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Everything You Need to Know
We take great care to organize and pack your

To prevent delays or inaccurate listings,

items for safe transportation to our processing

please do not move items or EBTH tags during

facilities. Please expect EBTH employees to be

the process.

in and out of your home throughout the entire
sale process.

(we recommend using a piece of blue painters

permitted to facilitate the entry or exit of the

tape). Take time to remove items of a personal or

home for any contractors, family members or

family nature if they are not to be sold (photos,

others. If any other work must be done in the

documents, medals, etc.). Our crew will do

home simultaneously to our process, please

their best to call out such items but cannot be

confirm this with your PM. Ideally no contractors

responsible if they are included in the sale. Also,

will be performing work in the home at the

please mark any spaces you do not wish our

same time as EBTH crews. We also ask that you

crew to access with a simple “Do not enter” sign.

of visitors and pets while we’re at work. For the
safety of our staff, we ask that the home is safe,
insured, and free of black mold.

Since our experienced and trained team knows
how to position your items on EBTH.com for
optimal results, please note that EBTH will retain
sole discretion of items included or excluded

At the beginning of the cataloging process,

from a grouping, as well as the appearance and

please provide your PM with any special

presentation of your sale on EBTH’s website. In

instructions or information regarding pieces that

some cases, this may mean that items purchased

you believe to be of specific value or interest.

as a set will be split up.

EBTH will attempt to keep all areas surrounding

After the sale closes, your PM will work with you

the sale items as neat as possible, however,

to schedule pickup of any items that remained in

please be aware that the space will not always

the home.

appear staging-ready.


clearly mark all items which are NOT to be sold

For liability reasons, EBTH employees are not

make efforts to ensure the home remains free


Prior to the arrival of the EBTH crew, please