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Planet X (Nibiru) and the End Times
Okay guys I want to start this off again by saying DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Please don’t take
my word for any of this without first looking into it yourself. I’m just trying to summarize this as much
as possible and there is much more you can learn about on your own. I probably will not have
everything 100% correct on here (I’d say at least 90-95% is though as I’ve triple checked every reference)
or there may be a few things I forget to add. I’m taking a little detour on the plan I had for writing
papers for now, because I felt this is probably the most important thing people need to know about.
Get ready because some of this information may be a little tough to swallow if you haven’t heard about
it before, let’s begin!

What is Planet X?
Planet X (X stands for unknown) is an elusive planet that’s part of a binary star system (Nemesis,
our sun’s companion) in our solar system with a highly elliptical orbit of ~3,600 years. Recent studies
have shown that almost every single star is born with a non-identical twin companion, ours was also but
it is so dull (brown dwarf) we cannot detect it. Nemesis passes us every 26 million years, it’s highly likely
it is the reason for the dinosaur’s extinction.

The planet’s name is Nibiru (Sumerian’s name for it), which means “planet of the crossing”
because it crosses through our solar system every 3,600 years. It is about 5-10x as big as Earth, has 7
moons and has a reddish color. During one of its passes through our solar system, one of its moons
collided with a planet called Tiamet, which the remains are now Mars and the asteroid belt.
Other common names for it include: Wormwood (name in the bible), Nemesis (Nemesis is the
name of our sun’s brown dwarf companion, which Planet X is a part of), Red dragon (another biblical
name), Red Kachina, Marduk (Babylonians), The Destroyer (The Kolbrin), Planet 9, Planet 10, the 12th
Planet (Zacharia Sitchin, all depends on what you consider a planet), Herocolubus (Incas), Red Star (The

Oahpse). Planet X was discovered in 1955, it was in the 1961 Popular Science magazine. They said it
wouldn’t be here for another 50 years; well those 50 years have come and gone. Now they are denying
the existence of it.

It is the home planet of the Annunaki (who I’m going to go into very great detail in future papers, on
how they have been manipulating mankind for the last ~300,000 years). Nibiru is getting pretty close to
us right now, and it’s immense magnetic pull and gravity is causing many disruptions on Earth, the sun
and our solar system. It’s the cause of all the crazy weather we’ve been having and is going to cause our
poles to shift causing great catastrophes in the near future. In certain parts of the world you can see it
during sunrise, looking like a second sun. This is from is reflecting sunlight back to Earth from the dust
cloud surrounding it.

(Houston, 2014)
ET’s have been warning us about Planet X since 1995 through their website ZetaTalk and through crop


What devastation is going to happen?
When Nibiru gets closer and closer, it’s going to cause Earth to wobble from Nibiru’s poles
locking on to the Atlantic Rift and our North and South poles. Its North Pole is going to lock on to our
North Pole, causing Earth to tilt and there will be 3 days of darkness in one hemisphere and 3 days of
light in the other hemisphere and make the sun appear to rise in the West (the bible talks about this.
When it gets as close as it’s going to get to Earth (14 million miles), the magnetic pull and gravity from it
is going to slow the rotation of the Earth down (causing days to get longer and longer for 6 days) until it
stops completely for one hour (the hour of judgment the bible talks about). The gravity and magnetic
pull from Nibiru is going to pull Earth’s crust in one direction and the core in another direction causing a
pole shift. Earth will be tilted completely on her side for one hour. Our North Pole is going to end up
somewhere in Brazil.
There is a bulge of millions of cubic miles of water at the equator that is held in place by Earth’s
rotation (centripetal force) and gravity. Whenever our poles are disrupted and Earth’s rotation is
stopped, this water moves out of place and will cause great tsunamis and flooding almost everywhere,
especially near the coast lines. We will literally be able to hear the Earth groaning in agony (she does
not want her poles to shift, this other Earth, giving birth to a new world ) the week prior to the pole
shift and especially during the hour of it, due to her plates moving and creating tension. Remember how

I said there are wars between bacteria and microbes at the micro (smallest) level, and wars between
stars and planets at the macro (highest) level? This is an example of that, Nibiru vs. Earth!
There is going to be great earthquakes, floods, tsunami’s, hail, incredible lightning storms , very
strong winds , tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, solar flares, tons of asteroids and comets,
blood moons, magnificent auroras in the sky. Nibiru has a highly magnetic south pole. When its south
pole is pointed at the sun it draws in magnetically charged particles, which are being sent towards Earth.
This is also, in turn sending radiation towards us.
Massive EMPs (solar flares) are going to come from the sun knocking out the grid and all power
and electricity. Our north pole will be facing the sun more from the magnetic pull of Nibiru, causing our
ice caps to melt.

What changes are happening now?
The Earth is wobbling, it’s N and S pole are being tugged at by Nibiru, causing it to wobble back
and forth, causing hot and cold spots through the world. There has been a 500% increase in
earthquakes and volcanoes in the last 20 years. Earthquakes and volcanoes are reacting to the heating
up and activity in the core of the Earth. There has been a tightening up of the plates against each other
that the media hasn’t even recognized yet. Water and gas lines are snapping when the piping is put
under pressure or stretched from the plates tightening. Yellowstone’s super volcano might be waking
up, as Yellowstone has had over 400 earthquakes in the past week! Asteroids have been flying past
Earth nearly missing us recently. This is from Nibiru’s “tail”. It has a tail of dust clouds and asteroids and
comets and since it is getting closer to Earth, its comets and asteroids are flying towards us because of
Earth’s gravity. These are going to increase in frequency as Nibiru gets closer.
We have already had solar flares causing blackouts in major cities, and much more solar flares
are going to come along with EMPs (electromagnetic pulse) from the sun that will wipe our grid offline.
The jet currents have been extremely crazy, we have been having very strong winds (just had an
extreme storm with very strong winds the other day). This is due to the Earth wobble and hot and cold
air mixing in weird spots. Changes in the jet stream are causing unreasonable heat, unseasonal rain and
hail and extreme cold. Storm clouds are becoming very compact and very highly charged from the
magnetic particles coming in. Lightning storms are becoming much more intense, along with plasma
conduits forming on Earth (this is sort of like lightning that comes down from space.) These storms are
going to keep getting more and more extreme.

(Cape Town, June 7th 2017)
Birds have been flying in weird directions and just flying erratically and have been chirping at
3:00 A.M. because their magneto reception (their navigation system that allows them to sense Earth’s
magnetic field) is being screwed with from the magnetic pull from Nibriu.
The radiation incoming right now is horrible, the UV index is at a 12 in some places and a 10 is
supposed to be the highest on the scale. People will get blisters from the sun, and sunburn within
hours. People that never got sunburn in their life will be getting it for the first time. STAY OUT OF THE

We’re having some very awesome colors in the sky lately. Auroras are caused by radiation from
the sun because of the particle exchanges between the sun, Nibiru and Earth. We’re also having red
clouds, which is caused by red oxidized iron particles that are coming from Nibiru (the dust cloud
covering Nibiru that we can see as a second sun consists mainly of these particles.)

(Wisconsin Rapids, by Alex Jinsky)
On the “doomsday clock” we are already only 2 and a half minutes till midnight; they even show
this on the news. (The powers that be love to hide the truth in plain sight.)

I want to talk for a second about NASA, the powers that be etc. and why they don’t talk about
this. Did you know that NASA in Hebrew means “To deceive”? People always say to me “If this was real
it would be all over the news”. Well, do you think if everybody knew this, they would keep going to
work? I don’t think most would, they would want to be spending time with their families. The world
would be a mess without police officers, firefighters, paramedics, doctors etc. etc. The powers that be
also would not be getting their slave money from people’s taxes if no one worked.
They created the debate of “Global warming vs. climate change” to distract people from what’s
really going on. You could blame our climate change on greenhouse gases or something if Earth was the

only planet with a changing climate. But when our whole solar system is going through climate change,
you cannot say that it’s man-made. One of the reasons the government has been spraying chemtrails, is
to block out the sky so people can’t see Planet X/Nibiru. Another reason for chemtrails is to block the
frequency/energy waves coming from the sun that is activating some of our dormant DNA, more on that

They have known the truth for a while and have been building massive underground bunkers for
when shit hits the fan. China has built literal ghost cities with no one living in them, ready for the

Bible prophecies fulfilled
The revelation in the bible talks about the end of the world as we know it, and the birth of a new
Earth. I’m going to start with some quotes from the revelation and other parts of the bible and explain
how it is being fulfilled or is going to be fulfilled. There are many more prophecies than this, but I’m
only going to mention a few big ones.
Revelation 6:4

“And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take
peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great
This is talking about war. This visionary probably used to color red for the color of blood. I think
everyone knows we’re on the brink of world war 3...
Revelation 6:8
“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with
him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with
hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”
This is talking about hunger and disease. We have starving people all around the world.
Sickness and disease keeps becoming more and more rampant. This is because germs and carriers of
germs are on the move. Insects and animals are traveling to places they normally don’t go because of
the weather, so we’re seeing new diseases that haven’t been documented and diseases in places we
normally don’t see them. This will keep increasing until the pole shift.
Revelation 6:12-14
12) “I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun
became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.
13) And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty
14) Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out
of its place.”
Acts 2:20
“The sun shall be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,
Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD.”
On August 21st, 2017 there will be a solar eclipse (sun becoming black as sackcloth). We’ve
already had blood moons, which are a bible prophecy in itself, but I’m guessing there will be another
one on or around this time too.

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