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Not for Sale/Do Not Buy
(C)2000/2016 BY S.T.C.
Shawn T. Cook
Version 1.0 Pez
March, 2016
Laws of the variable x:
x is always the right answer, even under tremendous stress,
because it is a concept, that can never be wrong, because
it is there to ponder, and imagine. x is only wrong when
we say it is, and we fully control it, and it has great
magical powers to tell us exact, telepathic answers, like
you would read from a mathematical book from the far
future. Certainly, the variable x is the greatest, most
best functional, generous, and amazing variable for any
purpose, big or small.
--------------------------------------------------You are always right, even when wrong:
All symbols, icons, tokens, and functions in this language
provide a very creative, greatly liberal, and fully yielding
way to imagine and compile anything you wish. You can use
this with your electronics and chemistry and other
programming languages to open your mind and spark genius.
There are no set laws, and the rules are shapeless and clay.
--------------------------------------------------You can work when confused:
There are many complex codes in this book, so if you don't
know how to use them it is okay; when you get confused, just
use what you do not know as experiments. This language has a
lot of symbols called integrals, and it takes years to learn,
yet even a beginner can play with them.
--------------------------------------------------It is easy to be a Psyche Medic or PsY:
After you master school and college, when you finished
reading this document, and after you spend several days or
more reading it; you become an expert in this WALCULUS
language, and earn the title of Psyche Medic, or PsY,
requiring a minimum of 36 hours of study. A PsY is also
known as an expert in the profession of mental adjusting.
A PsY simply is a title you earn and give yourself when
you fully know all areas of BioPhysics and poetry.

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04/18/2016 11:35 PM


--------------------------------------------------Phase#1 code means imagination, orbits, charts, intuition,
planning, maps, being careful, safety, clear judgment,
invention, discovery, methods, and systems.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#2 code means physics, time, space, density, travel, money,
study, great feats, wormholes, portals, abyss, voyage, devices,
computing, fuel, resources, ships, and schematics.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#3 code means help, healing, medicine, cures, remedies,
recipes, anatomy, doctors, psychology, worry, fears, diet,
exercise, emotions, schedules, best advice, dream scripts.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#4 code means danger, caution, careful, defenses, fights,
horror, wrong, errors in pattern, disaster, fears, nightmare.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#5 code means guess, unsure, mystery, wonder, delight,
quest, passion, science, poetry, math, fun, sharing formulas,
adventure, building a nice place, unknowns, and success.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#6 code means cash, deals, business, finance, buy, sell,
trade, profits, mail, catalogs, rates, wealth, and security.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#7 code means haunting chaos, divine mystery, enchanted
curiosity, amazed in awe at cosmos, strong powerful science,
very creative developments, rhymes and music to captivate our
reasoning, magic spells, dark desires, miracle mixtures.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#8 code means a 2 player game. This can be a multiple
player computer fun, or a table game, there can be random
numbers to seed the play. When 2 or more players play
together. We will design the games, there can be dice, pieces,
a board, cards, money, for real or on a computer. We will create
our own version of poker or monopoly.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#9 code means powers of math, control, talent, ability to
cause a precise reaction, using laws of physics for changes and
results, big deals, agreements, right and wrong, outcomes, using
mathematics to attain a goal, sure you will win.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#10 code means we need much creativity, talent, time, money,
ingenuity, charm, strength, opportunity, planning, devotion,
enthusiasm, people, handshakes, caution, and technology, to
create the final product.
--------------------------------------------------Type01 W++ code means the answers are in this document,
and that every word or code used has a reference within
this language; When anything is marked as Type01 W++
you know that there is plenty of support and backing
to the formula, because it is a section of this book.
--------------------------------------------------Type02 W++ code means some words are not within the W++
language, and codes used have external references; there
are important keys, and only have normal support and
backing; the formulas should be very strong, only if
you gather all the meaning and purpose. Type02 W++
simply says there is great significance and worth
when fully mastered, yet outside the W++ document.
--------------------------------------------------Type03 W++ code means we are guessing formulas, we are

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04/18/2016 11:35 PM


sure they exist, yet we do not know the exact words,
we have a vague, cloudy memory of this code, yet if we
did the work to make the formula final, we would be able
to; this means the code exists, yet we may be wrong about
exactly what it is, yet if we made it final, it would
be similar to our guess.
--------------------------------------------------Type04 W++ code means powers of math, Here is a list of
things that math can control: Kiss and hug, avoid, remember,
sing song, use mind talent, use sense, perform act, practice,
yell, know, dance, look point, choose, help, imagine, tempt,
explain, deal, direct.
--------------------------------------------------Type05 W++ code means we require time, effort, talent, money,
rides, stores, helpers, factory, office, laboratory, internet,
rewards, data, media, and market to finish checking all items
on a list to production of the final packages.
--------------------------------------------------Type06 W++ code means Imagination, maps of galaxies, spaceships,
wormholes, engines, schematics, physics, rockets, orbits,
planets, stars, velocity, vectors, space travel, the universe,
vital survival in cosmos, shuttle craft, intergalactic transport,
home planets, space aliens, high risk maneuvers, warp speeds,
futuristic technology, polar swaps, energy fields, careful scope
observation, astronomy, plans to build a ship to carry humans
and equipment safely around galaxies.
--------------------------------------------------Type07 W++ code means Biology, cells, nucleic acids,
chromosomes, cytoplasm, amino acids, lipids, organelles,
proteins, anatomy, cell walls, enzymes, microbiology,
genetics, genome, suits and clothing, protective shields,
medicine, microscopes, ecology, youth, cures, immunity,
resistance, vaccines, blood, molecules, vitamins,
minerals, nature, communication, travel, and frequencies.
--------------------------------------------------Type08 W++ code means there is a danger, a scary thing could
be likely to happen; we are trying to manipulate a tricky
situation where the word NO has no meaning; we need all the
help we can get because we want what is holy, good, and right;
if we do not act soon it could bring terror and panic.
--------------------------------------------------Type09 W++ code means operating systems, devices and device
drivers, assembly language interrupts, CPU exceptions, debugging
machine code, various programming languages, any type of
calculator or computer hardware designs, software interrupts,
ROM chips, connecting a PC to another device, IRQ's,
communications ports, microchips, COM, LPT, and USB ports,
anything related to hardware or software transfers.
--------------------------------------------------Type10 W++ code means we will be using and developing
imaginative, creative, inventive, and scientific poetry and math.
We will ponder spaceships, biology, reality, college subjects,
and advances in technology, cures, knowledge, and general
expertise at living and existence. We will do our very best for
unity of all aspects of self and ecology, mixed with a great
bookshelf in our mind and computer, to make our dreams and
goals really happen.
--------------------------------------------------Type11 W++ code means we are teaching our family a language,
and trying to get our people on the same frequency; we are

3 of 186

04/18/2016 11:35 PM


getting ready for tough life challenges ahead, trying to secure
life and eternity, creating wisdom for paradise, health, wealth,
and high communication; trying to get the people we love all
equal intelligence, knowing as many codes and formulas as we
know. So we share the same functions and math.
--------------------------------------------------Type12 W++ code means ability to open a real wormhole,
swimming into a tunnel, a portal between worlds, cage of
density, astral projection, traveling parallel dimensions,
parallel worlds, psychoactive effects, warp imagine, use
x and y always make z, extreme agreements, a very nice
deal agree what z is, time waves, plasma frequencies, map
of worlds, exploits to open gate, final passage ways to
fantasy lands. Great emotions, sadness, madness, joy
as seas of glory. Cosmic night in darkness.
--------------------------------------------------Type13 code means were making a strive for Holy Good peace on
earth, a cure to terror, harmony and balance; so everyone gets
a good nights sleep, putting the bad guys where they belong,
careful strategic setup of a society system. Knowing probably
everyone would agree peace is the best goal we should keep
busy with important tasks and solve unknowns.
--------------------------------------------------Type14 code means that my job is to be hero. People need my
help. I have the training, I am ready to do my job. I have a
solid grip on life, travel, finance, and family. My job is
to exist, thrive, endure, and enjoy the cards in my hand. I
will never fail, else only I will feel the defeat. Soon all
my plans with unite okay, and I will find fame and fortune,
it would shatter my heart to fail, my essence is to be hero,
to pay the price required, to take the kids to the ocean;
to go fun places, explore the land, journey, make moments;
yet all the chaos makes me stronger, and my fears get
weaker, because home is in our skull, walking on rock, so
to be hero, to care, love, and know the dangers, and also
know the treasure, prizes, and wonderful places.
Here are the Chapters:
[000] AmericanGods(x) = Current gods that govern all.
[001] "SUN" Home Spot = Vector to do all your calculations.
[002] Introduction = Beginners starting chapter.
[003] Integrals(x) = Symbols for doing math and logic.
[004] The CECS = Complete Emotional Chemistry Set.
[005] ShapePage(x) = Design your formulas as colorful art.
[006] #Commands = Various instructions for your programs.
[007] MentalLingo(x) = The use of words as recipes.
[008] Lingology(x) = The study of topics and languages.
[009] Divide(x) = Simply divide but using words.
[010] Units(x) = Physics units for divide and diverse math.
[011] PerMultiply(x) = Perform the formula (a/b)*d=e
[012] CubeMultiply(x) = Perform the formula a*b*c=d
[013] WorldPeace(x) = Peace on earth.
[014] Symmetry(x) = Solve number patterns.
[015] FireBall(x) = Simple calculation everyone loves.
[016] Addition(x) = Simply add numbers or words.
[017] Subtract(x) = Simply subtract numbers or words.
[018] Multiply(x) = Simply multiply or words.
[019] Horror911(x) = Scary danger, killer steals years.
[020] Variables(x) = Important vital variables.

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04/18/2016 11:35 PM


[021] Constants(x) = Important vital constants.
[022] Cells(x) = Biology and cytoplasm stuff.
[023] Scary(x) = Doctors list of phobias.
[024] MadScience(x) = Various science portraits.
[025] Anatomy(x) = Many systems of an animals body.
[026] Schematics(x) = Language for electronics.
[027] Periodic(x) = Bunch of magic element chunks.
[028] Wascii(x) = Two number systems WASCIIA and WASCIIB.
[029] OxidativeStress(x) = About wear and tear on our body.
[030] Healing(x) = Biology process how the body heals.
[031] Metrics(x) = Complete list of metrics for physics.
[032] BrainLogic(x) = Outsmart powerful limits to good.
[033] Poetry(x) = Many physics and health poems.
[034] Laws(x) = Various laws of the universe.
[035] AnatomyHeal(x) = Healing on battlefield.
[036] Limits(x) = Various limitation codes.
[037] ChemistrySet(x) = Document for your chemistry set.
[038] LostDamned(x) = Story of madness and the dead.
[039] Astrology(x) = Read someones personality.
[040] SpeedRead(x) = Quickly read any book.
[041] SickEvil(x) = Weird things in my head.
[042] Formulogy(x) = Exact chemical experiment calculations.
[043] Panacea(x) = The ultimate cures.
[044] Resolve(x) = Solve normal math formulas.
[045] Link(x) = Connect items together.
[046] Scales(x) = Measure stuff on a number chart.
[047] ConeGame(x) = Design your own board games.
[048] OrbitFunction(x) = Functions for everyday use.
[049] Recrystallize(x) = Heal wounds and aging faster.
[050] ElasticFibers(x) = Another system of healing.
[051] PunchSpeck(x) = Get rid of unwanted iotas.
[052] Medicine(x) = Script magic reasoning drugs.
[053] Gelatin(x) = How descriptions create chemicals.
[054] JugglePower(x) = Juggling practice orbits.
[055] Mixture(x) = Another way to divide.
[056] EvilGod(x) = A big monster is hunting you.
[057] Death(x) = Complete list causes of death.
[058] Robot(x) = How the alphabet can talk.
[059] FormulaHex(x) = Make your own powerful hex codes.
[060] ElectPulse(x) = Create and invoke an action.
[061] O-Organisms(x) = Germs that effect us.
[062] Germs(x) = Germs in our head.
[063] Pins(x) = Weird science doing things to our head.
[064] BoostImagine(x) = Using an enhanced imagination.
[065] GrowCrystals(x) = How to grow sugar crystals.
[066] MagicDust(x) = Fairy dust recipe.
[067] AtomicScale(x) = A useful way to measure.
[068] Sine(x) = Complete list of sine waves.
[069] Ninja(x) = Practice through mistakes.
[070] GuessRandom(x) = Guess next numbers on dice.
[071] WonTonLoan(x) = Calculate loan payments.
[072] Alchemy(x) = Occult chemical observations.
[073] Matrix(x) = Solve all math calculations.
[074] Inverse(x,y) = Find the opposite of anything.
[075] Proof(x) = Extended system of division.
[076] VoidAlphabet(x) = Get a grip on life list.
[077] SuperIota(x) = Powerful iotas can do a lot.
[078] Zine(x) = Variation of a sine wave.
[079] Equality(x) = Different ways to use the = sign.
[080] Signal(x) = Solve a set of things.

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04/18/2016 11:35 PM


[081] Miracle(x) = Cheer up and feel better codes.
[082] Lingo(x) = A solid lingo for science purposes.
[083] Glow(w,x,y,z) = Radiate knowledge mentally.
[084] Index(x) = How to use words in math.
[085] ToDoList(x) = Final to-do list after all.
[086] FutureNotes(x) = Read books from the future.
[087] VitalFunctions(x) = Needed life functions.
[088] Horror(x) = Scary things that can happen.
[089] BoilCoil(x) = Chemistry for healing and magic.
[090] MindControl(x) = Alter situation or sensation.
[091] ApeArtAwe(x) = Arts and crafts tutor.
[092] SkyWalk(x) = Astronaut poetry.
[093] YouthCodes(x) = Formulas for youth.
[094] DreamShip(x) = Magic codes make life great.
[095] Various formulas = Some integral orbit codes.
[096] Even more functions = Extra goodies.
[097] Thing(x) = It's alive in our mind.
[098] FantasyCodes(x) = Dream formula codes.
[099] Final Formulas = Latest complete codes.
[100] LinkErrors(x) = Worst possible life errors.
[101] SoulFire(x) = Feel flames tickle spirit.
[102] CoreReasons(x) = Meaning, logic, situations.
[103] SuperSpray(x) = Imagine magic spray cans.
[104] OrbitSphere(x) = Vector to dream anything.
[105] SparksIntro(x) = Introduction to all.
[106] ZeroBegin(x) = Starting a new lingo.
[107] AnythingFunctions(x) = Various functions.
[108] ThemePhrases(x) = Situation codes.
[109] FinalResults(x) = Aftermath formulas.
[110] MathTask(x) = Putting arithmetic to work.
[111] TheoryBody(x) = The human body.
[112] GalaxyCodes(x) = Power variables.
[113] DarkTeaRecipe(x) = Dream mixture of symbols.
[114] MasterPlan(x) = Ultimate head games.
[115] FullExam(x) = Doctors steps to doing a full exam.
[116] AheadBestMake(x) = Really make your best come.
[117] CartoonKids(x) = Transform reality into a cartoon.
[118] SilentThunder(x) = Dreams with loud thunder.
[119] BoneShip(x) = Use your bones for cosmic travels.
[120] BirthZeus(x) = The birth of a god.
[121] CodeGenes(x) = Various genetic code genes.
[122] GodsTheory(x) = Interesting creative theories.
[123] DeadWithout(x) = Ninja master body skills.
[124] NinjaJuggle(x) = Ninja exercise and fighting.
[125] Nice12(x) = Secret method for priceless mad science.
[126] TheoryBooger(x) = Method of planning a booger.
[127] SilverPhish(x) = Nasty life in our brain.
[128] V++ = The Virus++ Language.
[129] OC++ = Object Collection Elements.
[130] Reserved(x) = Nothing yet.
[200] RECIPES = The final after all recipes.
[000] AmericanGods(x)
Ancient and Modern Day Gods
Gorphus(x) = King of all gods. Supreme being all creative one,
bringer of volcanoes and glaciers, murderer of men and animals,
liar and warrior, he is all wise and has a great master plan for

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04/18/2016 11:35 PM


his favorite students. Gorphus can be very helpful, and friendly,
offering completion of your journey.
Ophnimus(x) = King of the unknown, he is tormented by mystery
and corruption, he goes by the law "If we knew the recipe for
answers there would be a cure." He is all hopeful, and polite,
and an great anguish with the magic puzzle of dreams, and no
label can define his results; yet his demons are tricksters,
fooling everyone into box#1.
Shamintha(x) = Goddess of truth and power, she punishes sleazy
men, she is invincible, and she dislikes insecure emotions and
incomplete thoughts. Her job is to secure the backpanel furnaces
of creation, and rescue beings in times of need. There is
ultimate failure in graveyards with stone mistakes.
Ogranursa(x) = God of anger, sickness, death, chaos, and
stupidity. He breaks the spirit of man, he tricks the gods,
corrupter of priceless hopes, brutalizes fantasy; thief of
actors. He is evil, loud, brings pain, for King Henry.
Gringswald(x) = Master of dungeons and ultimate judge of justice.
He decides the rewards for innocence and the punishments for
guilt. He is a detective, investigates for the holy good security
and peace of night. He is African, the Bandito Tribe.
Answorth(x) = God of misfortune and accidents. Causes corrosion,
decay, errors, and discomfort. Smasher of wishes, destroyer of
hopes and dreams. Random collisions and foolish mistakes. He is
supreme in atomic war and bloody aftermaths.
Zooglesboog(x) = God of fantasy, passion, science, and invention.
He is a common leader of men into the latest technology and
capability. He has much good to offer, his harvest is plentiful;
yet playing with him is dangerous. He goes by the law "When
all innocent precious life unite as one much can be done." He
does not except most people bu a mask, only truth.
Grouthswad(x) = Wicked Knower of all God's, he is friends with
thousands of demons, and Kings of parallel universes, he
treasures the Gods Job, and carries messages between Life and
gods; he is who to ask questions to, a medic. See this god when
you need mental help, or the burden of eternity is too great;
but there may be no intelligent answer soon.
WooshGosh(x) = A mythical fictional imaginary ghost, he/she is
master of all conclusion and summary clouds, and is like a
guardian, and it is okay to always talk with this friend in
storms, and don't be stupid. For important things, as a general
all purpose friend afterlife gate.
[001] "SUN" Home Spot
"SUN" = Thinking! Learning! Busy! Building! Dreaming!
"SUN" %1 = Philosophy Theory Development (DPTD)
"SUN" %2 = Theme Music Characters Adventure Situation Results.
"SUN" %3 = Fantasy Wizard Master of Reality Abyss.

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04/18/2016 11:35 PM


Here are some variations of the "SUN" vector:
"SUN" = "SELF" = "HOME" = "VECTOR" = "GROUND" = "ORBIT" =
When we "SUN" we use our imagination to mix together
words into recipes. We can make powerful, ideal, clever,
creative formulas, backed by math, or even energy from
the source. We can study and dissect, and control any
subject at this point.
"PLATFORM" Solid foundation. Strong balance. Good flow.
The symbol "PLATFORM" means a sturdy place to develop formulas
and play with codes. We can experiment, and create any type of
science recipes here. This is the center of all topics.
--------------------------------------------------Physics mixed with all science topics is our ability to
fully master exactly what exists within a sphere, and know
the laws of behavior, reactions, and forces within a
contained volume, to format facts that predict and explain
what is happening to the target, and is our ability to ask
complex questions, and generate answers based on provided
variables, and unknowns; using symbols, codes, and digits
to describe any defects and possibility, and when there is
a spark of luck, produce ability to repeat the same recipe.
--------------------------------------------------A vector at the center of a sphere, used to measure anything
and any happening within it's volume, with very flexible lines
and arrows, as a way to map all actions or phase of what is
inside, this is not a single direction, the lines may be
chaotic, elastic, that shrink and expand, or bounce; we will
use an array of dots to describe the frequency, contents, and
outside of the sphere; normally, a vector has a finite ability
and jagged movement, yet with this method, the only limit is
imagination, and sharp mental focus to make your sketches.
--------------------------------------------------We are using an infinitely creative method to dream anything we
wish called the "SUN" situation. You can do your most favorite
calculations here from any topic. This is an unlimited phase as
we develop our resources from all we know, now we can use our
every fact to create formulas; when we have full freedom to use
every asset and make anything we wish any way we wish we stay
here, at "SUN" Now there is endless possibility and never any
failures. Stuff made in "SUN" is required to be priceless,
very nice, inventive, useful, and worthy. We must accord and
link everything together into the final results, and only create
working, ideal codes. You can also experiment, make mistakes,
and there can be any amount of errors. This is a place to format
finished products, and the more we know about the topic, the
greater the grade on our project. We have many keys, we must
master them.
[002] Introduction
Infinite anything. Super creative. Awesome forces. Prove miracles.
Cure anyone. Process logic. Atomic brain. Hero powers. Future
charts. Hack root ip. Smart science. Into mystery. Paragon crunch.
Actual truth. Trudge muck. Real dreams. Draw embryo. Cosmic
anchor. Realize dots. Learn words. Invent symbols. Self onslaught.
Great recipes. Magic dreams. Accord mind. Map reality. EyeBalls.

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04/18/2016 11:35 PM


--------------------------------------------------WELCOME TO THE WORM++ LANGUAGE, ALSO CALLED [W] or Anthropod++
A Psyche Medic or PsY is any person that has spent three
days or more for 12 hours a day at learning the WALCULUS
language; or anyone who is very familiar with the WALCULUS
document. Basically, you are a Psy when you are very
educated in W++ codes.
--------------------------------------------------You have started the process of becoming a Psyche Medic, or
emotional chemist; we will script our resources into programs.
The amazing part is we have sleeping assets, and mystery assets,
that can be exposed as a precision surgical instrument; or an
exploit to win the audience. Once you have completed reading
this document, and feel you have filled all missing pieces,
and can easily create these scripts, you have graduated to
the title and status of a Psyche Medic, or PsY.
--------------------------------------------------Imagination and it's accurate mind control our thinking
and decisions to become lifestyle and our actions. Our
hopes and wishes with belief is the greatest healer. Our
power of brain storms is unlimited in spicy potential. Our
soul and spirit are very strong invincible entity that sits
in our bone marrow. You will choose your friends carefully
when you shout their names.
--------------------------------------------------We can control our chromosomes at enormous speeds and super
evolve our DNA into powerful beings. We want a secure, general,
complete summary and expertise at all, even science, and we
possess it. We had former blanks and missing vital disconnected
links that are pulled tight together now. We are as infinite in
anatomy as our brain can imagine into our storms. We have a
very clear outlook on all topics we can program.
--------------------------------------------------Our brain carries huge massive heavy chunks or rock and metal,
our spirit and mind spread intense magic logic over the entire
platform, our ego is our self and holds together our great
intuition and intellect, our heart is a forest world.
--------------------------------------------------Once we link all of the items on this list into one single mental
ship we create the unity of our self:
1. Weather, rain, clouds, people, and external forces.
2. Hair, face, head, feet, nose. all external body parts.
3. Brain, lungs, kidney, spleen, and all internal organs.
4. Cytoplasm, chromosomes, enzymes, proteins, all Cells.
5. Thought, mind, soul, dreams, all spiritual assets.
6. Reality, worlds, parallel dimensions, cosmos, travels.
7. Language, explain, math, energy, create, scopes.
Assets, enhanced resources, formed final formulas, and backing.
Any item on this list can have a root ip. The term "root" means
the highest level of access. The term "ip" means infinite
protocol, or heightened state of identity. For example, if we
wish to attain "root ip" of our insight, the formula is:
Note that the variable x can be anything. As time continues to
evolve the unity of our self, or ship, we can grasp and absorb

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04/18/2016 11:35 PM

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