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Uzbekistan SHNK construction norms Строительные нормы Узбекистана ШНК .pdf

Original filename: Uzbekistan SHNK construction norms Строительные нормы Узбекистана ШНК.pdf

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Uzbekistan standards https://gostperevod.com/uzbekistan
Стандарты Узбекистана https://gostperevod.ru/uzbekistan
All Uzbekistan SHNK standards, construction standards, building standards, construction norms, construction regulations of Uzbekistan in English
Все строительные нормы ШНК на английском языке, строительные нормы и правила Узбекистана на английском языке
SHNK 1.01.01-09 in English - System of normative documents in construction. General provisions https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-01-01-09.html
SHNK 1.02.07-09 in English - Engineering survey for construction. General provisions https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-07-09.html
SHNK 1.02.09-09 in English - Geological engineering surveys for construction. Rules and regulations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-09-09.html
SHNK 1.02.14-09 in English - Geological engineering surveys in problematic soils and hazardous geological processes development areas. Rules and regulations
SHNK 1.02.15-09 in English - Geological engineering surveys for reconctruction and technical upgrading of the enterprises, buildings and strcuctures
SHNK 1.03.02-04 in English - Instruction on contents, order of development, coordination and approval of town planning documentation on development planning and building
development https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-02-04.html
SHNK 1.03.06-13 in English - Rules for carrying out of state expert review of pre-project and town planning documentation https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-06-13.html
SHNK 1.03.10-06 in English - Instruction on contents, order of development, coordination and approval of town planning documentation on planning of agricultural enterprises,
development planning and building development of rural settlements https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-10-06.html
SHNK 1.03.11-07 in English - Instruction on contents, order of development, coordination and approval of civil protection engineering and technical measures section in plot plans
of cities and other settlements of the Republic of Uzbekistan https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-11-07.html
SHNK 1.04.02-05 in English - Complete overhaul of residential buildings. Design standards https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-04-02-05.html
SHNK 1.04.03-05 in English - Statement about arrangement, repair and maintenance of residential buildings, objects of domestic and social and cultural application
SHNK 2.01.02-04 in English - Fire safety of buildings and facilities https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-01-02-04.html
SHNK 2.01.19-09 in English - Definition of categories of rooms, buildings and outdoor units by explosion-fire and fire hazard https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-01-19-09.html
SHNK 2.04.08-13 in English - Gas supply. Design standards https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-04-08-13.html
SHNK 2.04.09-07 in English - Automatic fire fighting equipment of buildings and facilities https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-04-09-07.html
SHNK 2.05.02-07 in English - Automobile roads. With AMD. No. 1 https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-05-02-07.html
SHNK 2.06.11-04 in English - Construction in seismic regions. Hydraulic engineering structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-06-11-04.html
SHNK 2.07.01-03 in English - Town planning. Planning of development and building development of cities and rural settlements https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-07-01-03.html

SHNK 2.07.02-07 in English - Designing of life activity environment taking into account the needs of disabled persons and limited mobility peoplу https://gostperevod.com/shnk-207-02-07.html
SHNK 2.08.01-05 in English - Residential buildings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-08-01-05.html
SHNK 2.08.02-09 in English - Public buildings and facilities https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-08-02-09.html
SHNK 2.08.03-09 in English - Health resorts https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-08-03-09.html
SHNK 2.08.07-09 in English - Special educational institutions for children with disturbance of physical and mental development https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-08-07-09.html
SHNK 2.09.04-09 in English - Administrative and domestic buildings of the enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-09-04-09.html
SHNK 2.09.09-09 in English - Enterprises, buildings and structures for grain storage and milling https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-09-09-09 .html
SHNK 2.09.10-07 in English - Buildings and premises for agricultural products storage and processing https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-09-10-07.html
SHNK 2.09.12-09 in English - Storage buildings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-09-12-09.html
SHNK 2.09.20-08 in English - Petrol filling stations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-09-20-08.html
SHNK 2.10.09-10 in English - Land allocation norms for construction of motor roads and road service facilities https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-10-09-10.html
SHNK 3.01.01-03 in English - Arrangement of construction operations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-3-01-01-03.html
SHNK 3.01.03-09 in English - Survey operations in construction https://gostperevod.com/shnk-3-01-03-09.html
SHNK 3.01.04-04 in English - Commissioning of completed facilities https://gostperevod.com/shnk-3-01-04-04.html
SHNK 3.02.03-09 in English - Underground mining workings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-3-02-03-09.html
SHNK 3.06.03-08 in English - Motor roads https://gostperevod.com/shnk-3-06-03-08.html
SHNK 3.06.06-07 in English - Airdrome terminals https://gostperevod.com/shnk-3-06-06-07.html
SHNK 3.06.07-08 in English - Bridges and pipes. Rules for inspection and testing https://gostperevod.com/shnk-3-06-07-08.html
SHNK 4.01.01-04 in English - System of cost estimate regulatory documentation for price determination in construction. Economic standards https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-0101-04.html
SHNK 4.02.00-04 in English - General provisions on development and application of resource estimate standards for construction works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-0004.html
SHNK 4.02.04-04 in English - Wells https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-04-04.html
SHNK 4.02.06-04 in English - Cast-in-situ concrete and reinforced concrete structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-06-04.html
SHNK 4.02.09-04 in English - Metal structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-09-04.html
SHNK 4.02.10-04 in English - Wood structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-10-04.html
SHNK 4.02.11-04 in English - Floors https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-11-04.html
SHNK 4.02.12-04 in English - Roofs https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-12-04.html
SHNK 4.02.13-04 in English - Protection of building structures and equipment against corrosion https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-13-04.html
SHNK 4.02.16-07 in English - Internal piping https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-16-07.html
SHNK 4.02.17-07 in English - Water supply and sewage systems. Internal arrangement https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-17-07.html

SHNK 4.02.18-07 in English - Heating system. Internal arrangement https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-18-07.html
SHNK 4.02.19-07 in English - Gas supply system. Internal arrangement https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-19-07.html
SHNK 4.02.20-07 in English - Ventilation and air conditioning https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-20-07.html
SHNK 4.02.21-07 in English - Demountable temporary buildings and structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-21-07.html
SHNK 4.02.24-04 in English - Heat supply system and gas pipelines. External networks https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-24-04.html
SHNK 4.02.25-07 in English - Main pipelines for gas and oil products https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-25-07.html
SHNK 4.02.26-07 in English - Heat insulation works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-26-07.html
SHNK 4.02.30-04 in English - Bridges and pipes https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-30-04.html
SHNK 4.02.33-04 in English - Overhead lines. Volume 1, 2 https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-33-04.html
SHNK 4.02.36-04 in English - Earth structures of hydraulic engineering installations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-36-04.html
SHNK 4.02.37-05 in English - Concrete and reinforced concrete structures of hydraulic engineering installations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-37-05.html
SHNK 4.02.39-06 in English - Metal structures of hydraulic engineering installations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-39-06.html
SHNK 4.02.41-06 in English - Waterproofing in hydraulic engineering installations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-41-06.html
SHNK 4.02.47-04 in English - Planting. Foresting. Longstanding fuit trees planting https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-47-04.html
SHNK 4.02.51-07 in English - Earth works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-51-07.html
SHNK 4.02.53-07 in English - Walls https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-53-07.html
SHNK 4.02.54-07 in English - Flooring https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-54-07.html
SHNK 4.02.56-07 in English - Floor openings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-56-07.html
SHNK 4.02.57-07 in English - Floors https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-57-07.html
SHNK 4.02.58-07 in English - Roofs, roofing systems https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-58-07.html
SHNK 4.02.59-07 in English - Stairs, doorsteps. Repair and construction works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-59-07.html
SHNK 4.02.61-07 in English - Plaster works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-61-07.html
SHNK 4.02.62-07 in English - Painting works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-62-07.html
SHNK 4.02.63-07 in English - Glazing, wallpaper and facing works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-63-07.html
SHNK 4.02.64-07 in English - Plastering https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-64-07.html
SHNK 4.02.67-07 in English - Electrical installation works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-67-07.html
SHNK 4.02.68-07 in English - Redevelopment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-68-07.html
SHNK 4.02.69-07 in English - Other repair and construction works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-69-07.html
SHNK 4.02.65-07 in English - Internal plumbing works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-65-07.html
SHNK 4.02.66-07 in English - External utility networks https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-66-07.html
SHNK 4.02.70-05 in English - General provisions for application of element resource estimate standards for repair and construction works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-7005.html

SHNK 4.13.00-05 in English - General provisions for development and application of resource estimate standards for equipment and inventory of public and administrative
buildings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-00-05.html
SHNK 4.13.02-06 in English - Health resorts, leisure and tourism facilities https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-02-06.html
SHNK 4.13.04-06 in English - Maternity clinics https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-04-06.html
SHNK 4.13.05-06 in English - Multi-type hospitals https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-05-06.html
SHNK 4.13.06-06 in English - Day care and ambulatory institutions https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-06-06.html
SHNK 4.13.07-06 in English - Children's hospital https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-07-06.html
SHNK 4.13.08-06 in English - Special hospitals https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-08-06.html
SHNK 4.13.09-06 in English - First-aid stations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-09-06.html
SHNK 4.13.21-06 in English - Clubs. Cultural centres, theaters, circuses https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-21-06.html
SHNK 4.13.22-06 in English - Cinemas https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-22-06.html
SHNK 4.13.23-06 in English - Service facilities of cinematography objects. Film studios https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-23-06.html
SHNK 4.13.24-06 in English - Service facilities of cinematography objects. Film bases https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-24-06.html
SHNK 4.13.31-06 in English - Consumer service enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-31-06.html
SHNK 4.13.32-06 in English - Baths https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-32-06.html
SHNK 4.13.41-06 in English - Trade and public catering enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-41-06.html
SHNK 4.13.61-06 in English - Hotels https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-61-06.html
SHNK 4.13.71-06 in English - Civil aviation facilities https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-71-06.html
SHNK 4.13.72-06 in English - Passenger bus stations and terminals https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-72-06.html
SHNK 4.13.81-05 in English - Administrative buildings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-81-05.html
SHNK 4.17.00-05 in English - General provisions for application of resource estimate standards for equipment installation https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-00-05.html
SHNK 4.17.03-07 in English - Lifting and handling equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-03-07.html
SHNK 4.17.06-07 in English - Heat and power equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-06-07.html
SHNK 4.17.08-07 in English - Electrotechnical installations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-08-07.html
SHNK 4.17.10-07 in English - Telecommunication equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-10-07.html
SHNK 4.17.11-07 in English - Instruments, automation and computer equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-11-07.html
SHNK 4.17.12-04 in English - Process pipelines https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-12-04.html
SHNK 4.17.18-06 in English - Equipment for chemical and petrochemical industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-18-06.html
SHNK 4.17.21-06 in English - Equipment for underground railway systems and tunnels https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-21-06.html
SHNK 4.17.22-06 in English - Equipment for hydroelectric power stations and hydraulic engineering installations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-22-06.html
SHNK 4.17.26-06 in English - Equipment for textile industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-26-06.html
SHNK 4.17.29-06 in English - Equipment for theatrical entertainment enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-29-06.html
SHNK 4.17.31-06 in English - Equipment for cinematography enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-31-06.html

SHNK 4.17.34-05 in English - Equipment for health care institutions and medical industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-34-05.html
SHNK 4.02.02-04 in English - Stripping https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-02-04.html
SHNK 4.02.03-04 in English - Drilling and blasting operations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-03-04.html
SHNK 4.02.05-04 in English - Piling. Foundation cylinders. Soil solidification https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-05-04.html
SHNK 4.02.28-04 in English - Railways https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-28-04.html
SHNK 4.02.29-04 in English - Tunnels and underground railway systems. Volume 1, Volume 2 https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-29-04.html
SHNK 4.02.31-04 in English - Airdrome terminals https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-31-04.html
SHNK 4.02.32-07 in English - Tram roads https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-32-07.html
SHNK 4.02.34-04 in English - Communication, radiobroadcasting and television facilities https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-34-04.html
SHNK 4.02.38-05 in English - Masonry structures of hydraulic engineering installations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-38-05.html
SHNK 4.02.42-04 in English - Bank pitching https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-42-04.html
SHNK 4.02.45-04 in English - Industrial furnaces tubes https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-45-04.html
SHNK 4.02.60-07 in English - Furnace works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-60-07.html
SHNK 4.17.01-06 in English - Metal-working equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-01-06.html
SHNK 4.17.02-06 in English - Wood-working equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-02-06.html
SHNK 4.17.14-06 in English - Rolling equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-14-06.html
SHNK 4.17.16-06 in English - Equipment for iron works enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-16-06.html
SHNK 4.17.23-06 in English - Equipment for electrotechnical enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-23-06.html
SHNK 4.17.27-06 in English - Equipment for polygraphic industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-27-06.html
SHNK 4.17.32-06 in English - Equipment for electronic industry and communication industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-32-06.html
SHNK 4.17.35-06 in English - Equipment for agricultural industry https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-35-06.html
SHNK 1.02.18-09 in English - Survey control. Set of rules https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-18-09.html
SHNK 1.02.19-09 in English - Special large-scale topographic plans for construction. General provisions https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-19-09.html
SHNK 1.02.21-09 in English - Preparation and reproduction of topographic maps and plans for construction. Set of rules https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-21-09.html
SHNK 1.03.01-08 in English - Content, order of development, coordination and approval of design documentation for capital construction of the enterprises, buildings and
structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-01-08.html
SHNK 1.03.07-10 in English - Statement about construction design and engineering supervision https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-07-10.html
SHNK 1.04.05-06 in English - Statement about the order of perfomance of reconstruction, replanning and re-equipment of buildings in multifamily houses providing safety of
building sustainability. With AMD. No. 1 https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-04-05-06.html
SHNK 2.01.15-05 in English - Statement on maintenance of residential buildings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-01-15-05.html
SHNK 2.07.04-06 in English - Architectural and planning arrangement of the territories of agricultural enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-07-04-06.html
SHNK 4.01.16-09 in English - Rules for determination of contractual prices for construction on current basis https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-01-16-09.html
SHNK 4.02.01-04 in English - Earth works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-01-04.html

SHNK 4.02.07-05 in English - Prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-07-05.html
SHNK 4.02.08-04 in English - Brick and block structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-08-04.html
SHNK 4.02.14-05 in English - Farm building sturctures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-14-05.html
SHNK 4.02.15-04 in English - Finishing works https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-15-04.html
SHNK 4.02.22-05 in English - Water supply line. External networks https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-22-05.html
SHNK 4.02.23-05 in English - Sewerage system. External networks https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-23-05.html
SHNK 4.02.27-05 in English - Motor roads https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-27-05.html
SHNK 4.02.35-06 in English - Mining workings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-35-06.html
SHNK 4.02.40-09 in English - Wood structures of hydraulic engineering installations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-40-09.html
SHNK 4.02.46-04 in English - Works at reconstruction of buildings and structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-46-04.html
SHNK 4.02.52-05 in English - Foundations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-52-05.html
SHNK 4.02.55-05 in English - Partitions https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-02-55-05.html
SHNK 4.07-06 in English - Collected volume of estimate standards for additional costs at perfomance of construction and installation activities during winter time
SHNK 4.09-06 in English - Collected volume of estimate standards for construction of temporary buildings and structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-38964.html
SHNK 4.03.01-04 in English - Collected volume of resource estimate standards and prices for operation of construction machines and mechanisms https://gostperevod.com/shnk4-03-01-04.html
SHNK 4.13.51-04 in English - Comprehensive schools and boarding schools https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-51-04.html
SHNK 4.13.52-04 in English - Academic lyceums and professional colleges https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-52-04.html
SHNK 4.13.53-04 in English - Preschool institutions https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-13-53-04.html
SHNK 4.13.55-04 in English - Orphan asylums and boarding schools for orphaned children and children remained without custody of parents https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-1355-04.html
SHNK 4.14.01-04 in English - Collected volume 1. cathodic protection of underground utility networks of the settlements https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-14-01-04.html
SHNK 4.17.04-06 in English - Crushing and milling, mineral processing and agglomeration equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-04-06.html
SHNK 4.17.05-06 in English - Weighing equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-05-06.html
SHNK 4.17.07-07 in English - Compressors, pumps and fans https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-07-07.html
SHNK 4.17.09-06 in English - Electrical furnaces https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-09-06.html
SHNK 4.17.15-06 in English - Gas treatment equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-15-06.html
SHNK 4.17.17-06 in English - Equipment for non-ferrous metal industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-17-06.html
SHNK 4.17.19-07 in English - Equipment for coal and peat industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-19-07.html
SHNK 4.17.20-06 in English - Equipment for alarm, centralization and interlocking on railway transport https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-20-06.html
SHNK 4.17.24-06 in English - Equipment for construction materials industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-24-06.html
SHNK 4.17.25-09 in English - Equipment for pulp and papermaking industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-25-09.html

SHNK 4.17.28-06 in English - Equipment for food-manufacturing industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-28-06.html
SHNK 4.17.30-07 in English - Equipment for grain storage facilities and grain processing enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-30-07.html
SHNK 4.17.33-07 in English - Equipment for light industry enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-33-07.html
SHNK 4.17.36-06 in English - Equipment for consumer services and municipal infrastructure enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-36-06.html
SHNK 4.17.37-06 in English - General-purpose equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-37-06.html
SHNK 4.17.38-07 in English - Manufacturing of process metal structures within conditions of production base https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-38-07.html
SHNK 4.17.39-07 in English - Field joints control https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-39-07.html
SHNK 4.17.41-07 in English - Complete overhaul and modernization of elevator equipment https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-41-07.html
SHNK 4.17.42-11 in English - Inspection of pipeline fittings https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-17-42-11.html
SHNK 5.01.23-08 in English - Typical cement consumption norms for preparation of precast concrete and solid concrete, reinforced concrete products and structures
SHNK 5.82.01-11 in English - Development and application of norms and regulations for consumption of material resources in construction. General provisions
SHNK 1.02.10-12 in English - Engineering and hydrometeorological surveys for construction. Set of rules https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-10-12.html
SHNK 1.02.17-09 in English - Geodetic control network. Creation of geodetic control networks at topographical surveys for construction. Set of rules
SHNK 1.02.20-09 in English - Updating of special topographic maps of scale 1:10000 and plans of scale 1:5000, 1:2000, 1:1000 and 1:500. Set of rules
SHNK 1.03.12-11 in English - Tranfer of domestic premises into non-residential premises and non-residential premises into domestic premises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-103-12-11.html
SHNK 2.09.21-13 in English - Fire stations https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-09-21-13.html
SHNK 4.04.06-14 in English - Automobile transportation https://gostperevod.com/shnk-4-04-06-14.html
SHNK 1.02.07-15 in English - Engineering surveys for construction. Set of rules https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-07-15.html
SHNK 1.02.08-09 in English - Geodetic engineering surveys for construction. Set of rules https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-08-09.html
SHNK 1.02.09-15 in English - Geological engineering surveys for construction. Set of rules https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-09-15.html
SHNK 1.02.11-15 in English - Geological engineering surveys in the areas of extension of problematic soils and areas of development of hazardous geological processes. Set of
rules https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-02-11-15.html
SHNK 1.03.01-16 in English - Content, order of development, coordination and approval of design documentation for capital construction of the enterprises, buildings and
structures https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-01-16.html
SHNK 1.03.06-16 in English - Rules for carrying out of state expert review of pre-project and town planning documentation https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-06-16.html
SHNK 1.03.10-12 in English - Instruction on contents, order of development, coordination and approval of town planning documentation on planning of agricultural enterprises,
development planning and building development of rural settlements https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-10-12.html

SHNK 1.03.13-13 in English - Statement about chief designer https://gostperevod.com/shnk-1-03-13-13.html
SHNK 2.01.20-16 in English - Construction of transport works in seismic regions https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-01-20-16.html
SHNK 2.02.03-13 in English - Pile foundation https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-02-03-13.html
SHNK 2.03.05-13 in English - Steel structures. Design standards https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-03-05-13.html
SHNK 2.05.03-12 in English - Bridges and pipes https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-05-03-12.html
SHNK 3.06.04-14 in English - Bridges and pipes https://gostperevod.com/shnk-3-06-04-14.html
SHNK 2.07.04-12 in English - Architectural and planning organization of the territories of agricultural enterprises https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-07-04-12.html
SHNK 2.06.03-12 in English - Irrigation systems. Design standards https://gostperevod.com/shnk-2-06-03-12.html
ШНК 1.01.01-09 на английском языке - Система нормативных документов в строительстве. Основные положения https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-01-01-09.html
ШНК 1.02.07-09 на английском языке - Инженерные изыскания для строительства. Основные положения https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-02-07-09.html
ШНК 1.02.09-09 на английском языке - Инженерно-геологические изыскания для строительства. Свод правил https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-02-09-09.html
ШНК 1.02.14-09 на английском языке - Инженерно-геологические изыскания в районах распространения специфических грунтов и развития опасных геологических
процессов. Свод правил https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-02-14-09.html
ШНК 1.02.15-09 на английском языке - Инженерно-геологические изыскания для реконструкции и технического перевооружения предприятий, зданий и сооружений
ШНК 1.03.02-04 на английском языке - Инструкция о составе, порядке разработки, согласования и утверждения градостроительной документации о планировании
развития и застройки территорий https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-03-02-04.html
ШНК 1.03.06-13 на английском языке - Правила проведения государственной экспертизы предпроектной и градостроительной документации
ШНК 1.03.10-06 на английском языке - Инструкция о составе, порядке разработки, согласования и утверждения градостроительной документации по организации
территорий сельскохозяйственных предприятий, планированию развития и застройки территорий сельских населенных пунктов https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-03-1006.html
ШНК 1.03.11-07 на английском языке - Инструкция о составе, порядке разработки, согласования и утверждения раздела инженерно-технических мероприятий
гражданской защиты в генеральных планах городов и других населенных пунктов Республики Узбекистан https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-03-11-07.html
ШНК 1.04.02-05 на английском языке - Капитальный ремонт жилых домов. Нормы проектирования https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-04-02-05.html
ШНК 1.04.03-05 на английском языке - Положение об организации, ремонта и технического обслуживания жилых домов, объектов коммунального и социальнокультурного назначения https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-1-04-03-05.html
ШНК 2.01.02-04 на английском языке - Пожарная безопасность зданий и сооружений https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-01-02-04.html
ШНК 2.01.19-09 на английском языке - Определение категорий помещений, зданий и наружных установок по взрывопожарной и пожарной опасности
ШНК 2.04.08-13 на английском языке - Газоснабжение. Нормы проектирования https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-04-08-13.html

ШНК 2.04.09-07 на английском языке - Пожарная автоматика зданий и сооружений https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-04-09-07.html
ШНК 2.05.02-07 на английском языке - Автомобильные дороги. С Изменением №1 https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-05-02-07.html
ШНК 2.06.11-04 на английском языке - Строительство в сейсмических районах. Гидротехнические сооружения https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-06-11-04.html
ШНК 2.07.01-03 на английском языке - Градостроительство. Планирование развития и застройки территорий городских и сельских населенных пунктов
ШНК 2.07.02-07 на английском языке - Проектирование среды жизнедеятельности с учетом потребностей инвалидов и маломобильных групп населения
ШНК 2.08.01-05 на английском языке - Жилые здания https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-08-01-05.html
ШНК 2.08.02-09 на английском языке - Общественные здания и сооружения https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-08-02-09.html
ШНК 2.08.03-09 на английском языке - Санатории https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-08-03-09.html
ШНК 2.08.07-09 на английском языке - Специализированные учебно-воспитательные учреждения для детей с нарушениями в физическом и умственном развитии
ШНК 2.09.04-09 на английском языке - Административные и бытовые здания предприятий https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-09-04-09.html
ШНК 2.09.09-09 на английском языке - Предприятия, здания и сооружения по хранению и переработке зерна. https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-09-09-09 .html
ШНК 2.09.10-07 на английском языке - Здания и помещения для хранения и переработки сельско-хозяйственной продукции https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-09-10-07.html
ШНК 2.09.12-09 на английском языке - Складские здания https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-09-12-09.html
ШНК 2.09.20-08 на английском языке - Автозаправочные станции https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-09-20-08.html
ШНК 2.10.09-10 на английском языке - Нормы отвода земель для размещения автомобильных дорог и объектов дорожного сервиса https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-2-10-0910.html
ШНК 3.01.01-03 на английском языке - Организация строительного производства https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-3-01-01-03.html
ШНК 3.01.03-09 на английском языке - Геодезические работы в строительстве https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-3-01-03-09.html
ШНК 3.01.04-04 на английском языке - Приемка в эксплуатацию законченных строительством объектов https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-3-01-04-04.html
ШНК 3.02.03-09 на английском языке - Подземные горные выработки https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-3-02-03-09.html
ШНК 3.06.03-08 на английском языке - Автомобильные дороги https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-3-06-03-08.html
ШНК 3.06.06-07 на английском языке - Аэродромы https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-3-06-06-07.html
ШНК 3.06.07-08 на английском языке - Мосты и трубы. Правила обследований и испытаний https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-3-06-07-08.html
ШНК 4.01.01-04 на английском языке - Система сметных нормативных документов для ценообразования в строительстве. Экономические нормативы
ШНК 4.02.00-04 на английском языке - Общие положения по разработке и применению ресурсных сметных норм на строительные работы https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-402-00-04.html
ШНК 4.02.04-04 на английском языке - Скважины https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-4-02-04-04.html
ШНК 4.02.06-04 на английском языке - Бетонные и железобетонные конструкции монолитные https://gostperevod.ru/shnk-4-02-06-04.html

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