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Author: David Santa Cruz

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The Sun Still Shines
Written by David Santa Cruz
Chapter 1: The Shows Circle
It was just another day with a 40 and 5 dollars for the show that was about to happen. He met with his friend
Jonathan under a broken streetlamp in the cut of a large stone building. “Here's to nothing” said Pablo. They tapped
40's and started pounding. “Who's playing tonight?” “Umm Fuck Force 12, Lucicon, Ramedy Sham and ENTER ALL”
said Jonathan. “What's so great about the last band? I'm sure Fuck Force 12 is better.” Replied Pablo. “No man you
don't even know, these guys are fucking legends!” said Jonathan “Well I've never been a fan of legends” announced
Pablo. They went in and stood in the middle of the crowd and the bands came on one by one. Some for a laugh some
for a good mosh. People mostly just pushed each other around and danced into each other. Finally the lights turned
purple and smoke began to fill the stage. The band came out with confidence but Pablo immediately started booing
them; and heckeling to himself. They kicked in the guitars and drums immediately and the vocalist started yelling.
“Let me take you inside your skull to an un-found place, The place inside that never leaves a trace. Unbound from
all it's the hidden head!” People started running in a circle; when all in the city strives to make straight lines and
crosses here they naturally went cyclical. “Could you open up to more than what was created, to reinstate the place
all contemplated. We are what's imperishable voiced in a lesser form; without hesitation we realized why others
conform.” Pablo was running around slamming into the walls of people. “We'll test your limits and set you up for
more, now we exist inside your brain as an unconscious spore!” Someone reeled back and slammed there fist into
Pablo's stomach and he fell over into the side of the crowd laying on the floor, half grimacing half smiling as he
took in all the sounds of the guitar solo and cymbal crashes leading to the end of the show.
Outside there were Buddhist monks giving out pamphlets and asking for donations. “Whatsup cueball”
Smirked Pablo “what you doing at the show tonight?” A monk stepped forward and said, “We are asking for
donations so that people can experience the embodiment of compassion” “Give em' a kiss Jonathan” Pablo said as he
turned his back and started walking. Jonathan flickered his eyelashes and the monk stepped back. Then Jonathan
had caught up to Pablo and Pablo started talking “Yeah I don't want to be a Buddhist monk and leave life, we're here
as an opportunity, I know that. I wanna live and see unfathomable things.” “Monks go deeper into life.” says Jonathan
“No, that's not true. It's the reason we were inside at the show and they were outside begging for money like bums!”
Snarked Pablo. “So I take it you liked the band” Jonathan Replied “Yes” said Pablo, as a sharp grin formed on his face.
Chapter 2: Finding the Goddess
“Watch the typical things of your life form into legends, totems in the spirit realm have endless possibilities
of change Euuuuhhh” Pablo wakes up from voices in the void of dreams. He leans over to the edge of his bed and
grabs the empty 40 ounce. He walks over to the bathroom sink and starts filling it up. In a quiet timid voice he says
to himself “Dirty water” Then starts chugging it. He puts on his jean jacket and walks out to the park for a cigarette.
He saw a young looking woman that was quite tall and very thin. He glanced at her and she just started waving to
him and smiling with tight happy eyes. “Greetings Traveler.” She spoke out to him. “Well how do you do miss?”
Pablo responded in a raspy sullen voice.” “I don't mean to be a bother but I'm looking for someone to show me
around the town. I'm new, receptive and open to the practices of natives”. Said the woman. “Why sure I'm a local and
I've got all the time In the (Whispers Fucking) World...” Says Pablo. “Oh that is such a delight to hear mister because
I've been trying all morning and have gotten turned down by many!” Said the Thin woman. “My name is Sayther”
“Pablo” He Responded. He put out his hand but Sayther just hugged him smiling profoundly. “I'm so happy to meet
you.” “Well then let's travel the town” Says Pablo with low eyes. “I started going out in to nature, parks and oceans
stuff like that.” said Sayther “Here I realized that life was just starting for some, mothers with their children in some.
While it some seemed to be preparing an exit for others, the elderly and homeless.” “I remember my times as a
young girl.--” “So are you like a hippie then, who worships the earth?” asks Pablo. “No I'm a Hindu, we see the divine

in all aspects of creation” Responds Sayther. “Yeah I'm pretty sure that means your a hippie, Do you love everyone?”
says Pablo “Well yes they are all a representation of the self, I see another as a mirror, a part that will bring me
completion.” Responds Sayther. “Yeah total Hippie, (sigh) well you should know that this is a dirty mirror of a town
and most people that run the place will hate you and try to get you to kill.” Says Pablo. “I would never do that” She
said genuinely shocked “I believe in Ahimsa and want to nurture all beings like the Gods and Godesses they are.”
“Hmm never heard that from a hippie before, usually they just want to protest and smoke weed, eat Mushrooms.”
explained Pablo. “There are Saddhus that eat soma and smoke marijuana from their Chillum to get in touch with
Shiva, but I just pray and give service.” said Sayther. “Oh so your just a poser” sparked Pablo. “No I am aware of the
divine, I just, Just listen to my parents I suppose.” Responds Syther in her quiet tone. “Oh so your a slave to fascists”
Pablo said grinning like a wolf. “Why don't you let me show you what the parents of this town made.”
They started walking towards the dark city. Pablo announced certain stores as they walked. “There's the
Television store, Porno Shop, Liquor store, Gun Store, Movie Store, Computer Shop, ahh yes one of my favorites the
Record store.” said Pablo “What is that giant ball blocking out the sun” Sayther says “That my dear hippie is the
Sphere of strength”. That's what I was trying to lead you to but I guess it's hard to make a surprise because it's so
fucking giant” He Says “I only think of Kali when I look at it.” says Sayther “Wanna get closer?” Asked Pablo. “I- I.”
says Sayther. “Sure you do.” says Pablo as he grabs her arm. As they walk the new people begin take on a larger
appearance. Most people are either obese or very muscular. Sayther notices some just standing with sun glasses in
grey suits with yellow stripes on the shoulders. “Those are the guards they enforce the emperors laws. Cough
Fascists cough.” “These are the parents of children?” asked Sayther. Again Pablo smiled like a wolf and says “Yeah of
course why do you ask?” retreating Sayther spoke “I've just never seen such hardened parents they look like
Warriors” “That's because they kill people all the time.” Responded Pablo. “When a hippie protests the either force
them to battle or kill them.” Sayther shed a tear. “Hear it is, the battledome and the Sphere of strength.” “What do
you think of them?” asked Pablo. “It all scares me and makes me feel uncomfortable.” Says Sayther. “Welcome to my
world” Responds Pablo. “This is where you like to spend your time?” Says Sayther. “Oh no I just wanted to make you
aware that this is what goes on here.” Sayther looks up at the dome of strength again. “This whole city is a
manifestation of Kali our dark mother. Although many will suffer in delusions and get lost in their senses our
mother nurtures those that remain in the golden age of Nithyananda. It's simply that the negative behaviors are
permitted to show the glory of dharma.” says Sayther “What's that?” Says Pablo “It's the oldest religion and our
highest aspirations it holds no dogma only aligns with compassion and truth; it is the most subtle, we all have this
available to us any second but we must purify our bodies and mind in order to receive it clearly. I know that this
darkness that's spread will return to the light, it is temporary distraction which will renew the dharma. There are
those who oppose unity and seek to separate themselves and usually those they encounter but her sneha will arise
Kali is a true goddess!” “Uhh sure” says Pablo. “C'mon I'll show you were I hang out.”
Chapter 3: The Refusal Begins
“This place is the ruins of an old naval base; the emperor's too busy making battles to clean it up and rebuild
something so we all hang out here. That's Jonathan, Magnesia, Mal-adict and Tonden. Jonathan goes to shows and
plays in bands. Magnesia is a business tycoon and writer, Mal-adict scours the underground for crazy shit and
Tonden... I don't know, he just eats buffalo burgers and kind of hangs around.” Anounces Pablo. “Who does these
paintings on the ground and walls?” asks Sayther “Oh that was me I'm an artist” says Pablo “What's this paper? Asks
Sayther. “That's the emperor's propaganda, the news paper.” says Pablo. Sayther picked it up and started reading it
aloud. “Anyone who breaks the laws must be devoured so an evolution takes place and we transform the perpetrator
intravenously -Basqua” She dropped the paper. Sayther was now somewhat manic and started saying “I must pray for
those men there souls are tortured. I know it! A person at peace could not say those things. I'll pray for us too so that
the good spirits will grace us and we can progress!”
Magnesia faced Sayther after she said she'd pray with her. “I don't think your expectations for me will be met,
the sooner you leave me the better. I don't mind being alone. In fact I view it as a privileged moment to collect
ourselves for the susceptible masses. I have that dream of profit closely at heart. Will is what I believe in and what I

achieve. No spirit in me except the ghosts I create with my own imagination... You know what everyone's been
telling me I should try out this club, That's what I'll do! I'm going to Club devoid!” She left in angst. Sayther's eyes
sunk back a little into her skull as if pushed by the force of her words. Pablo stared blankly “Hey do you wanna go to
my cousins house in the forest? He said I can borrow it this weekend.” Sayther responds, “Yes any chance to get out
in nature fulfills my dreams.”
With Magnesia walking down the alley way that lead to the goth club there was a dead hobo that was being
eaten by rats. There was a song playing as she entered “Death is my breath the sky is my high deep empty blackness
set's my heart on fire stab through my veins with your dark twisted ways and feel the thirst of a mind untamed!
Nothing to live for so much to die for. We are the start of a new Poison!” “O yes tonight will be a thrill.” Magnesia
spoke to herself and then walked up to the bouncer. He put his hand out and asked, “What do you think about God?”
Magnesia then replied. “I can read the sign perfectly fine. God is Dead”. “You may enter the club” the man spoke
with a sharp grin. “My death inside your heart!” Screamed the vocals inside the club Magnesia took out her cigarette
and ecstasy pills. “Never once did I care for you!” Continued the song. “Another night of passion another night of
black suffering.” She lit her cigarette and popped the two pills. The music was a mix between fast synths and
shredding guitars backed by whiplash bass. “It's a death-gasm, a whore's spasm let it bleed inside your empty Mind!
Stomp your heart on the ground and fill your head with darkened clouds to storm the heavens and destroy all
beauty!” The music pumped furiously as she danced in extreme rhythms. People danced near her but no one danced
with each other it was all separated and distinguished united only in there absence of love.
A man came to the door up to the bouncer “You on drugs, I can see your eyes are already dilated? Asked the
bouncer “Acid.” he responded “What are you here to do?” asked the bouncer “let the music take control.” said the
man. “You may enter.” Magnesia glanced at this bug eyed hunched over muscular man with his arms wide and
tongue out. She new he wasn't here to dance. “Yes this is the music of the eclipse and I am the gatekeeper to the next
world!” He then pulled out a knife and of horror started stabbing people in the heart, some fought but others
welcomed the fierce attack. Magnesia freaked and started running towards the door. The man cut her off and said,
“Where do you think your going. Your departure leaves tonight, let me Just slice away some of that excess life!” She
reached into her purse and grabbed her brass knuckles and slammed them into his jaw. He fell away from the door,
then she ran out. Outside she yelled at the bouncer “There's someone in there killing people!” He just gave out a
small smile. “Best get home safe now.” She was walking home but then her phone started ringing, so she answered it.
A voice spoke “Magnesia it's concubine enterprises can you get to our offices. “err Yes, I'll be there shortly” Magnesia
She went to the address she had in her phone and rode the elevator to room 945 and opened the door; A man
was waiting and welcomed her. “Hello, Magnesia it is, I announce with knowledge” says the worker. “It is so”
Magnesia responds. “I want to be quick about this for we are always short on time.” says the worker. “Sure” says
Magnesia. “We have a technology to show you; placed over here, the Lucicon 80non 5000 the machine has been
given to us from the great Belphegor, capable of transferring the consciousness into a realm where our desire's can
be fulfilled. As a writer you must be the master of experience writing from a superior will. Do you want to try it or
do you want to find another job.” he says. “O um yes of course.” says Magnesia. “Get in” She sat and put the helmet
on her head. Through a muddled darkness a man began to appear he was very well built, then her body appeared.
The man began rubbing her stomach and a green light appeared there which made her feel as if she had just eaten
a very satisfying meal. Then music began playing it was some orchestral goth music which she very much enjoyed.
Then a spiral of patterned red and blue lights began churning out before her. She became entranced as her vision
was stimulated. Then quickly the man began to rip off her dress and underwear leaving only her leather combat
boots. He jammed his fingers into her womanhood and began fingering her vigorously and deeply. With Magnesia's
blank stare she had the addition of orgasmic moans. The man pinched and rolled his hand on one of her nipples and
Magnesia's head cranked to the side as she widened her mouth. Finally as he rubbed that spot in women known as
the Grafenburg Spot she ejaculated profusely. Then as Magnesia cried out in orgasm he started speaking into her
ear “kill Sayther eat humans kill Sayther eat humans kill Sayther eat humans.” So quick that she only heard noises.
A fluorescent light came on and the CEO took the helmet off and said, “It has ceased, now you are more suitable to
work for our business.” Magnesia was just breathing heavy and said not a word.

Chapter 4: Habit's Consequence
Tonden had picked up Magnesia as the supervisor contacted him from her phone, she sort of forgot all that
had happened to her as the ecstasy and nicotine wore of into a depressive head ache. “Do you want me to drop you
home” But a clown like man came up to them and said, “Hello may I interest you in a new product” “Uh Huh” says
Magnesia. “Well I won't delay here it is the revolutionary Fucko master it penetrates every orifice! She looked at the
man as if she was in love, but Tonden pulled her away. “I need to get my lunch.” Tondon said. Then he drove to his
favorite restaurant to buy a buffalo burger. He sat down and started eating it with a big smile on his face. A man
came up to him when he was half way finished and said, “Brother you feast on the wise buffalo.” “yes I do.”
responded Tonden. “Your destiny will be with the spirits of my ancestors they have woven experiences with the
buffalo to bring man back to the fields of green grasses.” “I don't know what you mean” he responded. “This city is
trying to go against our ancestors ways but they cannot win, I can show you the vision of the true future if you are
willing to walk the path of great spirit” “Well I do love Buffalo burgers” said Tonden. “Then you are ready.” said the
man as he grabbed his arm and started walking him to another place “I wonder what Sayther and Pablo are doing.”
said Magnesia as Tonden left.
Sayther and Pablo drove up in Pablo's mustang only stopping once for gas once. “Here we are, The forest!
They pulled up to the back of the house. “It's Beautiful.” says Sayther. Hey look there's horseshoes. Wanna play
horseshoes?” Uhhm maybe she replied. “Look there's whiskey too we could get wasted!” Said Pablo “Yes I want to
play horseshoes” she sputtered out nervously. They played for about 10 minutes and then Pablo mustily said “This
game seems a lot less worse when your not drinking, I'm gonna open that bottle of whiskey.” Sayther just looked
down defeated. It grew dark and Pablo continued playing horseshoes until midnight while Sayther just calmly
watched holding her hand against her jaw. Suddenly Pablo's legs started to wobble, he staggered with one foot and
then leaned into a collapse. Sayther put a pillow under his head and covered him with a blanket she found inside on
a couch, then found her way upstairs to a bed.
When morning struck Sayther went outside not too much surprised Pablo was stilled passed out on the
ground. She looked out into the lushness of the pine trees with strong browns and spectral greens. Happily she
began to walk out into it. She climbed up a small hill, then dipped down, and sturdily continued up the mountain. It
was as if the mountain began speaking to her, “What came first the movement of the foot or the idea to walk?” She
meditated on this as she walked and walked until she approached a flat area with small bushes, flowers and short
trees. She began to get really happy, her lips smiled almost into the happy curves of her eye lids and she let out a
high pitched, “Ohahh.” Then in a small bush a face appeared, it was a spirit of the forest. Then another, Sayther
wanted to bare herself like the bushes were so she began to lower her shirt collar off her shoulder. Then a face
appeared on a flower, she removed her shirt. Her breasts bounced in the open air, and her nipples began to perk out
in the freshness that the plants were emitting. Faces began to come out of the trees brilliant faces that were
welcoming and happy too. The wind blew as if an aurora of spirit was dancing and Sayther moved her arms to
mimic this dance. Now all the faces were appearing and Sayther pulled down her pants and underwear with great
enthusiasm. She frolicked her legs about and spun and danced so ecstatic she could begin to feel every nuance of
the trees and bushes form. Every milometer of her body felt liberated and breathed like a pulse, out from the body
into the plants, out from the plants into her lungs; vitalizing her. What Sayther didn't know is that this forest was not
entirely clean, she trusted it like a child would, but something lurking in the forest would come to disrupt this
beautiful encounter and it came in a black haze. The faces behind Sayther began to get straight faced and out from
their sides emerged a big muscular demon with a huge pot belly. He too was naked and when he saw Sayther a
wicked grin stretched across hiss face revealing sharp fangs and yellow edged teeth. He began stroking his big black
shlong grunting out loud, “uh ah ah” Sayther heard this noise and turned her head around, then with her whole
body still spinning in an ecstatic dance. Now she was revealed to it and as the demon stared at her vulva with big
open eyes she began to feel so disturbed. It no longer felt natural and the faces of the plants began to disappear.
Now terror slowly began to fall over her, (what was this monster doing?) She thought. (What was it thinking in it's
mind?) She grabbed her clothes and began to run. The demon laughed and continued to rub up and down, fast.

Into the forest she went back towards the cabin just on a different route, she ran next to a rushing river that
was very loud. The branches smacked her and the dirt was very ruff with small rocks, hardening her feet. She ran
and ran and soon could see the cabin and Pablo laying on the floor. She went on her knees next to him and started to
cry. Pablo's eyes slowly opened. “Why does the world have to carry such monster's when will they learn!” She just
needed someone to comfort her. Pablo half gazed at this vibrant naked woman before him, her breasts popped up in
his sight and her face so smooth and soft looking with careening hair gently touching his face. Softly he spoke
“uhhhhh I love you.” Sayther jumped forward and clutched him and cried deeply.
Chapter 5: Duality of Darkness
Meanwhile in the city Basqua the emperor was talking to the crowd in the battledome. “We will survive! that
is our goal, of course our flight is in the dismal fire that rages within us! It not a warmth but a pain I feel and that
pain fuels the passion of my Hatred. O to suffer truly it is what we do, we know it. You have not indulged truly in
this rush though. We know you have suffered just not to the point of transformation! It has always existed our
darkness is our core being, money is our discipline and those without it will be crushed! We built the metal sun for
you so you could commune with our constructions of an abolishing nature without getting burnt. We preserve you
in filth and spoiled blood. So the blood itches and tries to escape. Blood is thicker than water is it not. The night is
our light, we see the beings traveling in this festering realm we see the transformation that has taken place now.
They have turned into Daubicosms like us and they will fight as we fought! There strength and endurance will be
the stuff of legends and that is our entertainment!” A woman was brought in front of the crowd, her shirt was
stripped, The man who was presenting her hid behind a thick titanium mask, his muscles hardened by excitement
stretched out from his thick leather vest. He took an electric rod and stuck it in her nipple burning into her, breast
fat started to melt and bubble up through the hole onto the sides of her breast. She did not scream, she only felt pity
for the guard. The crowd cheered. The building they were in started to bend at the top, it was an earthquake and the
whole bottom shifted diagonally. “Yes we are pleasing those below us.” Spoke Basqua. The sacrifice has been
accepted let the battles begin! Two huge men came out one with a mace, the other with a sword. They swung at each
other and both kept hitting each other cutting into their muscles and spewing blood on the ground over and over.
They mutilated each other and both dropped down and died.
Back at the house in the forest. “In the darkness of sleep we find activity, a still mind traverses
through silence, into being, into action. Awareness is all that remains, samadhi, judgment is attachment.” “What
about our heart.” Pablo spoke in a light tone. “Yes of course there is that, but these emotions your having for me are
temporary a mere fluttering of the heart. What happens when the heart is poisoned and then harm comes to the
receiver, a heart that is not of Bhakti to the gods will only do harm, still I know it is part of service to take on the
burden of karma.” said Sayther. “Yeah I don't know what your talking about exactly, but now I've found something
special and I'm not gonna waste that.” He spoke in a voice that was genuine. “I need time to see if you can handle
higher consciousness. Go home, and I will go home and when your ready I will give you a pareekshan.” said Sayther.
Pablo dropped her home and went home himself and laid in bed and started thinking to himself while laying
on his bed. “What is the explanation for imagination? Dreams what are dreams? A place where are subconscious
connects deeply with the empty regions of space, I mean there must be something to that dark energy out there,
maybe it's like Sayther believes, the spirit realm. Could it really be that simple? Suddenly Sayther appears in his
minds eye “I can lead you to Brahma” her voice spoke. “Brahma what the hell is that?” “The creator, the self born
one”. “She's a goddamn ghost in my mind now?” “I'm going over to Sayther's house.” He spoke aloud. When Pablo
get's to her house she opens the door in a white dress. “What are you up to girl?” says Pablo “Pablo! I was doing
pujahs” she responds “I was seeing you in my mind you were saying you can take me to brahma” anounced Pablo.
“Yes it's true I was praying to Brahma your soul must be longing for immortality again” “I don't want to live forever
my life is shit, and I live in hell” “Acceptance is the first step but that is why prayer helps to take us out of the lower
realms and restore our bliss.” “The only thing that would do that is sex” said Pablo “I will show you the divine
practice of tantra then. Please, enter.” Said Sayther “Sweet.” Said Pablo.
Sayther lit candles and incense and laid two pillows on the ground. “Sit please” said Sayther “Uhh sure”. She

sat across from him lifted his hands and held her palms against his. “We will activate each others chakras and send a
signal to brahma he will respond with his light. You will experience an expansion of consciousness.” She began
removing his clothes and then hers. “Your so beautiful” Said Pablo. Sayther smiles and puts her hands together to
pray “The divine in me honors the divine in you.” Pablo already had an erection so Sayther sat on it with her vulva.
They started kissing and Pablo began thrusting as there arms rubbed each others backs. “Breathe Into me, With me
and from me” Sayther Spoke Softly to Pablo. About a half an hour of slow steady sex passed and then Pablo said “I'm
gonna cum soon” Sayther gently pushed his chest and separated herself from his penis.“Lay down” said Sayther.
“Wha- why?” This is tantra you don't spill your seed. “Aww that sucks.” Says Pablo. “Remember I'm doing this with
love that will raise your consciousness.” Responds Sayther. “Lay down with your eyes closed and breathe.” “What are
you gonna do something kinky”. Asks Pablo. “No I'm going to pray silently as I lay beside you.” says Sayther.
As Pablo laid down and closed his eyes he began to see a strobing of white light. Then a fade into darkness. A
small purple spot began pulsing in his mind and he began to see a galaxy forming, then a being with heads looking
in every direction appeared translucent to the galaxy. A voice came into his head as though he was talking to
himself but it spoke words he would never say. “This galaxy is yours and Saythers next birth place, Do not fear the
future.” Pablo opened his eyes “What the – it's amazing.”
Chapter 6: Refuge From The Strange
A man was smoking marijuana out of a long and tall bong he was staring at broken glass finding shapes of
things therein. a guard came up to the wall he was staring at and began to smash his fists against it. Then he pulled
out a shotgun from behind his back, he shot the glass and it broke into pieces. The stoned man got up and began to
walk away but this angered the guard, the man could only stare as the guard shot him in the face and blew his brain
to bits. Sayther saw this outside her window and walked out onto her knees with tears in her eyes she thought to
herself, “This darkness won't last, it's foundation is illusion.” A women came up to Sayther and her upper body began
to convulse and her head began to rattle very violently, This was a spiritual vision however, but for Sayther it was
real life. “Do you want to take some ecstasy? Sayther just got up and ran to lock herself in a room in the house. She
began cleaning. “A new limitation has been reached she didn't secure to the initiation.” the guard was speaking to
the corpse of the man on the floor, but Pablo could see that a creature rose from underground and into the corpse of
the man. The guard looked up at Pablo as if sensing his gaze “a man has seen a rising” the Guard said into his radio
transceiver “Bring him to the headquarters.” spoke back a voice “I will show you every product I purchased
individually.” said the guard to the being. “After we apprehend a new prisoner.” The guard then ran over and kicked
down the door to Saythers house. Sayther screamed. A large gun rose and chains were shot out onto Pablo. In a flash
he was dragged out before Sayther could do anything. Pablo was placed into a SUV and then the guard began
ranting to him, “What that holy woman doesn't get is that our own begotten nature relies of her goodness to halter,
when she fails we rise towards the center, as she completes he chores and goals we are plunged into the erratic state
that is our rebellion. There is no rest for us, we sleep in stress' of work and violence. It is our duty to hate, it is simply
our turn to be more in touch with our senses and the body. Our DNA will improve from our breeding and the
killing off of what is inferior. We destroyed the sun's influence so that the darkness would rule over the light, blood
is our sight. Here where our imagination thrives in massive scale and detail according to our concentration. We
bring the fulfillment of dreams, inspiring great courage and entertaining risks probably beyond your
comprehension. It is us who cause the earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions. Did you not ever notice the hawks
flying around our great flames of apotheosis?” Pablo's head was overflowing he knew that it was this man's truth was
one like no other, but still he didn't want to here it. These words made him very uncomfortable and it was as if they
touched a part of him that he used to embrace.
They get to a red room with sharp streaks of black painted. “You shouldn't have left it isn't safe outside the
city.” says Basqua as he dips into a pool of black liquid. “This is oil it makes the skin more capable of endurance. We
do not fear our abundance but have communed with it.” He had many small boils and stray hairs coming from the
rolls of fat on his body. “I make the best of myself in the past; truly this is the sphere of Privilege, Here where I can
be and do things that were seemingly impossible in the present.” said Basqua. Pablo was filtering the conversation

into new thoughts. “Like render a saint into a null state of being”. Basqua quietly spoke. A guard smashed their fist
onto Pablo's skull and he fell unconscious. He dreamt he was inside the park where he met Sayther.
Pablo said to Sayther, I really need to pee. “we can pee together” said Sayther. “ok c'mon weirdo” responded
Pablo. They went and pee'd on the grass next to plants. “A place for everything, and everything in it's place.” Said
Sayther. Later they found a group of people sitting looking at the dim rays shining around the corona of the metal
sun. What are you people up to Pablo asked. “We're opening our third eye.” said the man he touched one young guys
forehead and a green bump started to arise then an eye lid opened. Now to activate it he rubbed the back of his head
just above the skulls bump a green and red glowing organic spider-like substance began to appear, the man said,
“It's on don't touch it anymore.” “I see the dark jew he wants sheckels” The man paid the one he called the dark jew
which had come up next to them. Pablo turned to the guy who rubbed his head and said, “man your a brother.” How
is that I run into people like you and Sayther. The man just turned and said, “Let's get out of this place.” “On the
move constantly looking for the flow of life”, thought Pablo. They walked to the street where Magnesia was smoking
a cigarette. “Did you hear about what happened to Jonathan?” Taking a long drag then continuing with smoke in her
mouth she said, “Reptile cyborgs came out from his roof and electrocuted his brain, the psych ward took him and
and tried to convince him he was telling them about soap instead of trans-intelligent reptilians, it's a revolving door
you never escape.
She flicked her cigarette well I've got to get back to work. Here check out my new business card.” [What
limitations could be set once someone sustained infinity? Magnesia despot 318 555 7241 Reformations inc.]
Everyone said goodbye except for Sayther who said “Good journey.”
Pablo woke up. When he did he noticed an engraving on the table it said reformations Inc. An hour later
Magnesia arrived saying she payed the bail for him and Sayther to leave. She told Pablo that he needed to go to this
building to do the final process of getting him out. Pablo was hesitant, but agreed to go. She walked him through the
halls and over to the elevator see looked at him with a peculiar silent gaze she didn't say anything as the elevator
roof dissipated the floor started turning to lines and lifted him very high up above most of the company floors. it
was as if what was inside of him was directing the structure of the building the lower half was deconstructing and
reforming beside him. The building was his own consciousness it seemed! No but it was reading him and now
taking him to a new civilization of different turtle beings! He faded out of consciousness as to what happened
exactly but the structure of lines didn't leave his body they kept guiding him and then they made him lay down and
slide diagonally towards the floor he was gliding through the air on this slide made of the building, sideways and
slowly moving down , finally he was at ground level and there was a person there waiting that he wanted to talk to
because he had been through such an experience, he then noticed it was Magnesia. “It's done you'll never be
initiated.” She said and concluded the test.
Pablo then went back to Sayther's small adobe house and in her room there was a poster that caught Pablo's
eye it was a woman in a white dress with long brown hair and graphics that said “Do no harm” the woman looked
ethereal he'd never seen a woman so beautiful with such well physique, It looked like she was alive in the picture!
Pablo brought his attention back to Sayther; she was burning incense and turned back and smiled. “Would you like
some juice? She said. “Alright, what kind is it?” Asked Pablo. “Mango and orange juice.” she responded. “Sounds
good” replied Pablo. She put on very relaxing and slow music and led Pablo through a relaxation yoga. He imagined
going into the very detail of her nipples then slipping into her vagina, then finally becoming a baby in her stomach.
“I don't know what any of that meant but it was really comforting” thought Pablo. “This is probably the most
relaxing music I've listened to in my life” he said. Sayther just smiled wide with her lips pressed and he eyes
smearing across her lids. “So what's a vegetarian besides an animal lover?” asked Pablo. “A vegetarian is someone
who gives up physical strength to pursue spiritual strength. The vegetarian is fit to translate philosophical and
religious principles like compassion and meditation. Their body is ready for the yogic super powers that are released
throughout the spinal cord, and their minds eye is soft and supple, this allows the spiritual vision to be clear and
consistent.” said Sayther. “What do you need spiritual vision for?” asked Magnesia, She replied “To know the truth
and what makes hope.” “Hmm I wonder what those guards are doing now that you two left.” “There's strong
vegetarians your just a lazy hippie Sayther hahaha.” said Pablo.
In The Tall and wide building of reformation Inc. The guards were mapping geometry onto the picture of a

prisoner. “They do not know of our intense focus fueled by despair, it is as a doorway to new ideas, why waste the
opportunity, self termination comes but it need not be acted upon even though it is just another tool for
otherworldly traversing. The prisoner began to feel lumps on his eye balls they were small ticks that had been
administered from another dimension he frantically began to press his fingers against his eyeball and gripped them
to remove the bugs. Next spiders began crawling out first one, then two, then five. He would grab them and squeeze
them between his fingers but his hands began to crumble. He screamed out, “What's happening to me!!!” “You see
the average man will kill if he is brought to enough discomfort, then the possibilities will arise maybe even as an
instinct to locate our idols.” Said the guard, “Look the reports were correct! See this badge he was an astronomer.
Astronomy is strictly prohibited, the other stars are weak just as are's and hold no opinion such ours. We derive our
knowledge from the most solid, not those puny farting lights.”
Back at Saythers house Pablo started talking to Magnesia, “I would have never imagined saying something
like this a few months ago but, I know I'm connected to other planets last night I think I dreamt of Venus.”
Magnesia stares at Pablo for a few seconds timidly, then asks, “Did you here about how that tunnel was created; it's
urban myth but it's totally true. The workers drilled down into the earth and dropped explosives. When they did they
awakened an ancient sand worm, Huge and red with scales all over, It tunneled for them the amount they wanted
the only job they had to do was kill it in order to clear the tunnel. So the government knowing it was there dormant
brought an alien warrior to kill it. The alien was slimy and reptile like armed with a golden spear. The alien stood by
it's side and stabbed it in the eye. It was no use though so the alien ran away. The Giant worm pulled the spear out of
it's eye and threw it into the back of the aliens brain [this is where your soul is] the worm spoke. And the spear sunk
down all the way to the aliens chest. Now without his soul the alien was a killing machine and the worms essence
couldn't protect itself from being attacked. The alien jumped up and threw the spear, It split into five sharp nodes
and pierced all the tender parts in the worms brain and the worm died.” “That's one of the craziest most out there
stories I've heard how'd you come up with it?” Asked Pablo. “How else do the deeper underlings of society get
revealed to us, Through dreams.” Said Magnesia. Pablo was talking to Sayther “My dreams are the only thing that
really guides me I suppose I follow greatness, my dreams are so much more expansive then this cramped city. It's
one of the only things I look forward to one of the only things I have hope for. I can't get too much sleep though
like once I wake up if I try going back to sleep I'll think of alcohol”. Said Pablo. “Mmmm” said Sayther “Our bodies
are meant to sleep when night falls and rise when the sun starts peeking through our windows”. “I guess you know
everything Sayther...” “I'm part of everything, whether strong or subtle the connection exists.” said Sayther. “It sure is
different talking to you rather then my parents, they mostly wanted to talk about work and what they saw on TV.”
said Pablo. “Yes I don't precede from that devotion.” Said Sayther and she smiled with gleeming eyes. Magnesia was
angrily staring at Sayther and a being came into her minds eye and spoke to her “It's not time yet, get her alone.”
Magnesia got up and said “I'm gonna go, I've got shit to do.” “We'll walk you out” said Pablo they all went outside. [I
feel it's our obligation to share our inner world with those we can.] Was spray painted on the wall “Wow look at that
someone tagged up this place, that's not a typical thing you see tagged. “I wrote it” said Sayther. “Well It's an
inspiration” said Pablo. “Yeah you know this current moment is very special the one that we have now with the
people around us and the state we are in ourselves, we're the expression of perfection diversified.” said Sayther “Are
you sure” Pablo asked “Yes and you made me completely sure” She said as she smiled to him with open eyes. “I feel
like I can trust you, the white's in your eyes are so clear I've never seen that in anyone around here.” Magnesia then
glares at Pablo and says, “You've changed.” and walked away. “I'll never lie to you”. Sayther finishes.
Chapter 7: Visions in Eternity
A rampant swarm of large insects were raiding the towns aristocrats. Lead by the consciousness of vegetable
eating jungle dwellers. They were slithering and biting the people and their pets making them contemplate
existence. A few came into Pablo's house and one bit him on the hand. He began to feel as if his body was sliding
apart and he fell to the ground. He began feeling more together but still a bit sloshy So he went to the bathroom.
And when he got inside he saw the closet was open and posters were hanging out; they were post punk girl singers
who were performing at a festival. A wave of joy surged through his body and he felt he could face anything. There

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