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Available Mon - Fri


11am - 4pm


Complete your pasta with a beginner salad and 2 pieces garlic bread for only 2.49

Create your own Pasta

Lunch-Sized Fried Mushrooms 3.99
Lunch-Size Mozzarella Sticks 3.99

Includes one dressing of your choice

Choose your Pasta
Choose your Sauce:
Hideaway Marinara
Creamy Alfredo
Herb Garlic Butter
Garlic Basil Pesto

Additional Sauce .35

Mini Pizza & Salad

One single-topping mini pizza with a Just-a-Beginner Salad 5.99
Additional toppings for a mini Pizza are .50 each

Soup & Half Sandwich

Your choice of a Ham & Cheddar, Turkey Melt or Roast Beef Sandwich
and a Cup of our Daily Soup 5.99
Enjoy an Avogobble, Hideaway Submarine, BLT, Dagwood or
Meatball Sub for an additional .50

Salad and Soup

Your choice of a Turkey and Mozzarella or
Ham and Cheddar Inbetweener Salad
and a cup of our Daily Soup 5.99

House Made Cheesecake

Ask your server for today’s selection 4.99


Love at First Kite
Why all the kites on Hideaway walls? Richard & Marti,
Stillwater founders of this restaurant have enjoyed kite
flying and collecting kites, worldwide, for the last 30
photo by Terry Officer, Edmond, OK
years. Richard was president of the American Kitefliers
Association from 1997-2000, a job that took them to China, Japan, India, New
Zealand, England, France, Denmark and Guadeloupe. All of their travels added to
their international kite collection, which they have displayed here for you to enjoy.
If you want to learn more about kites go to

Spaghetti Supreme

Meatballs, Mild Sausage and Chicken
topped off with sautéed Mushrooms 7.99

Sausage Lasagna

Hand made with Ricotta, Mozzarella,
Parmesan and Provolone Cheese, Italian
Sausage and our Tomato Sauce 7.29

Choose a Protein 1.75
Our own hand rolled Meatballs
Grilled Chicken Breast
Mild Sausage ∙ Pepperoni
Add Veggies .50each
Sautéed Button Mushrooms
Green Pepper ∙ Broccoli
Artichoke Hearts ∙ Black Olives

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Breast Cutlet covered in
Hideaway’s Marinara and topped with
Provolone and Parmesan Cheese.
Served over a bed of Spaghetti 7.49

We regularly search for unique Wines and Draft Beers to compliment our menu.
Wine and Draft Beer selection changes regularly please consult the Wine and Beer
Menu for current selections.

Soft Drinks

Fresh Coffee


Domestic Beers

Pepsi ∙ Diet Pepsi ∙ Dr. Pepper Diet
Dr. Pepper ∙ Mt. Dew ∙ Mug Root Beer
Mist Twist 1.99
Made fresh with natural and simple
ingredients. Never from a mix or
concentrate 1.99

Dark roasted in Oklahoma, whole Beans
are ground just before brewing for
outstanding flavor 1.99
Blue Moon ∙ Budweiser ∙ Bud Light
Coors ∙ Coors Light ∙ Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite 3.00

Coffee • Tea • Hot Tea • Sweet Tea • Milk • Chocolate Milk

The Original Stillwater Hideaway opened
in 1957. In 1960, after working at
The Hideaway for three years, lifelong
Stillwater residents and OSU students
Richard and Marti Dermer, in partnership
with Richard’s brother-in-law, bought the
business for $10,000. A few years later,
Richard bought out his brother-in-law’s half
and started his work to create the business
model that still works 60 years later.
Originally, The Hideaway was located
around the corner on Third Street and
seats 90 guests. In 1980, we moved into
our current location, more than doubling
the square footage and seating capacity.
In 2002, we doubled our space once
again and can now accommodate 350
guests. The Original Hideaway’s success
encouraged a group of former employees
and friends to form Hideaway 2, Inc.
in 1993. They are the exclusive license
holders of the Hideaway name outside
Stillwater. Hideaway 2 now operates 16
locations throughout the state with more
opening every year. While their menu
and recipes vary slightly from the original,
they each maintain that unique Hideaway
atmosphere and service.





1 9 5 7

Fresh Salads

Famous Fried Mushrooms

A Stillwater Staple -Hand breaded fresh
mushrooms served with 2 sauces 6.99
Additional Sauces .35

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Served with your choice of 2 sauces 7.29
Additional Sauces .35

Smoked Gouda Cheese &
Macaroni Bites
Breaded and Fried Smoked Gouda
Cheese Macaroni; served with your
choice of 2 sauces 6.99
Additional Sauces .35

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Hideaway’s own recipe blends Mozzarella,
Provolone and Parmesan Cheese with
Spices, Spinach and Artichoke Hearts
topped with diced Roma Tomatoes; served
with toasted Crostini 6.99


Basil Bruschetta

Diced Roma Tomatoes and Basil
marinated in aged Balsamic Vinegar;
served on toasted Crostini and topped
with shaved Parmesan 6.29

Parmesan Meat Balls (3)

House made with Italian Sausage,
Ground Beef and Spices topped with
Shaved Parmesan and Hideaway Red
Sauce; served with toasted Crostini 6.99

Garlic Bread

Four slices of Butter Garlic toasted Bread 2.25

Cheese Bread

Four slices served with Hideaway Red Sauce 3.25

Sautéed Mushrooms

A Bowl of Button Mushrooms Sautéed to
perfection 3.99
Extra Sauce .35 each: Hideaway’s Red Sauce,
Ranch, Creamy Italian, Honey Dijon Mustard or
Augusto’s Spicy Green Chile Sauce

Served Hot or Cold on Italian White
Bread or Dark Honey Wheat with
Lettuce, Tomato and a Pickle Spear
and your choice of our house made
Parmesan Garlic Chips or Pasta Salad

Roast Beef

Ham & Cheddar

Cured Ham, Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef,
Provolone, Cheddar and Swiss
Whole 6.99 Half 4.59

96% fat free cured Ham and Sharp
Cheddar Cheese
Whole 6.49 Half 4.29

Smoked Turkey

98% fat free Smoked Turkey with your
choice of Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone
Whole 6.49 Half 4.29

Thinly Sliced Prime Roast Beef with your
choice of Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone
Whole 6.49 Half 4.29


The Avogobble

Turkey Sandwich dressed with Avocado,
Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, and zesty
Augusto’s Green Sauce on a dark
Honey Wheat Roll
Whole 6.99 Half 4.59

Design your own Salad! Take a look at our Toppings; we’ll happily add any item for
an additional charge. Choice of Dressings: Ranch, Parmesan Peppercorn, Creamy
Italian, Chunky Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fat-Free Italian,
Honey Mustard and Aged Balsamic Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Mixed Greens, Diced Roma Tomatoes,
Pepperoncini and Ripe Olive 2.29


Mixed Greens, Diced Roma Tomatoes,
Pepperoncini, Ripe Olives, with your
choice of chopped Ham & Cheddar or
Turkey and Mozzarella 4.99

Caesar Salad

Romaine Lettuce with Creamy Caesar
Dressing topped with, Diced Roma
Tomatoes, Croutons and Shaved
Parmesan 6.49
Add Grilled Chicken for 1.75

Pasta Salad

Tri Colored Pasta mixed with a
Simple Italian Dressing, Olives,
Spices and Shaved Parmesan
4.99 Side: $2.49

Chicken and Artichoke Salad
Mixed Greens, Diced Roma Tomatoes,
Pepperoncini, Ripe Olives with Grilled
Chicken & Artichokes 7.25

Bacon Spinach Salad

Spinach, Peppered Bacon, Diced Roma
Tomatoes, Fresh Mushrooms, Egg, and
Feta Cheese served with a Balsalmic
Vinaigrette 6.99

Big Salad

Mixed Greens, Diced Roma Tomatoes,
Pepperoncini, Ripe Olives, Egg, Ham,
Cheddar and Mozzarella 6.99


House made Meatballs with Italian
Sausage, Ground Beef and Spices;
topped with Hideaway Red Sauce and
Provolone Whole 6.99 Half 4.59

Hideaway Submarine

Pepperoni, Cured Ham, Genoa Salami,
Provolone and Italian Dressing
Whole 6.99 Half 4.59

Chicken Parmesan

Breast Cutlet topped with Marinara and
Provolone. Served on a toasted split top
bun 6.99

Please ask your server for the Daily
Soup Selection. Add a half order of
Garlic Bread for only .75






Peppered Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato
served hot with Mayo on an Italian Loaf
Whole 6.99 Half 4.59
Add Avocado and Make it a B-L-A-T for
Whole .99 Half .49
All fried items are cooked in Rice Bran Oil

Create Your Own Classic Pizza
Choose one of our Sauces:
Original Tomato
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garlic

(additional topping charge)

Garlic Basil Pesto

(additional topping charge)

*The consuming of raw or under
cooked Eggs, Meat, Poultry, Seafood
or Shellfish may increase your risk of
food borne illness, especially if you
have a medical condition.

Then add your choice of Toppings:
Green Olives
Mild Sausage
Green Peppers
Spicy Italian Sausage
Fresh Mushroom
Pepperoncini Peppers
Smoked Bacon
Canadian Bacon
Chicken Breast
Smoked Turkey
Genoa Salami
Green Chilies
Chopped Garlic
Smoked Oysters
Fresh Basil
Artichoke Hearts
Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Fresh Tomatoes
Black Olives

Specialty Pizza
Pizza Supreme

We call it the ATW: Sausage,
Pepperoni, Green Pepper, Onion, Black
Olive and Mushroom
Small 11.50
Medium 18.60
Large 27.85

Veggie Supreme

The VATW: Broccoli, Tomato, Artichoke
Hearts and Mushrooms
Small 10.70
Medium 17.45
Large 25.85

Hideaway Special

Each slice a different single topping
Mini 6.00 Small 9.90
Medium 16.05
Large 23.85

Vegetarian Combo

Green Pepper, Onion, Black Olives and
Small 10.70
Medium 17.45
Large 25.85

The Little Kahuna

The Basic Cheese Pizza

Mini (8") 4.50 Small (10") 7.50 Medium (13") 11.85
Large (17") 17.85 Udi’s 10" Gluten Free Crust add 3.00
For each additional Topping add
Mini .50 Small .80 Medium 1.40 Large 2.00
Extra Cheese
Mini .75 Small 1.60 Medium 2.60 Large 3.65
Sides of Dressing .35/ea

Our Olive Oil and Garlic Sauce is
topped with Mozzarella and Provolone,
Chicken, Smoked Bacon, Sun-Dried
Tomato and Feta Cheese
Small 10.70
Medium 18.45
Large 25.85

The Mediterranean

Olive Oil and Garlic, Mozzarella,
Spinach, Sun-Dried Tomato, Feta and a
hint of Oregano
Small 9.90
Medium 16.05
Large 23.85

Copyright 2016 CAT Restaurant and Marketing Specialists • • 402.468.4810

Paradise Pie

Alfredo Sauce, Mozzarella, Chicken,
Smoked Bacon, Mushroom, Spinach
and fresh Tomato
Small 11.00
Medium 18.60
Large 27.85

Pizza of the Gods

Olive Oil and Garlic topped with
Mozzarella, fresh Tomato, Artichoke
Hearts, Mushrooms and extra Cheese
Small 10.70
Medium 18.45
Large 25.85

Barbecue Beef or Chicken

Dermers own Barbecue Recipe- We pile
on the Beef or Chicken and add a very
generous helping of Cheese, making a
Stillwater classic!
Small 9.90
Medium 16.05
Large 23.85

Five Cheese

An amazing Pie piled high with
Mozzarella, Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar
and Feta Cheese with a hint of Oregano
Small 9.90
Medium 16.05
Large 23.85

Big Country

Pepperoni, Italian Sausage,
Canadian Bacon, Smoked Bacon and
Cheddar Cheese
Small 11.50
Medium 18.60
Large 27.85

Indicates a Hideaway favorite!

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