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Most people stay in life-partner relationships as a result of
we have a tendency to “settle,” for a multiple of reasons.
Firstly, we might have a true subconscious worry of being
alone. In addition, since we’re biologically designed to fall
in love, it’s solely natural that we have a tendency to pair
up in this world. However, we typically prolong what are
meant to be temporary relationships and mistakenly settle
into them permanently. 
There are relationships that should last for a particular
amount of time to shut out a karmic chapter of life. The
relationships within which we are meant to have kids with
our partner but not necessarily stay with them and
relationships that are simply plain confusing as a result of a
melting pot of emotions that doesn’t permit us to envision
our certain path. These relationships are nothing compare to
having a relationship with your soulmate.

"Every girl has a special guy that she won't stop
loving, and every guy has a special girl that he
won't stop fighting for."

Scarlet, M.