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A German-American collaboration was
the e-drum highlight of the recent
MusikMesse in Frankfurt.

first made its e-drum intentions known in
2011, when it showed a prototype drum
module under its now-defunct DrumCraft
Seven years later, GEWA is back,
collaborating with Drum Workshop for a
new e-drum line powered by the Drum
Workstation G9.

According to its press statement, GEWA
Music has worked on the project in close
co-operation with long-term partner Drum
Workshop over recent years. GEWA has
developed the module, e-cymbals,

electronic pads and the software, while DW
has produced the shell pack under its new
DWe brand.
GEWA is claiming its G9 “represents a
completely new concept for digital drums”.
Unique features include a 10” touchscreen
and a multi-chip design. The module has a
respectable 128 GB of internal memory to
house sound samples which will be
downloaded from the new GEWA
Electronics Cloud from the Sound Store –
following the ATV model (although it’s not
clear if the samples will be free or
purchased). Also like ATV, the samples will

GEWA’s module and pads are put through their paces
digitalDrummer, May 2018