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Providing a bond between Cryptocurrency &
the mainstream world
Initial release


Our Vision
Market Problems & Challenges
Market Opportunity
How it Works
XAOS Debit Card
XAOS Mega Store
XAOS Escrow Exchange
XAOS Escrow Exchange affiliate program
XAOS Tokens Allocation
Allocation of Proceeds
Project Management
Legal Disclaimer

Our vision is to give an all in one platform allowing all
XAOS bearers to truly have a use & purpose for using
this token. Fundamentally we want the ability to buy
something truly physical & pay quickly & hassle free
with your XAOS. Our mission is to bridge the
overwhelming gap that is stopping the majority of day
to day folks from all walks of life being able to accept &
understand cryptocurrency. The next matter of
contention is that new merchants struggle to compete
to sell on such mainstream platforms like ebay &
amazon or they find it difficult to get the particular
brand awareness they had sought after. Our solution
lays with XAOS. Thus allowing new & upcoming
merchants to reach a type of cliental they would have
never potentially reached from such mainstream
selling platforms. By implementing XAOS into these
two serious economic dilemmas it will allow
cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to transition
away from tradition fait & merchants who are looking
to boost sales & brand awareness while also receiving a
ever growing asset. A vision designed to disrupt and
replace the traditional way of purchases by connecting
participants directly to the mainstream whilst using the
cryptocurency XAOS, bringing a calm to the chaos.

Market problems & Challenges

The statistics & market research show, ecommerce is a
thriving industry. Small businesses that are
not participating stand to lose out on both sales and
relevancy as the number of online shoppers continues
to grow. Many of these businesses are looking for
something that can separate them from every other
start up. Many of these entrepreneurs struggle to
compete with those larger companies offering free
postage & great prices because they have more
finances, manufactures & connections. This is making
the mainstream industry a very hard sector for new
businesses to get a foot in. Below we will take a look at
how the mainstream whales influence the market. We
will be using America for this analysis.

Market Opportunity
Blockchain and P2P networks have already proved to
be disruptive technologies with the power to challenge
the status quo and eliminate the middleman in many
different business areas. There are numerous factors in
the market that are converging to create a favourable
environment for P2P platforms based on blockchain. By
getting our investors & merchants to work in hand in
hand towards the same goals, we create a sustainable
entry for those who once didn’t stand a chance against
such large companies. Another primary focus is the fees
that come with being a buyer & seller on such
platforms. For E.g. PayPal, Introducing XAOS to
merchants, happy shoppers & cryptocurrency portfolio
builders. We open a door for a massive potential of
adopters. We are based in London UK, although we will
be focused on the international side equally it is
important to note the market here is desperately
waiting for these opportunities. The day a person can
walk into their local supermarket & pay for everyday
necessities with their XAOS debit card or order a new
TV online paying in XAOS not having to deal with their
bank, will be the day we truly go down in history for
contributing towards complete decentralization, giving

back to the community whilst helping the economy,
keeping transparency & battling fraud & corruption by
allowing the people to truly have control of their


Fast Performance
XAOS enables instant payments to anyone worldwide
with fast confirmation times.

24hr Online Support
We have 24hr online support teams ready to assist you
your needs.

Top Security
Guaranteed security against hacking, corruption & loss
of information.

Low Transaction Fees
XAOS allows you to make payments with incredibly low
fees for each transaction.

How it works
XAOS will launch a user friendly mega store allowing
our adopting merchants to list their items up in
exchange for XAOS. They will be rated on their
performance & relevant merchant check will always be
made & revaluated keeping our community safe.
Merchants will enjoy the perks of low transaction fees
no middleman & 100% transparency in conjunction
with our marketing expertise. The truth is people are
very uncertain about the way banks have been
operating with YOUR money. However when you can’t
function in day to day life without using the banks it
makes it extremely hard for us to separate ourselves
from them. We accept their absurd fees & daily limits
because we have no better alternate. The XAOS project
was designed to ensure that any token holder can
continue to work towards decentralization & financial
security, yet still be able to function in their day to day
lives not noticing the transition.

XAOS Debit card
Here is how we will allow this transition to take place.
Presenting you the XAOS debit card concept. Working
with VISA companies in the UK we will build the bridge
between those who understand cryptocurrency &
those who are very sceptical & do not see a purpose for
it in the mainstream industry.
Now when you have been involved in cryptocurrency
for a few years you understand how truly amazing this
technology’s potential real can go, however explaining
it to those who are set in their ways is the real
challenge. Those are the exact people who need to be
educated about this technology and be able to adapt it
to their day to day life without the fear of volatility &
not being able to purchase physical items they require
or being hit with substantial fees. XAOS will make it
possible for its community to transition with complete
easy, as our community & merchants grow so will the
value of XAOS. Most banks yearly interest rates are
extremely low. There’s no real incentive for us to hold
our money in them other than previously mentioned,
that it’s very hard to actually function day to day
without them. The XAOS debit card will combat these
issues while maintaining a long term investment.

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