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to have some of our best students 
here at Antrim! Martin Luther King 
Jr. Day is a holiday that is 
celebrated in some places, but 
should be celebrated worldwide. 
Thank you to a hero, Martin Luther 
King Jr. 


“I voted for Wonder 
because teaches respect and 
kindness everybody is not the 
same, so you should be nice to 
everyone even if they have 
differences.”​ - Emily 
Cavanaugh 5th grade 
SO B It​ and ​Wonder 
are both wonderful books, but 
it seemed that more kids 
preferred ​Wonder​. We 
recommend both books if you 
haven’t already read them. 
We’re looking at you, teachers. 
Thanks for reading, and see 
you next week on the Gull 

Bomb Cyclone 
By:Tayden Rock

Homework Poem ​by Tom Nasdeo
Homework is a problem that affects everyone
When school is dismissed, students just want to
have fun
If someone doesn’t do their homework, they are
thought of as a fool
Homework is a reason people dread going to
When you dread going to school, you may fall
And when this happens, you will see, the way back
is hard to find
If you just do your homework, it will be easier to
stay on task
And when this happens, you will see, fewer
questions you will ask
Homework typically tends to be bland and dry
As I have seen first hand, it causes people to
stress and cry
But don’t stress and cry, you could fill up a cup
Just think of happy thoughts, maybe a hamster or
a pup
Yes, hamsters and pups and cats and bunnies
You might think of homework as a joke, but it is not
very funny
As of now, I sincerely and totally hope for this to be
Homework is a problem to everyone, except for

^Ceiling goes missing! 

Recently, a snowstorm hit 
Point Pleasant Beach. While 
people call it a blizzard, 
there is a new unofficial 
scientific name, “Bomb 
Cyclone”. Many People think 
that the storm was not that 
bad, but the people who live 
on the coast think otherwise.

The whole community 
pitched in, helping each