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The  Second  Cup  Endless  Summer  Social  Media  Contest  is  in  no  way  sponsored,  endorsed  or  administered  
by,  or  associated  with  Instagram.    You  understand  that  you  are  providing  your  information  to  the  Sponsor  
and  not  to  Instagram.  The  information  you  provide  will  only  be  used  for  the  administration  of  this  Contest  
and  in  accordance  with  the  Sponsor’s  privacy  policy  (see  below).  Instagram  is  completely  released  of  all  
liability  by  each  entrant  in  this  Contest.    Any  questions,  comments  or  complaints  regarding  the  Contest  must  
be  directed  to  the  Sponsor  and  not  Instagram.      
1.   Eligibility:  
The  Second  Cup  Endless  Summer  Social  Media  Contest  (“Contest”)  is  only  open  to  legal  residents  of  
Canada  aged  eighteen  (18)  or  older  at  time  of  entry  except  employees,  representatives  or  agents  (and  
those  with  whom  such  persons  are  living,  whether  related  or  not)  of  The  Second  Cup  Ltd.  (“Sponsor”),  
its   parent   company(ies),   franchisees,   subsidiaries,   affiliates,   prize   suppliers,   advertising/promotion  
agencies  and  any  entity  involved  in  the  development,  production,  administration,  or  fulfillment  of  the  
Contest.  Entrants  who  are  under  the  age  of  majority  in  their  jurisdiction  of  residence  at  their  time  of  
entry  must  have  the  permission  of  their  parent/legal  guardian  to  enter  this  Contest  or  win  a  Prize.  The  
Contest  is  subject  to  all  applicable  federal,  provincial,  territorial,  and  municipal  laws  and  regulations.    
2.   Sponsor:    
The  Second  Cup  Ltd.    
6303  Airport  Rd.,  2  Floor  
Mississauga,  Ontario  
L4V  1R8  
3.   Timing:    
The  Contest  begins  on  June  5,  2017  at  5:00  p.m.  Eastern  Time  (ET)  and  ends  on  June  9,  2017  at  11:59  
p.m.  ET  (“Contest  Period”).  
4.   Contest  Details:    
NO  PURCHASE  NECESSARY.  Making  a  purchase  is  not  necessary  to  enter  or  win.  There  is  one  (1)  
way  to  enter  the  Contest.    
Enter   on   Instagram:   To   enter   the   Contest   on   Instagram,   post   a   Comment   on   @secondcupcanada’s  
Instagram  photo  posted  June  5 ,  2017  at  5:00  p.m.  Eastern  Time  (ET)  or  on  the  @secondcupcanada  
Instagram  ad  running  from  June  5,  2017  at  5:00  p.m.  ET  to  June  9,  2017  at  11:59  p.m.  ET  with  the  
following:  a  comment  sharing  what’s  on  your  Endless  Summer  Bucket  List.  Your  Comment  must  include  
the   hashtag   #EndlessSummer   to   be   eligible.   You   must   become   a   ‘follower’   of   the   official  

@secondcupcanada  channel  (the  “Instagram  Channel”)  on  Instagram.  (Note:  you  can  un-­follow  at  any  
time  after  the  Contest  ends  without  impacting  your  chances  of  winning).  To  become  a  follower  of  the  
Instagram  Channel,  you  must:  (i)  visit  instagram.com/secondcupcanada  OR  (ii)  from  your  Instagram  
home  page,  click  on  the  "Search”  tab  and  perform  a  search  for  "secondcupcanada”  AND  (iii)  click  on  
the  "Follow"  button  corresponding  to  the  Instagram  Channel.  
Any  Post  that  does  not  follow  the  format  specified  above  for  Instagram  (as  determined  by  Sponsor  in  
its  sole  and  absolute  discretion)  will  be  discarded  and  will  not  be  eligible  for  entry  in  this  Contest.  When  
an  eligible  entrant  makes  a  Post  in  accordance  with  these  rules,  he/she  will  be  eligible  to  receive  one  
(1)  Entry  (each,  an  “Entry”)  in  the  random  Prize  draw.    A  Post  will  be  considered  to  be  void  if  the  Post:  
(i)  is  not  submitted  and  received  during  the  Contest  Period  in  accordance  with  these  Rules;;  (ii)  does  
not   include   the   information   required   under   these   Rules   in   respect   of   the   platform   it   is   posted   on,  
including  without  limitation  the  applicable  hashtags  or  handle  tag;;  (iii)  does  not  include  a  Picture;;  (iv)  
does  not  comply  with  the  Instagram  terms  and  conditions  (as  applicable);;  and/or  (v)  is  not  otherwise  in  
accordance  with  these  Rules,  including,  without  limitation,  the  specific  Submission  Requirements  listed  
below  (all  as  determined  by  Sponsor  in  its  sole  and  absolute  discretion).  
IMPORTANT  NOTE:  Standard  text  messaging,  data  and/or  other  rates  apply  to  participants  who  submit  
a  Post  via  a  wireless  mobile  device.  Wireless  service  providers  may  charge  for  airtime  and/or  data  in  
relation   to   each   standard   text   message   sent   and   received.   Please   contact   your   service   provider   for  
pricing  and  service  plan  information  and  rates  before  mobile  device  participation.  
Entry  Limit:  There  is  a  limit  of  one  (1)  Entry  per  person  during  the  Contest  Period.  If  it  is  discovered  
by  the  Sponsor  (using  any  evidence  or  other  information  made  available  to  or  otherwise  discovered  by  
the   Sponsor)   that   any   person   has   attempted   to   obtain   more   than   one   (1)   Entry   and/or   use   multiple  
names,   identities,   and/or   any   automated,   macro,   script,   robotic   or   other   system(s)   or   program(s)   to  
enter   or   otherwise   participate   in   or   disrupt   this   Contest;;   then   he/she   may,   in   the   sole   and   absolute  
discretion   of   the   Sponsor,   be   disqualified   from   the   Contest.     The   Sponsor   and   each   of   the   other  
Released  Parties  (as  defined  below)  are  not  responsible  for  late,  lost,  misdirected,  delayed,  incomplete  
or  incompatible  Entries/Posts/Photos  (all  of  which  are  void).          
Prizing:  One  (1)  Prize  available  consisting  of  a  Second  Cup  gift  card  (“Prize”)  valued  at  $50  CAD.    The  
gift   card   is   subject   to   all   terms   and   conditions   placed   on   it   by   its   issuer.   Prize   must   be   accepted   as  
awarded   and   is   not   transferable,   assignable   or   convertible   to   cash   (except   as   may   be   specifically  
permitted  by  Sponsor  in  its  sole  and  absolute  discretion).  No  substitutions  except  at  Sponsor’s  option.  
Sponsor  reserves  the  right,  in  its  sole  and  absolute  discretion,  to  substitute  the  Prize  or  a  component  
thereof  with  a  prize  of  equal  or  greater  retail  value,  including,  without  limitation,  but  at  Sponsor’s  sole  
and  absolute  discretion,  a  cash  award.  
5.   Selection  of  Winner:  
•   On  June  12,  2017,  at  approximately  10AM  ET,  in  Toronto,  Ontario,  one  (1)  winning  contestant  
will  be  selected  at  random  by  a  draw  conducted  by  Sponsor’s  representative  from  amongst  all  
eligible  Entries  received  during  the  Contest  Period.  The  odds  of  winning  depend  on  the  number  
of  eligible  Entries  submitted  and  received  in  accordance  with  these  Rules  during  the  Contest  
•   The  selected  entrant  will  be  required  to  correctly  answer  a  mathematical  skill  testing  question  
to  claim  the  Prize.  



The   selected   entrant   will   be   informed   they   are   a   potential   winner   via   direct   message   on    
Instagram  or  by  any  other  contact  methods  as  may  be  available  to  the  Sponsor  in  its  sole  and  
absolute  discretion.    
Once  contacted,  the  selected  entrant  will  have  seven  (7)  days  to  respond  and  claim  a  Prize.  If  
the  selected  entrant:  (a)  fails  to  correctly  answer  the  skill-­testing  question;;  (b)  fails  to  respond  
to   the   Sponsor’s   notification   within   the   specified   time;;     (c)   cannot   accept   (or   is   unwilling   to  
accept)  the  Prize  (as  awarded)  for  any  reason;;  and/or  (d)  is  determined  to  be  in  violation  of  
these  Rules  (all  as  determined  by  the  Sponsor  in  its  sole  and  absolute  discretion);;  then  he/she  
will  be  disqualified  (and  will  forfeit  all  rights  to  the  Prize)  and  the  Sponsor  reserves  the  right,  in  
its   sole   and   absolute   discretion   and   time   permitting,   to   randomly   select   an   alternate   eligible  
entrant  from  among  the  remaining  eligible  Entries  submitted  and  received  in  accordance  with  
these  Rules  during  the  Contest  Period  (in  which  case  the  foregoing  provisions  of  this  section  
shall  apply  to  such  newly  selected  entrant).      

6.   Release:    
By  entering  this  Contest,  each  entrant:  (i)  releases  the  Sponsor  its  parent  company(ies),  franchisees,  
subsidiaries,  affiliates,  distributors,  suppliers,  advertising/promotion  agencies  and  any  entity  involved  
in  the  development,  production,  implementation,  administration,  or  fulfillment  of  the  Contest  and  each  
of  their  respective  agents,  employees,  directors,  successors,  and  assigns  (“Released  Parties”)  from  
any  and  all  liability  in  connection  with  this  Contest,  his/her  participation  therein  and/or  the  awarding  and  
use/misuse  of  a  Prize  or  any  portion  thereof;;  and  (ii)  if  selected  as  a  winner,  agrees  to  the  publication,  
reproduction  and/or  other  use  of  his/her  name,  address,  voice,  statements  about  the  Contest  and/or  
photograph  or  other  likeness  without  further  notice  or  compensation,  in  any  publicity  or  advertisement  
carried   out   by   or   on   behalf   of   the   Sponsor   in   any   manner   or   medium   whatsoever,   including   print,  
broadcast  or  the  internet.      
7.   General  Conditions,  Guidelines  and  Restrictions:  
•   Anyone  found  to  use  multiple  accounts  (on  a  particular  platform)  to  enter  will  be  ineligible.  
•   The  Sponsor  reserves  the  right  to  withdraw,  amend  or  suspend  this  Contest  (or  to  amend  these  
Rules)  in  any  way,  in  the  event  of  any  cause  beyond  the  reasonable  control  of  the  Sponsor  that  
interferes  with  the  proper  conduct  of  this  Contest  as  contemplated  by  these  Rules,  including,  
without  limitation,  any  error,  technical  problem,  computer  virus,  bugs,  tampering,  unauthorized  
intervention,  fraud,  technical  or  other  failure.    
•   Any  attempt  to  undermine  the  legitimate  operation  of  this  Contest  in  any  way  (as  determined  
by  Sponsor  in  its  sole  and  absolute  discretion)  is  a  violation  of  criminal  and  civil  laws  and  should  
such  an  attempt  be  made,  the  Sponsor  reserves  the  right  to  seek  remedies  and  damages  to  
the   fullest   extent   permitted   by   law.     The   Sponsor   reserves   the   right   to   cancel,   amend   or  
suspend  this  Contest,  or  to  amend  these  Rules,  in  any  way  without  prior  notice  or  obligation,  
in  the  event  of  any  accident,  printing,  administrative,  or  other  error  of  any  kind,  or  for  any  other  
reason  whatsoever.    
•   By  entering  this  Contest,  each  entrant  expressly  consents  to  the  Sponsor,  its  agents  and/or  
representatives,   storing,   sharing   and   using   any   personal   information   submitted   and/or  
associated   with   his/her   Entry   only   for   the   purpose   of   administering   the   Contest   and   in  
accordance   with   Sponsor’s   privacy   policy   (available   at   www.secondcup.com).     This   section  
does   not   limit   any   other   consent(s)   that   an   individual   may   provide   the   Sponsor   or   others   in  
relation  to  the  collection,  use  and/or  disclosure  of  their  personal  information.  

Each   submission   must   comply   with   the   following   Submission   Requirements,   all   as   determined   by   the  
Sponsor  in  its  sole  and  absolute  discretion:  


Must  not  have  been  submitted  previously  in  a  promotion  of  any  kind.  
Must  not  contain  material  that  violates  or  infringes  another’s  rights,  including  but  not  limited  to,  
privacy,  publicity  or  intellectual  property  rights.  
Must  not  disparage  Sponsor,  administrator  or  any  other  person  or  party.  
Must  not  in  any  way  mention,  refer  or  otherwise  allude  to  the  name,  logo,  or  trademark  of  any  
entity,  individual,  product  or  brand  other  than  those  of  Sponsor  and  its  brands.  
Must  not  contain  image  or  artwork  that  is  not  original  work  of  the  entrant.  
Must  not  promote  any  cause  other  than  the  Contest  theme.  
Must  not  include  any  person’s  identifiable  information,  unless  permission  from  that  person  has  
been  obtained.  
Must  not  contain  material  that  is  inappropriate,  indecent,  lewd,  pornographic,  obscene,  hateful,  
tortious,  defamatory,  slanderous  or  libelous  (as  determined  by  Sponsor’s  sole  discretion).  
Must  not  contain,  facilitate,  reference,  or  use  material  that  promotes  bigotry,  racism,  hatred  or  
harm  against  any  group  or  individual  or  promotes  discrimination  of  any  kind  (as  determined  by  
Sponsor’s  sole  discretion).  
Must   not   contain   any   viruses,   spyware,   malware,   or   other   malicious   components   that   are  
designed  to  harm  the  functionality  of  a  computer  in  any  way.  
Must  not  contain  material  that  is  unlawful,  in  violation  of  or  contrary  to  the  laws  or  regulations  
in  any  jurisdiction  where  entry  is  created.  

Entrant’s  License:    
By  entering  the  Contest  and  submitting  a  Post,  each  entrant:  (i)  without  limiting  the  Instagram  Rules  (as  
applicable)   grants   to   the   Sponsor,   in   perpetuity,   a   non-­exclusive   license   to   publish,   display,   reproduce,  
modify,  edit  or  otherwise  use  his/her  Post  (and  each  component  thereof  –  including,  without  limitation,  the  
Picture),  in  whole  or  in  part,  for  advertising  or  promoting  the  Contest  or  for  any  other  reason;;  (ii)  waives  all  
moral  rights  in  and  to  his/her  Post  (and  each  component  thereof  –  including,  without  limitation,  the  Picture)  
in   favour   of   the   Sponsor;;   and   (iii)   agrees   to   release   and   hold   harmless   the   Released   Parties   from   and  
against  any  and  all  claims,  damages,  liabilities,  costs,  and  expenses  arising  from  use  of  his/her  Post  (or  
any  component  thereof  –  including,  without  limitation,  the  Picture),  including,  without  limitation,  any  claim  
based  on  publicity  rights,  defamation,  invasion  of  privacy,  copyright  infringement,  trade-­mark  infringement  
or  any  other  intellectual  property  related  or  other  cause  of  action  whatsoever.  


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