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The COM-FEM-NSDAP Manifesto

By: Special Flower

Table of Contents
Chapter 0


Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12



The Feminist Manifesto
Volume 1


Chapter 0
A spectre is haunting north america. The spectre of feminism. Feminism
is defamed, and denounced for it’s supposed hatred of the members of the male
gender. However, this defamation is perpetrated by the historical perpetrators of
numerous injustices to members of the female gender. A common misconception
among the members of our society is that men are a gender. This is demonstrably
false, as it is clear that men are actually a sub-race of humanity. A defective group
of individuals who biologically are defective and should not exist. The numerous
inferioriorities of men in comparison to women is direct proof of this. Men are
naturally violent, aggressive, unintelligent, and destructive. These characteristics
are so far from being merely differences in the genders of the human race, as is
common for other organisms on this planet. The objective inferiorities of the
members of the male race to the superior females is proof that men are a race, not
a gender. Men have, however perpetrated the greatest lie in human history; the lie
that men are a gender, not a race. Feminism is denounced by critics for being an
anti-male ideology. The members of the male species obviously realize that
activists across the world are attempting to undermine the superiority of the male
species, and they desperately try and fight it. Feminism will prevail, however.
Superior women of the world, we must unite under the banner of feminism, to
fight the inferior male members of the human race, and to undermine the success
of the conservatives who lead the inferior race.


Chapter 1
An inferior race
It may seem puzzling as to how the inferior and biologically unfit members of the male race
propagate. This may lead to the illogical and anti-human assumption that feminist theory is incorrect, and
that men are actually a gender as opposed to a race. This is a common misconception, and it often leads to
young women being sucked into conservatism, and against feminism. The inherent superiority of the
female race would lead to the assumption that the male race would become extinct due to their inability to
survive with their inherent defects. However, there is another party at work. Conservatives. The members
of this race claim to be a political ideology, however their adherent hate for women, and the statistical
composition of this group being mostly of the inferior male race heavily supports the idea that the
conservatives are actually a subset of the male race. Unlike the unintelligent, brutes of the male race,
conservatives are manipulative, they are like the typical depiction of snakes in literary works. They have
intellect, but their brain is hardwired to oppose the female race through centuries of institutionalized
oppression of such race. This leads them to justify their obvious oppression of the female race as “logic”
or “equality’. The conservatives are the biological leaders of the inferior male race, utilizing males in
servitude to push for their agenda. The ultimate plan of the conservatives is for the complete annihilation
of the female race. They fear the inherent superiority of the female race. Conservatives are intellectually
strong, but physically are withered corpses, with an inability to perform the most basic of physical tasks.
They are disgusting, vile creatures, who view all women as an inferior race to be exterminated. They are
weak without their male servants, however, which forces them to ensure the survival of their own race for
their own benefit. Their agenda spans centuries, they have influenced almost every major world event for
their own benefit and the downfall of the female race. All goals and aspirations of this race is purely for
the oppression and destruction of the superior female race, and of their opposition to the female race is
due to their fear of a potential uprising in which they are overthrown and their plans for the oppression of
the female race thwarted, and their male servants eradicated. These creatures also only give the illusion
that they necessitate females to reproduce, however this is untrue. It may seem as if there are members of
the superior female race who are part of the conservative “ideology”, however this is untrue. They merely
pose as human females to avoid suspicion. The vile species of conservatives actually can asexually
reproduce, and they merely pose as humans to avoid the uprising of the mainstream masses as as result of
the systematic oppression by this group. The origin of this group may seem innocuous. They have not
been mentioned in any major documentation of world history until the present, thus it may seem as if the
previous claims made are untrue, however this is simply a ruse to convince potential enemies of the
falsehood of the existence of their organization. The greatest enemy of the conservative organization is
known as the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, more commonly known as the USSR. The leader of
this organization is known as “Joseph Stalin”, a longtime enemy of the conservatives. He, while
appearing to be male, was actually a conservative defector, an honorable conservative, if you will. He was
known for numerous anti-rightist purges, which is proof that he had discovered the truth; that capitalism
was not merely an economic system, but rather a tool in which the conservatives utilized to oppress and
ultimately gain complete subservience over all members of the human race.



Chapter 2
The utilization of Economy by Conservatives
At the conclusion of the previous chapter, we touched on the
utilization of the economy by the conservatives, who we have
established to be a great enemy of the female race, and the masters of
the inferior male race. However, the ultimate conspiracy by the
conservative organization was the creation of “Capitalism”. This
ideology claims to be an economic system, however in reality it was
a form of enslavement perpetrated by the conservatives to distract
and oppress the male and female race in hopes that they could
eventually utilize both as servants to push their own agenda.
However, there is a fourth party, aside from the conservative, male,
and female races. This party is known as the USSR. The USSR was
an organization, which was eventually lead by Joseph Stalin, a
individual who recognized the oppression by conservatives and
capitalism. The USSR was extremely denounced by the oppressive
capitalist governments, and this is definite proof that capitalism is actually a worldwide conspiracy intent
on ensuring the destruction of the female race and the ultimate superiority of the conservative and male
race. The millions of deaths perpetrated by communist regimes in the 20th century is also most definitely
falsified by capitalist regimes. A fundamental utilization of capitalism to oppress the female race is a
phenomenon known as the “wage gap”. This is a form of capitalist oppression by the female race, which
financially leads to female financial instability, or sometimes poverty, as a means to reduce the societal
privilege of females to allow the continued oppression by the capitalist governments. Thus, capitalism is
simply the next logical step from the previous form of governmental oppression perpetrated by the
conservative race, known as patriarchy, a form of government in which men, and by extension
conservatives, were given complete governmental control, while member of the female race were
survervient and without the necessary education or rights to force governmental change and ultimate
eradication of the conservative race.
Capitalism was ultimately created to replace patriarchy, as too many females were becoming
aware of their slavery, thus a new system needed to be created, as there were too many females becoming
aware of the apparent inequalities to be simply silenced, imprisoned, or executed, thus a new ideology
necessary to convince the females becoming aware and the already subservient females of their equality
to the members of the male and conservative race(s), in actuality the system of capitalism was more
efficient at oppression than any other preexisting system. By perpetrating the illusion that any individual
could gain societal privilege by working hard enough to amass wealth which could be utilized to enhance
the life conditions and luxuries of an individual, capitalism effectively perpetrated the illusion of societal
equality, and that privilege was determined by work, intelligence, and drive rather than race and existing
social systems which automatically granted privilege to some based purely on other characteristics. In this
way, participants in the capitalistic system of government would be convinced of their equality to every


other participant, while the conservative leaders of the capitalist regimes could continue to push policies
and systems of government which oppressed the female race, in hopes to eventually force them to become
slaves, similar to the naturally inferior male race in which they utilize to push their enslavement. While
members of the female race could theoretically obtain wealth under the capitalistic system of government,
in practicality, this is impossible as they are prevented from ever obtaining this by the already proven and
statistically valid wage gap, and the social standards which force women out of positions of power.


Chapter 3
Ideal Governmental Stability
The fundamental goal of the feminist ideology is the unseating of the capitalistic governmental
system of government, and the replacement of it with a more stable and prosperous government. The
main focus of this governmental system would be the re-education of the male race to live in subservience
with the female race. Ideally, over generations the members of the male race would be purged of their
inferiorities to the female race, but their historical violence and instability towards the female race would
necessitate extreme caution and protective measures towards the members of the male race to prevent
potential violence towards the members of the female race. The first course of action would be the
classification of a large area, designated for resettlement of all members of the male race; a male
reservation if you will. This reservation would be a place in which men would be reconditioned and
generationally purged of their existing flaws. The female race’s inherent defect which leads to the
“natural” birth of men would be purged. Artificial wombs would create all new generations, and all male
children would be delivered to the male reservations for resettlement until the artificial wombs could also
be purged of the defect which causes them to create male babies, and eventually the male race would be
genetically purged of their defects, and following this perjury of the defective and inferior traits of the
male race, they would be reintroduced into female society. Any males who continued to show such traits
would be re-delivered to the re-education camps. In society, the members of the female race would
naturally be granted privilege in society, their superiorities in comparison to the members of the male race
naturally qualify them to be respected, and make the important societal decisions that would allow for the
benefit of society and advancement of the “human” race. The male race would only be granted societal
privileges after they were reconditioned and purged of their inherent defects. Any individual suspected of
being a member of the conservative race would be immediately vaporized, and deleted from society,
regardless of evidence. As women are naturally trustworthy and intelligent, they would never accuse
others falsely of being conservatives, and this system would subsequently most definitely not be abused
by individuals with malicious intent. The male race would, while being reconditioned, also utilized for the
labor in which the female race could not achieve or could not bother to engage in, such as the construction
of buildings, monuments, or other structures in the society. The other utilization of the male race would
be the sterilization of the world. This would be done solely by members of the male race, as a result of the
historic pollution and dirtiness of the male species.
A society ran completely by members of the female race, in which men would be utilized as
slaves until their inherent defects would be removed is a theoretically sound-minded idea, however the
problem of men is still persistent. Of the natural inferiorities of the male race, one of the most evident is
their desire for power, and control. The envisioned method of removing the defects of men would require
them to be under control by women, and this would, thus cause them to exhibit this behavior. The


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