist for top US
lawyer position.
53. POST-ELECTION​ Trump appoints own bankruptcy lawyer to be Ambassador to Israel.
Said lawyer also said a Jewish peace group aiming to ease Israeli-Pakistanian tensions
was “worse than Nazi collaborators”.
54. POST-ELECTION​ Trump selects Wall Street / Goldman Sachs lawyer to head the SEC,
which would be in charge of policing Wall Street.
55. POST-ELECTION ​Trump’s personal business attorney will manage international
56. POST-ELECTION ​NY AG announces that Trump cannot dissolve foundation until
criminal investigation is complete.
57. POST-ELECTION​ Gingrich says nepotism laws shouldn’t apply to Trump.
58. POST-ELECTION​ He plans to continue running his businesses as president.
59. POST-ELECTION​ He tried to auction off a lunch with Ivanka, who has played a major
political role thus far.
60. POST-ELECTION ​His son-in-law reveals that they had media deals with Sinclair
Broadcasting Group to provide access in return for favorable coverage.
61. POST-ELECTION​ Office of Government Ethics calls Trump’s new plan to turn
business over to children to avoid conflicts of interest “wholly inadequate”.


62. POST-ELECTION​ Third contractor reveals Trump didn't pay them on D.C. hotel.
63. POST-ELECTION​ Trump didn’t invite Twitter CEO to tech leader meeting after
Twitter refused to incorporate requested anti-Hillary emojis. Trump claimed there
“wasn’t enough room”, yet had enough room for his children at the meeting.
64. POST-ELECTION​ Trump stiffed police force providing security at his Green Bay
rallies. ​(
65. POST-ELECTION​ Trump suggests he can do any business deal he wants as president.
66. POST-ELECTION​ Trump Taj Mahal fined $10 million in 2015 for money laundering.
67. POST-ELECTION​ Trump tweets advertisements for LL Bean, an action illegal as a
68. POST-ELECTION​ Trump will reward Pam Bondi, who dropped Trump U investigation
after illegal Trump Foundation donation, with a position in his staff.
69. POST-ELECTION​ Under political pressure, Kuwait decides to use Trump hotels
instead of Four Seasons.
70. YEAR ONE ​White House reached out to Congress intelligence committees trying to
downplay Russia stories.
71. YEAR ONE​ After being after a trademark in China for over a decade, in a strange
coincidence the Chinese government awards Trump one almost immediately after he
reverses his anti-China positions and endorses One China policies.
72. YEAR ONE​ Countries with higher terrorist rates that he does business with such as
Saudi Arabia aren't included immigrant ban.
73. YEAR ONE​ EPA head Pruitt has close ties to fossil fuel industry, emails he turned over


74. YEAR ONE​ Ethics Office condemns Conway’s Ivanka brand plug.
75. YEAR ONE​ European intel has discovered that Trump’s businesses have been paid
millions from foreign governments already as president.
76. YEAR ONE​ Ivanka promised to resign from businesses, yet there is no evidence of her
doing so.
77. YEAR ONE​ Leaked audio shows Trump invited his “special people” (club guests) to
cabinet interviews.
78. YEAR ONE​ Melania’s lawsuit against Daily Mail claims that their claims of her being an
escort are hurting her chances of profiting off of being the FLOTUS.
79. YEAR ONE​ Standing in the White House briefing room, Conway tells people to buy
Ivanka’s products on live TV.
80. YEAR ONE​ Trump campaign gave millions of dollars to his companies.
81. YEAR ONE​ Trump claimed his golf course was worth $50 million, now wants it
appraised at $1.5 million so he can get 90% of the $500,000 in taxes paid by the course
back. ​(
82. YEAR ONE​ Trump golf course loses case and is ordered to pay millions to members
who were kept paying fees even after they resigned and locked out.
83. YEAR ONE​ Trump nominees confirmed after GOP changes rules to hold votes without
84. YEAR ONE​ Trump says Dodd-Frank regulations will be repealed because his friends
can't get loans.

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