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Bart Woinski


A MAN and WOMAN approach the front door of a large, lonely
house. An eerie quietness lingers over the vast stretch of
empty property.
Wow, nice place. Shame your dad has
to live here alone.
We now see the couple as the woman knocks on the door.
That’s the way he likes it now, I
guess. Still...
Maybe he just went, uh, camping?
She gives him an annoyed look and tries the doorknob to no
avail. She bends down and lifts a rock beside the stairs,
revealing a key, and opens the door as the two walk in.
The woman shuts the door behind her and looks around. The
house appears intact, but dark.
Claire, I’m sure your dad is fine.
It’s not like him to just vanish
without a word for a whole week.
Are you going to help me look?
Alright. I’ll check the basement if
you want to look upstairs. We can
meet back here and look if we don’t
find anything.
Claire departs and heads up the stairs. In the hallway on
the second floor, she finds a lamp and attempts to turn it
on, but nothing happens. Cursing under her breath, she
proceeds to start checking the various rooms.




After opening a couple of doors, the look of disappointment
and worry on her face grows even more pronounced. She
explores the master bedroom but finds nothing of interest.
She eventually reaches the final door at the end of the
hall, just across the master bedroom, but this one does not
open. She motions to slam her shoulder into the door but is
cut off by the sound of a voice downstairs, jerking her
Hey, come down here!
Taking one last look at the door, she turns around and makes
her way downstairs. She finds the man at the base of he
Damien? Did you find something?
Sort of. You better come and take a
She does as told and follows him down into the basement
area, where they enter a room tucked into the far corner.
Unlike the rest of the house so far, this room is a mess;
papers litter the floor and take-out boxes are amassed all
over the place.
What is that?
The two focus on a strange BLACK ORB in some sort of
metallic container sitting squarely on the desk at the other
end of the room. The orb seems to be exposed.
I don’t know, but it’s pretty
creepy, right? Does it mean
anything to you?
No. I don’t like this. What if
something bad happened to him?
Don’t think like that. Listen,
there are a couple more rooms to
check out. If we don’t find
anything, we can go to the police.




No reaction again. Claire seems strangely drawn to the orb
and begins to walk toward it.
Babe? What are you doing?
I just want to check it out.
Uh, okay. Maybe let’s not examine
the weird black ball? Hey!
He rushes after her, but it’s too late. She reaches for the
orb. As soon as her hand touches the surface, her eyes
enlarge and she reels back, wincing, as if in pain.
I don’t know, this thing just...
stabbed me or something.
She looks down at her fingers, and the tips seem to be
bleeding like if a needle pricked them.
I don’t want to say I told you so,
but I did.
Claire seems lost for a second, still looking at her hand,
before apparently processing what he said.
Yeah, I’m fine though. Let’sShe is cut off by the faint sound of footsteps nearby.
Uh? Is thatShe gives him an unsure glance as the two exit the room and
head toward the source of the noise.




They approach the back of the house, which is even darker
than the rest of it. As they head further into the room,
something heavy topples over in front of them, crashing to
the floor. The pair notice a faint silhouette appear in the
corner in front of them. As Claire tugs her boyfriend’s arm,
staring at the figure, she suddenly yells out, gripping her
Hey, are you okay?
He pulls his phone out and illuminates her. Her hand has
faint, dark-colored, vein-like streaks running across it.
The same kind of pattern appears in the white of her eyes.
What the fuck?
No more figure. He helps her to her feet as they turn toward
the front of the house, and Claire is snatched away into the
darkness out of nowhere.
He is terrified, and motions to run after her but hesitates.
He collects himself enough to run toward the front door, but
can not seem to open it. Damien then spins around to the
sound of skittering footsteps above him, but sees nothing.
Suddenly, his eyes focus forward as Claire lunges at him
with a weapon in hand, cracking him over the head with it as
his body falls limp to the floor. The pattern on her skin
seems to have progressed ever so slightly, and her eyes are
bloodshot and angry.
How dare you fucking leave me?
Panting, Claire perks up to the sound of something
skittering along the floor toward her, and looks behind her
to see the strange orb from before laying there, perfectly
still. It has strange writing on it. Looking back at her
fallen significant other, she strikes him repeatedly, blood
spraying across her features.
After a few seconds, she drops her weapon, almost like
breaking out of a trance, and shakes her head.



Oh god ... what’s happening to me?

Stumbling away from Damien’s body, holding her head, Claire
finds her way to the bathroom. Noticing her now-paler skin
and the strange veins slowly creeping up her body in the
mirror, she averts her gaze, but only for a moment.
Lifting a hand to her cheek, she begins to pick at it.
Slowly, she peels away a portion of skin, revealing a sickly
gray surface. She gasps, only to whip around at the sound of
something cluttering in the distance.
She inches her way out of the bathroom, having taken a pair
of scissors by the sink. All her attention is directed to
the upstairs. Slowly climbing the stairs, she looks to the
room that was previously locked.
The door is now open, and she feels compelled to approach
it. She walks mindlessly into the room, which looks almost
like a black hole. A voice is heard, but it is
unintelligible, and a pair of eyes pierce the darkness and a
clawed hand is placed on her shoulder in an almost fatherly
Moments later, she comes down the stairs with scissors still
in hand. She stops momentarily, noticing the black orb that
has mysteriously moved to the bottom of the staircase and
picks it up. She steps over her dead boyfriend’s body, and
opens the front door with no problem.
Emerging from the house, Claire’s features are now
noticeably less human in the sunlight and she carries the
orb toward the road. She walks, and walks, with barely an
animal or a human being in sight until she happens upon
another home in the distance and begins to walk toward it.
The doorbell rings from inside, and the door is momentarily
opened by a frowning NEIGHBOR.
The words barely escape his mouth before he gasps in shock
at Claire’s appearance. She quickly lifts the scissors and
lunges forward at him. We can hear a body dropping to the
floor. More commotion can then be heard in the house, and
the screams of its other residents slowly fade away.




Claire soon sets the bloody scissors down on a coffee table
as we see the carnage she wrought, corpses and blood all
around her. She places the orb on the table next to the
weapon as police sirens blare from a distance. She stands
and exits the room as the black orb pulses, something
seemingly swimming inside of it.

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