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"Winners start from where others give up!" 

says Malav Ashra a design engineer based in
New York who is rocking with his 88 keys.

- Malav Ashara
Times have changed now with the advent
of the digital era. It’s quiet easy now to
express, have opinions, explore, like and
encourage. It is said that when talent
doesn’t work hard, hard work overcomes
talent; not everyone ends-up living their
passion, their dream. Malav Ashara, a New
York based mechanical engineer is a
glowing idol for aspiring people who dream
and dare to live their passion through
consistent hard-work. Malav is 24 years
old Pianist and Music Composer and he
hails from Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. 

Akash Srivastava

Currently, he is working as
a Design Engineer in New

The Indian digital space has
encouraged the youth with
lots of YouTube & Instagram
content producers coming up
w i t h g r e a t co n te n t . In a
countr y where Hindi film
music still dominates the
charts, Malav’s piano covers
remain as close as the original
ones to his fans. Malav found
a great way to continue doing
what he loves doing along
with other things.
Early Times

“ Most of my childhood was
around my grandfather. I was
in Diwan Ballubhai School
(Kankaria-Ahmedabad) while I
was staying in Ahmedabad
during my initial years. There
used to be musical instruments
being played during the prayer
and I was so fascinated to learn
and play, and my grandfather
was a great fan of 

Akash Srivastava

Amitabh Bachchan and hence I
saw a lot of Amitabh Bachchan
movies while growing up with
him. The music amused me and
I started developing interest in
music. This is when my journey
in music began. I started
learning Hindustani Classical
Ragas on harmonium and
started learning tunes of
various film music. ”
If you ever told your parents
that you’re gonna be playing
piano or a guitar for a living,
chances are they’d laugh at
you if they’re easygoing. But if
they’re anything like the
stereotypical Indian parents,
they’re gonna ask you to
concentrate on your studies
and stop coming up with
vague ideas.There are millions
of people across the world
who’ve made music as
a source for their living.
Then be it by playing music
or taking up administrative
duties in the music business.
The music industr y, as a
whole, is not a small one. 

Akash Srivastava

As the engineering era was
establishing in India, Malav
decided to pursue engineering
with the future prospects of
decent placements in mind.
Fa c i n g
competition in India for the
JEE was and still in itself an
immense pressure. While
being in school and studying
for boards and JEE, Malav
found sometime to play music
and relax himself. During the
early college years, he aspired
to form a band. They named
it “Ardhsatya".
College Times

“ We were a bunch of teenage guys
trying to get our hands on the music
gear, the jamming sessions were good
but the continuity wasn't there, we
performed in various colleges here and
there but then everybody had
priorities and everybody parted ways
to make careers in their respective field
of study, I also studied and got my
master's degree in Mechanical
Engineering from Rutgers University New Brunswick - USA in December
Akash Srivastava

Although Malav moved on
with his education, his dream
and passion for music was still
lit, somewhere inside him.
There are a lot of ways to
follow your dreams, do things
you are passionate about.
When asked about how he
started off, Malav said,

“I was about to graduate in the
later part of 2015 and
in November 2015 if I
remember correctly, terrorist
attacks in Paris happened, at
that time I felt bad and there
was a song about peace by John
Lennon, it is called "Imagine" - I
had recording of this song
played by me so I felt I should
upload on youtube.”

A f te r g r a d u a t i o n , Ma l a v
started working as a
Mechanical Engineer in a
private company in New York
City. The passion still boiling,
still alive, he didn’t gave it up
& bought a keyboard.

Akash Srivastava

“Then came the idea of making
my Instagram channel you guys
fondly know as "pianotreat8". I
started putting up videos,
people started liking it, sharing
it and more than that they felt
good and relaxing after
listening to my music.”
Pr e s e n t l y, Ma l a v h a s a
Instagram and Youtube fan
community with over 30k
subscribers growing bigger
each day. Now he has started
creating full covers of the
songs on Youtube and he is
willing to compose his own
songs in the near future.
Everything depends on how
you look at it. Not many are
able to mana ge a living
through music, but a few do.
It worked for Malav, so it
could work for you too. But
playing safe won’t be a bad
idea. Don’t quit on your
studies/job, for out of millions
that jump in the ocean; hardly
a few make it to the shore on
the other side of it. And that’s
the harsh reality of not only
Akash Srivastava

the music industry
business in general.
If y o u f e e l l i ke
enough out of
music and can
sustain that, you
can eventually take
the plunge!.


Akash Srivastava

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