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In a vast universe, in the presence of a sea
of unknown stars is Avavenia. A broken
and lonely world, Avavenia clings to life.
After countless cataclysms all that is my
hopeful heart and a divided people.
- Lady Aisha Hollip of the Golden Word

I have placed a lot of
thought into how we
should continue gaming
together. Everyone is
constantly being pulled
into different directions
and we all have many
I think a mixture of
digital tracking and
online interaction is the
answer. Full length
games will take place on
as needed basis. Many
of the players who can

devote the time to game
will reap rewards, but no
one will be left out over
Role playing will take
place online and at game.
This will aid in record
keeping and in interacting
with other players. From
the looks of things I will
be doing a lot of the
rolling and number
generation from home. In
turn the character building
has been expanded.

A Facebook messenger
message will be the start. It
allows for simple access to
information, doesn’t require
anyone to download
anything and uses many
different software

All ability scores
start at 10. Each
character receives 28
points to spend on
increasing their ability
scores. You can gain
more points by
decreasing one or more
of their abilities. No score
can be decreased below
7 and no score may go
above 18.
Scores may not be
altered any further using

This method. All placements
are final character creation.
Plan wisely each a character
is being built to your own
personal specifications.

Most humans are the
descendants of pioneers,
conquerors, traders,
travelers, refugees, and
other people on the move. As
a result, human lands are
home to a mix of peoplephysically, culturally,
religiously, and politically
different. Hardy or fine, lightskinned or dark, showy or
austere, primitive or civilized,
devout or impious, humans
run the gamut.

Medium: As Medium
creatures, humans have
no special bonuses
or penalties due to their
Human base land speed is
30 feet.
1 extra feat at 1st level,
because humans are
quick to master
specialized tasks and
varied in their talents. See
Chapter 5: Feats. an area.

4 extra skill points at 1st
level and 1 extra skill
point at each
additional level, since
humans are versatile and
capable. (The 4
skill points at 1st level are
added on as a bonus, not
multiplied in;
see Chapter 4: Skills.)
Automatic Language:
Common. Bonus
Languages: Any (other
than secret languages,
such as Druidic). See
other racial lists for
common languages or the
Speak Language skill
(page 82) for a
more comprehensive list.
Humans mingle with all
kinds of other
folk and thus can learn any
language found in an area.
Physical Description:
Humans typically stand
from 5 feet to a little over

6 feet tall and weigh
from 125 to 250
pounds, with men
noticeably taller and
heavier than women.
Thanks to their penchant
for migration and
conquest, and to their
short life spans, humans
are more physically
diverse than other
common races. Their
skin shades range from
nearly black to very
pale, their hair from
black to blond (curly,
kinky, or straight), and
their facial hair (for men)
from sparse to thick.
Plenty of humans have
a dash of nonhuman
blood, and they may
demonstrate hints of
more exotic heritage.
Members of this race
are often ostentatious
or unorthodox in their

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