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Brielle has defeated our girls
basketball team. After the game,
we asked three players what they
thought about the game: Grace
Frauenheim, Maggie Cavanaugh,
and Morgan Highland. Grace
said, “We took a bigger defeat
and turned it into a bigger reason
to defeat Brielle.” Maggie said,
“We didn’t give up, and kept
striding to meet our goals.”
Morgan said, “We all did really
good, and tried our hardest to
win.” All of these statements are
true. They were all anxious to
win, but obviously, they can’t do
that without a lot of hard work.

In the winter, we sadly have indoor
recess. We are supposed to go in the
gym and play a game, but for some
reason the middle schoolers have to go
in the auditorium on their computers. I
asked some of my classmates their
“I do not like indoor as much as outside,
but I do like the fact that we can go on
our computers. But I do prefer outdoor
recess.” -Connor, 6th grade

^Warm up to a good book!

“I think it’s fun but could be better.”
“It's bad!” -Cory, 6th grade
“I don't like it like. Say it is 31 degrees
out we can not go out, and on the
computer half the time. The wifi does
not work, so it is really boring and
stupid.” -Matthew, 6th grade

^Phoebe and Emma in 5th
grade are working hard!


“ I hate it! The wifi doesn’t even work,
so we can’t go on the laptops!” We can't
go on our phones, but the adults can. I
think recess is a time to enjoy, not to be
forced to sit in a crowded auditorium
where we can’t get up. I think we should
be in the gym having fun, not on our
laptops. -Cole, 6th grade


^Kindergarten knows about
their friendship!

It has been our pleasure to provide you
with all the events happening around our
school. Thank you for reading! Love,
Bella, Jenna, Alexa, Mackenzie, Gia,
Amelia, Violet, Tayden, Jordan, and

Jan 22-26 - Great Kindness 
Jan 24 - Antrim Curriculum 
Showcase 6:30pm - 8:00pm 
Jan 26 - Class of 2018 Movie Night 
Fundraiser for grades 3-5 in the 
Auditorium 4:00pm - 10:00pm