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Title: Payment Receipt

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ϲϧϭέΗϛϟ· ϝϳλΣΗ ϝΎλϳ΍
E-Payment Receipt
Receipt Date:


ΔϋΎΑρϟ΍ ΦϳέΎΗ

Payment Receipt No.:


ϝϳλΣΗϟ΍ ϝΎλϳ΍ ϡϗέ

Invoice No.:


Invoice Date:


ΓέϭΗΎϔϟ΍ ϡϗέ
ΓέϭΗΎϔϟ΍ ΦϳέΎΗ

Application No.:


Applicant Name:

έΎΑΗΧ΍ indstg


ΏϠρϟ΍ ϡϗέ
ΏϠρϟ΍ ϡΩϘϣ ϡγ΍

ι ϡϫέΩϟΎΑ ϡϭγέϟ΍ Δϣϳϗ
Fees (AED)

ΩϧΑϟ΍ ϑλϭ
Fee Description


ΔϳήΤΒϟ΍ ΔϠϴγϮϟ΍ κϴΧήΗ έ΍Ϊλ·
Issuance of Marine Craft License


ϡϭγέϟ΍ ΩϧΑ ίϣέ
Fee Item Code



ΔϓήόϤϟ΍ ϢϫέΩ Ϣγέ
Knowledge Dirhams Fee



έΎϜΘΑϹ΍ ϢϫέΩ Ϣγέ
Innovation Dirham Fee




ϲϟΎϤΟϻ΍ ώϠΒϤϟ΍
Total Amount

Error: Subreport could not be shown.
Cashier Name / Signature and Stamp

ϡΗΧϟ΍ ϭ ϊϳϗϭΗϟ΍ ϝλΣϣϟ΍ ϡγ΍

Dmca test04

Dmca test04

All fees are in AED

ϲΗ΍έΎϣϹ΍ ϡϫέΩϟΎΑ ϡϭγέϟ΍ ϊϳϣΟ

ΔϠϣΎόϣϟ΍ ϰϠϋ ΔρϠγϟ΍ ϥϋ ΓέΩΎλ ΔϘϓ΍ϭϣ ϭ΃ ΢ϳέλΗ έΑΗόΗ ϻϭ ϯέΧϻ΍ ΕΎϬΟϟ΍ ϭ ΔϳΣϼϣϟ΍ ϲΑΩ ΔϧϳΩϣ ΔρϠγ ϡϭγέ ϝϣηΗ Ωϗ ϲΗϟ΍ ϭ ϩϼϋ΃ ΔΣοϭϣϟ΍ ΕΎϣΩΧϟ΍ ϡϭγέ ϊϓΩ ϝΎλϳ· ΔϘϳΛϭϟ΍ ϩΫϫ ϝϛηΗ
. ϪϠϣΎόϣϟ΍ ίΎΟϧ· ϥϣ ΔϳϠλϷ΍ ΔΧγϧϟΎΑ υΎϔΗΣϻ΍ ϰΟέϳ
This document constitutes receipt for payment of the fee(s) for the service(s) as described above. They may include both DMCA & other External Entities fees and does not
constitute as a permit or approval issued by Dubai Maritime City Authority. Please retain the original copy of the Payment Receipt for verification purposes.

For queries, please contact Registration and Licensing Department, DMCA
Tel: +971 4 345 5666, Fax: +97143458008, P.O. Box: 117774, Dubai - UAE

Print Date: 10-Oct-2017

ΔϳΣϼϣϟ΍ ϰΑΩ ϪϧϳΩϣ ϪρϠγ ιϳΧέΗϟ΍ ϭ ϝϳΟγΗϟ΍ ϩέ΍Ω· ϊϣ ϝλ΍ϭΗϟ΍ ϰΟέϳ έΎγϔΗγ΍ ϯ΃ ΩϭΟϭ ΔϟΎΣ ϰϓ
ΓΩΣΗϣϟ΍ ϪϳΑέόϟ΍ Ε΍έΎϣϹ΍ ϰΑΩ 117774 ΩϳέΑϟ΍ ϕϭΩϧλ 97143458008 αϛΎϔϟ΍ 5666 345 4 971 ϑΗΎϬϟ΍


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