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CBD and The R.E.M Cycle


Macke Sage
4 October 18
CBD and The REM Sleep Cycle
CBD is a miracle substance. Synthesized naturally from the cannabis plant, it has an array
of properties and uses spread across a wide spectrum that can be utilized by medical personnel
around the world. CBD and cannabis in general however, have a few different proponents that
limit quality of sleep and the ability to hit and stay in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycles of
rest. Especially when using this form of herbal medicine on a daily occurrence pursuing a
treatment for things such as cancer, epilepsy, and chronic pain syndromes. Yes, it treats the
problem at hand, but it also caps the amount of time that cellular regeneration can occur through
NREM (Non rapid eye movement) or Slow Wave Sleep and REM sleep. Both types of rest are
equally as vital to cellular regeneration as any type of pharmaceutical or botanical methods of
What occurs during REM sleep? There’s a centralized hub at the base of your brain, this
hub goes by the name of pons. Pons sends messages to the Thalamus, a large mass of grey matter
that is held in the dorsal regions of the diencephalon. The Thalamus is in charge of states of
consciousness, sleep and alertness regulation, motor functions as well as sensory interpretation.
When the messages reach the Thalamus, the chain reaction begins. Response pushes sleep and
alert modules to start suppressing, allowing the body to begin paralysis. Defense systems are
shutting down at this point. The messages are now connecting from the Thalamus and being sent
to the Cerebral Cortex. The Cerebral Cortex is now going to create the rapid eye movements
known in conjunction with the dream states REM induces. As the body begins the process of
paralysis, the muscles reach a level of complete relaxation which allows regeneration of cells to


CBD and The R.E.M Cycle


occur. Breathing slows down and your mind and body begin a restoration period until you
How CBD and THC reduce quality of sleep and disable deep rest. If you are to ingest
cannabis an hour or two before bed, or right before you go to bed, it’s going to disrupt your
quality of sleep. Yes, it may seem as though you get better sleep while under, but you may have
also realized that after consumption, you don’t remember dreaming. This is because the CB1 and
CB2 receptors act as if they are greedy of the messages the pons is sending to your Thalamus and
Cerebral Cortex. They intercept these messages that are supposed to be sent through your
synapses to the neurons in the located areas awaiting the signal to shut down muscle reaction and
allow paralysis to begin. That paralysis is vital to the dream state that allows the best reactions of
restoration to ensue. Now, you don’t have to stop the consumption all together, just regulate and
experiment with which times of consumption allow for the best methods of sleep. It’s going to be
subjective, because all of our bodies act and work differently. You will have to do some testing,
because we all metabolize differently as well. This is not an objective fact of science, because we
haven’t been able to do much research due to strict laws and even stricter conservative mindsets
that are stuck on the objection of change.
My own research on this matter from years of consumption to now sobriety, show that
three to four hours before bed is the point of distinction between getting a restful night’s sleep, or
tossing at turning at three o’clock in the morning. Upon regulating consumption and beginning to
access REM again, you may become overwhelmed. Forewarning. If you have been using these
substances on an everyday basis, you have been rejecting the minds access to deep rest. This will
result in extraordinarily vivid dreams. As well as “dream recall”. The limbic system will begin
creating odd scenarios within the dreamscapes, either pulled from old memories or assumptive


CBD and The R.E.M Cycle


thoughts. This can present itself as nightmares, but they due subside. I myself was an avid user of
over six years. I used because I wanted to reduce REM sleep and ground my anxieties. I had
night-terrors from previous experiences in my early years, and I found consumption of cannabis
to be an effective treatment in not reliving those horrible memories in dreams. Once I halted my
cannabis use, the dreams hit me like a train for about a month straight. It felt like I would spend
years inside of one dream before awaking, or my dreams would be layered very complexly.
Layering for me was, while awakening from one dream I began another. I neglected REM and it
caught up with me. How does it do this you might ask? This process is called “Dream buildup”.
REM sleep knows when it’s not being utilized. Think of a glass bowl. The glass bowl is
your REM sleep capacity. You can see through the object with clarity. Now imagine pouring a
purple liquid into the glass. The purple liquid is going to be your dreams or dream-states. Now, a
person not under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or a 5HTP inhibitor is going to exhaust the
purple liquid that is poured into the bowl, every-night. So by the morning, the liquid that had
been poured into the bowl has evaporated leaving the bowl clear again by morning. Squeaky
clean. A person that consumes alcohol, cannabis, or 5HTP inhibitors before bed is going to wake
up in the morning with the purple liquid still sloshing around in the bowl. The bowl is now
murky and filled with your dreams. After months, or possibly even years of use, and rejecting
your body and mind from REM, that bowl of purple liquid is going to be filled to the brim, the
liquid starting to slosh outside of the bowl. This is a metaphor of course for: when rejecting REM
sleep for so long, your body and mind will begin to spill your dreams into your waking life. This
can result in delusions, disassociation, and manic states. Your mind is going to get what it wants
regardless of whether or not you allow it. I’m not trying to fear monger, all I’m saying is: stop


CBD and The R.E.M Cycle


your use a couple of hours before bed so you may allow your mind and body to restore and begin
Cellular Regeneration through REM sleep.
I don’t believe my own personal use discredits the years of research I have done, in fact, I
believe experience is one of the best forms of research.
A very effective dose for treating cancer with CBD: It’s going to be a high dose.
350+mg / 3x per day.
If the cancer has spread to bone tissue, supplement Collagen and Reishi Mushroom Tea
or powder.
Best of luck, with hope and love- Sage.

Citations or other articles of research.


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