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S t e p s

t o . . .






By Jordan J. Presley

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the
ones who do.”

If you are reading this, you are most likely someone searching for answers.
You understand that there is more to life, but you just can’t figure out how to
break through. By reading this, you have already shown me that you have
the PASSION and DESIRE to create change. Just know that without passion and desire, cultivating change is impossible. Most likely, you’ve seen
my movement, Redesigned Thinking and you felt my burning desire to win.
I’m glad I was able to inspire you on your journey to new levels. What if I
told you there’s an enemy behind the scenes that doesn’t want you to level
up? Would you let that person stop you from getting to the next level? This
enemy figured out a long time ago that it's easier to beat you by controlling
your mind, than doing anything else. This enemy’s mission is to keep you
from reaching new levels. My mission is to free your mind and equip you
with the tools you need to be able to level up. In this book, I have written
specific steps to help you fight back and reach NEW LEVELS!
If you change your THINKING, you change your LIFE!


Let me be the first to tell you there’s nothing people with success have that
you don’t. We are all built the same. The difference is simply how you think.
The mind is a man's most powerful tool once he figures out how to use it.
For example, not too long ago I was a broke college kid with no idea of
what I wanted in life. My life didn’t begin to change until I simply changed
my thinking. Just imagine what you could achieve in just one day if you acquired Bill Gate’s brains. You could literally level up to be the richest man in
the world.
Knowledge really does equal POWER!
Unfortunately, there is no instant way to acquire knowledge. You can gain
knowledge by researching online, watching videos, reading books, and
most importantly finding a mentor. These tactics may seem boring to my
younger readers, but if you don’t level up your thinking, you will never level
up your life. If you truly want to reach new levels, you have to acquire a
thirst for knowledge.
The time is NOW, not later!
I created this 7 step guide to mentor people searching for answers. These
7 steps are very simple and easy to follow. If you are ready, let’s get your
mind equipped with the mental tools you need to reach new levels.
I guarantee that if you apply these 7 steps to your life, you will begin to

Before we get started with the 7 steps to new levels, I need you to under
stand how important it is to know yourself. Not knowing yourself is the big
gest THREAT to your success. The enemy knows that you can never reach
your full potential without knowing who you are? People walk through life
blinded by society to think and act a certain way. We are all different and
come from different situations. These situations determine how fast you can
reach the level you want. They also determine how much harder you have
to work than the next man to get there. People start out rich, poor, black,
white, talented, smart, and even dumb. We can’t help the hand that we are
dealt, but we can make the decision to CHANGE it. Also, none of these
things matter when you know yourself. When you know yourself, you understand your barriers and become able to make practical life decisions to
level up.
The people that don’t know themselves let what they lack stop them. They
are too blind to see their ADVANTAGES because they just focus on their
disadvantages. They then become followers and get lost in transition. For
example, a kid from the hood can’t afford to have the same approach to life
as a kid from the burbs. A kid from the burbs doesn’t have to do much to
end up back in the burbs. They are afforded that LEVERAGE because their
parents laid that foundation for them. They can afford not to work hard, still
go to college, drink their life away, then walk out with a good job or work for
the family business. The kid from the burbs ended up back in the burbs ef
fortlessly. I don’t consider this luxury a bad thing because somewhere down
the line the work was put in to reach that level.
Now let’s take a look at a kid from the hood. Just like the kid from the
burbs, it doesn’t take much to end up back in the hood. If a kid from the
hood doesn’t work HARD, doesn’t go to college, and drinks and parties all
the time, they will end up back in the hood effortlessly. They both had the
same approach to life but two different DESTINATIONS. That kid from the
hood wanted to make it out, but they didn’t know themselves and what it
would take to do that. If that kid from the hood understood his situation and
truly wanted change, they would do everything in their power to avoid any
situations that would stop them.
I being a kid from the hood was fortunate enough to know myself. I didn’t
let my circumstances or surroundings determine where my life would go. I
chose to THINK for myself and not allow the enemy to stop me from reach
ing new levels. I could have easily become another statistic. When you
know yourself, you can take control of your life no matter the circumstance.
Now I want you to look at your current lifestyle and actions. Do your
ACTIONS match where you want to end up? If not, I advise you to get to
know yourself and understand what you have to do to reach new levels.


Below are some questions to help you know yourself:
Question 1: What do you want to be?
Question 2: What do you want more than anything?
Question 3: What actions will you have to take to reach new levels?
Question 4: What do you want your legacy to be?
Question 5: Are you ready to know yourself?



“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break
out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.”

Denis Waitley
Dreams are simply a figment of your imagination. Your imagination is your
source of CREATIVITY. Everything man has ever created was dreamed
about before it was manifested. The world needs more DREAMERS in
order to continue to innovate and change. The enemy hates dreamers because they don’t stay in their lane. You have to defend your dreams with
your life if you want to level up.
Don’t fall victim to SOCIETY!
Society was hijacked by the enemy a long time ago. The enemy has tricked
society into looking down on people who think outside the box. Good ideas
come to people every single day. Every day, people dream of doing it BIG.
Then all of a sudden, society starts to kick their ass. Successful people
know how to ignore society. They understand that society has been brainwashed by the enemy to attack your dreams. People love to place their
own limitations onto others. If they can’t fathom your dreams, they automatically think they aren’t possible. Self-doubt is a disease, and it can be very
contagious. I live with no limits, so anyone that has them won't last long
around me. This may sound harsh, but it’s your life, so defend your dreams
with it. Don’t let other people’s thinking control your life. I remember a time
when even some of the closest people in my life doubted me. It's okay to
listen to advice from others, but take everything with a grain of salt. Always
make sure to do your homework. You always want to validate the
INFORMATION you receive from others. Most people never level up by
letting other people think for them.

Dream big, but think PRACTICALLY!
It’s good to dream big, but it’s the dreamers that create real practical solutions that win BIG. Don’t get lost in dreams that aren’t meant for you. Everyone isn’t meant to create the next Facebook. I loved basketball, but figured out a long time ago I wasn’t LeBron James. I found myself and began
to think practically about my skill sets. I focused on my skills and how I
could create real VALUE with them. Most people kill their own dreams because they don’t know their own skills and what they can offer. The skills
you possess are what you need to use to create your world. Now, with that
being said, if your skills don’t match your goals, then you must gain new
skills or find new goals, PERIOD. Don’t be the fool that brags about what
they’re going to do, but never will because they lack the skills to do so.
Success comes from people that know what they want and understand the
practical steps to get there. Always think practically about what you can do
NOW to fulfill your dreams LATER. With this type of understanding, you will
be able to reach new levels!

Reflection questions?
Question 1: What are you doing to make your dreams a reality?
Question 2: What people around you are downplaying your dreams?
Question 3: What skills do you have to reach your dreams?
Question 4: What practical steps do you take to make your dreams real?
Question 5: Are you ready to defend your dreams?



“Success is steady progress toward one's personal goals.”

Jim Rohn
Building your strategy towards your goals is your way to reaching new
levels. If you don’t set goals, you are giving the enemy permission to
decide your fate. When you create your strategy, you are creating a strategic plan to LEVEL UP.
FOCUS on exactly what you want!
In order to create your strategy, you first need to understand exactly what
you want. When doing this, you have to be honest with yourself. Don’t want
things because that’s what everyone else wants. The enemy loves when
we blindly follow others. Always remember that if you attempt to do what
everyone else is doing, you will be on the same level as everyone else. I
believe in riding waves, but only the ones most people aren’t on. When you
set your goals, believe in them and be passionate about what you want to
accomplish. Once again, having PASSION and DESIRE is the starting
point to reaching new levels.
FORMAT your strategy!
After you have goals in mind that truly mean something to you, it's time to
format your strategy. You need to put your goals in a format that you can
see every day. When you are able to see your strategy each day, you will
never lose sight of your MISSION. This can be done by making a list of
your goals and adding specific time frames to complete them. Writing down
your goals is the first step to manifestation. Setting a time frame is the next
step towards COMPLETION. I personally prefer to use a big whiteboard to
format my strategy. There’s nothing better than waking up every day and
seeing my strategy planted right on my wall. With this method, I never lose
sight of my mission and leave the enemy at a disadvantage.

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