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Author: Droneksaize Selipashaflor

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)The First World and The Nine “Is”s(
Fate would have it that Time and Space always were. Thought examined and found that there
were more. Time woke up. Time received message to create something. Magic listened and had an
idea. Luck was with him and they went to create a world. They did and Magic sank into a deep
depression because all he could do was create and manipulate Matter. He wanted to join the world
he created, but Fate wanted him to stay with her because she loved him. She warned him that he
may not return if he went. Magic told her that he loved her the same way she loved him and asked
her to join him. She said she couldn't because she wasn't aloud to and he told her he would come
back. Magic descended alone. When he landed took wonder in the world he had created and
wished to stay. His world heard him and granted his wish. He could not leave. Fate heard this and
was infuriated. She cursed him to death and sent someone to kill him disguised as a companion, a
brother. She also damned that world. Magic felt what Fate had done to his world though he did
not want to believe that Fate would do that to him, but it was damned and he grew to hate it. He
tried to ascend again. He learned that the only way out was death so he tried kill himself but that
did not work. He spoke, then, to a near by creature. He asked that creature to kill him. The
creature loved him and declined and told him to ask someone else. He suggested that brother. So
Magic asked his brother if he wanted the power to kill him, who said yes. Magic bestowed upon him
that power and immediately asked him perform the task. And so Magic died.
And that was his first incarnation.
And that was the first world.
All that is is governed by Destiny and Fate and Luck. Physics is the functions and laws that were
put in place to protect Matter.
The Nine “Is”s are Time and Space, Thought and Being, Physics and Magic, and Fate,
Destiny and Luck.

The purpose of this text is to initiate you into the way of the Koral.
Use it well.
-Droneksaize S. Selipashaflor

● Smoking Pipes – Made of Wood, Glass, Clay, Stone, Bamboo, or some combination of
these materials, used for the inhalation(smoking) of dried plant material

● Candles, Lamps, and Fire Circles – used in night rituals to create light and mood, also
possibly beacon for spirits
● Smudges – Bundles of Dried Herbs burned for Scent and Effect, used in Ritual or
simply to make the home or business smell nice, it is not necessary to burn a whole smudge in
one sitting
● Portable Compact Disc(CD) or Mp3 Players and Speakers – used to aid trance states
and ritual mood, physically played Musical Instruments may be used if you or an
accompanying person or group are adept at playing
● Knifes – used for the cutting of Herbs(Aromatic and Medicinal) and Gutting and cleaning
of fish and game
● Wedded Necklaces – symbolic and telepathic link between spouses. There are no gender
rules on Marriage
● Favor/Work Tokens & Money – Wooden coins with a family emblem on one side and
personal symbol on the other used to pay for goods when one has no items for trade, one
token equals one chore or favor of an equivalent value of paid for goods. Money can be
obtained through sale of goods or services to those persons that are outsiders of ones
community but should not be a necessity of living. When something happens in the
community that affects the entire community and requires money it will be pooled from all
community members, sale of ones own goods are not taxed.
● Clothing – All clothing is to be made of Hemp and/or Alpaca Wool with occasional use of
hide or leather obtained from game of monthly hunts
● Food – most food is grown within community by community members, staples are fruit
vegetables, grain, poultry and fish. Meat is okay for consumption during the three days of
the new moon phase. Foods that can't be grown in community can be bought or traded for,
teenagers from each family must be involved with farming of community food with aid of an
adult or senior overseer
● Work – when not working the crops, teens starting at 15 yrs 'til 27yrs apprentice for desired
craft, occupation or work interest if different from family business, but otherwise may start
as early as family sees fit.
● Bows – made of wood, used for hunting

● Misha, Busha &Shisha – Plants grown for smoking, also for hemp. Misha for a foot effect,
Busha for body, Shisha for a head one.
● Lotusa – A water lily......
● Sika– A plant grown for smoking, chewing and careful juicing.
● Selipashanoipu – A tall columnar cactus with large white blooms that blossom at sunset,
grown for aesthetic and mystical effect.
● Xhosa – A plant grown for its psychoactive root
● Ritual Tea – made by juicing 30 Sika leaves and coining 1ft Selipashanoipu stalk when not
in bloom, letting coined cactus sit in water for fifteen minutes then mixing with Sika leaf juice.
To be used after a puff of the smoke of a mixture of Misha, Busha, and Shisha.
Rite of Passage. To be done no sooner that the ? anniversary of one's birth,
Lotus petal and Xhosa root may be included in the mixture later but I have not tried them yet
individually and I have not had the chance to try the tea yet either so approach with caution,

Fare well fellow Elf


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